LCN Magnetic Nail Polish


From the LCN website

Several years ago Lancome released a limited edition line of magnetic nail polishes that were extremely hard to come by.  Oddly, other US companies failed to jump on the bandwagon and I think these were the only magnetic polishes available state side, though there are a few European brands that have magnetics and Loreal (Lancome’s mother ship) offered a magnetic line in Europe.  As is the way with most limited edition lines, they all too quickly disappeared from the shelves, and only live on in the hearts and on the nails of those who managed to snatch them up.  Oh yeah, and in the photos of all of the beauty bloggers that wrote about them, but that’s it.  And Ebay.  (sigh)

Anyway, here we are now in 2011 and the latest trend in nail art is… wait for it… magnetic nail polish!  LNC Magnetic Nail Polishes are all over the internet as the next big thing in nails.  The general consensus is that crackle is over and magnetics are on the way in.  The idea is that the polish contains tiny metallic particles that respond to a magnet.  Once the polish is applied, hold the magnet over the wet nail and the magnets’ design emerges.  This will only work if the polish is freshly applied because once it starts to dry even a little, it will become too hard for the particles to move through.  It’s best to do one nail at a time.  LCN currently offers 8 polish shades and two magnet shapes, diagonal stripes and a star.

From the LCN website

I have to say that I really, really want these!  The downside is that they are only available from LCN’s website and they are a bit pricey.  The bottles are on the small side at 8 ml, (for comparison, Sinful Colors are 15 ml and Sally Hansen Crackles are 11.8 ml) and are priced at $9.90 each.  The magnets are $19.90 each.  They also have a starter set which includes all 8 shades and both magnet shapes for $115.90.  Personally, that’s a bit more than I’m willing to pay for my nail polish, but die-hard polish fans are going to want to snap these up.  I’m hoping that more reasonably priced versions will soon emerge.  I’m thinking that magnetics are going to spread like the plague, just like crackle has done.  Every time I turn around, I see another brand with a crackle line so it can’t be long, right?  *crosses fingers*

What do you think?  Are the LCN Magnetic Nail Polishes worth the price?  Will you be buying?

Speed Read: LCN Magnetic Nail Polish contains tiny metallic particles that react with designer magnets for a fun and funky manicure, the newest trend in nails.

Best for: Nail polish junkies and nail art fans that don’t mind spending a bit more for uber trendy nails.

Keep walking: If you aren’t into nail art and prefer more classic nail styles, or if you prefer more budget-friendly polishes.


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