Sale Frenzy?


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I have such a hard time resisting a good sale.  All of the Labor Day weekend sales and Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty have really gotten me thinking about how my judgment and will power goes out the window as soon as I hear that something is 25%, 40%, 50% off.  I have slowly learned to be responsible with my money, and usually am pretty good at making sound judgments when it comes to spending.  I weigh the pros and cons, and really think about if I need a particular item and if it is worth the price.  But as soon as something goes on sale, I get overtaken by a desperate need  to have that item right this very second before time runs out and I can never get it at this price ever again! *presses back-hand to brow melodramatically*  I usually end up spending quite a lot of money in one go when a big sale hits, and buy items that I may not have even considered at full price and don’t really need.  Somehow that reduced price tag makes them essential.

I had quite a battle with myself yesterday over Stila’s lip glazes thanks to Ulta’s 21 days of Beauty sale.  If you read my facebook post, you’ll know that I mentioned that Stila lip glazes were being offered for $11, which is a whopping 50% off of their normal retail price.  It was a great bargain, and I hope that you got the chance to check it out.  (Like beautyinbudgetblog on facebook for more PSA’s about great deals and other beauty news.)  I was all set to head out to my nearest Ulta to wend my way through the (totally imagined) throng of viscous glamazons trying to snatch up all of the lip glazes while simultaneously beating me down with their 6-inch stilettos, shouting the phrase “While supplies last, sucker!”  (Yes, sometimes I get carried away.)  Then I stopped myself, and thought for  moment.  I have so many lip glosses right now, some that I really love.  Do I really need another one?  And even at half off, $11 is still a lot to pay for a lip gloss.  I probably wouldn’t by lip gloss that was regularly priced at $11, so why on earth did I want to rush out and buy Stila lip glazes so badly?  I tried to justify it by reminding myself of all the wonderful things that I’ve heard about Stila lip glazes and how popular they are, which is true, everybody loves them.  I debated with myself all day, but finally decided that, when it it really comes down to it, I don’t need another lipgloss right now, especially one that’s $11.  I think that there are some makeup items that are totally worth splurging on, but lip gloss isn’t one of them for me.

Why are you telling me this?“, you may be asking yourself.  Well, since this is a budget beauty blog, I just wanted to talk about smart shopping decisions.  I love sales and think that, if you can get an item on sale than you deserve a special treat for being smart and resourceful.  However, you shouldn’t buy something just because it’s on sale.  I’ve been struggling to learn this lesson lately.  I am a total clothes horse and have way too many clothes, partly because I can’t stop myself from buying when I get those notices in my inbox that shout at me “Lowest price of the season!“, “For a limited time only!“, “Last chance, supplies are running out!“.  It make me want to buy another pair of jeans (or whatever) even though I have twelve pairs hanging in my closet and don’t need more.  The reality is that there will always be another sale a few months down the line, and another after that.  And if I do miss out on that particular item, there will be something else that catches my eye later.  Maybe Stila lip glazes are worth every cent of their $22 price tag, but I have other lip glosses that work for me and I don’t need to rush out and buy them just because they are on sale.

This is just my thought of the day, and is in no way a reflection on Stila Lip Glazes.  I have heard fantastic things about them, and if you took advantage of the sale, I’m totally stoked for you.  This also doesn’t mean that I’m not going to take advantage of Ulta’s other deals, Too Faced Shadow Insurance, I’m looking at you.  I just figure that I can’t be the only one who gets a little obsessive compulsive when a huge sale comes up and wanted to share my thoughts.

How about you?  Do sales make your level-headedness go topsy turvy?


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