China Glaze “Let it Snow” Collection


China Glaze “Let it Snow” Collection

China Glaze “Let it Snow” Collection contains 12 fantastic shades for the holidays.  I’ve been eyeing previews all through October, and I was willing to spend a good chunk of my monthly beauty budget on them.

First, let me lay out the colors that I did not get.

  • Poinsettia- Bright red creme/jelly hybrid.  The finish is unique, and the color, though dupable, is a true Christmas red.
  • Ring in the Red- Red glitter in a sheer pinkish-red jelly base.  This one is thin enough for layering, so it will take several coats for opacity.
  • Winterberry- Medium red creme.  Though this shade is a little bit darker than Poinsetta, I’m surprised to find them both in the same collection.
  • Velvet Bow- A very pretty deep wine creme.  This shade would be great for a more sophisticated holiday look.
  • Icicle- Silver foil.  Not terribly original, but pretty.
  • Tinsel Town- Smoky gray jelly base with slate gray and silver glitter.  This is a pretty unique color, though not overly Christmasy.  I definitely considered picking this one up, but ultimately had to pass in favor of other colors.  Totally worth checking out, though.
  • Blue Years Eve- A gorgeous sparkly bright blue.  This is what I like to call “Superman” blue.  It’s a true blue that immediately made me think of January.  It’s really beautiful.
  • Glittering Garland- Green glitter in a blackened green jelly base.  I am kicking myself for not picking this one up, and will probably go back to get it.  It’s so beautiful and so unique, and it just screams Christmas.

Now onto the four polishes that I did pick up.

Champagne Bubbles

Champagne Bubbles is a metallic yellow-gold with tiny silver micro-glitter.  The name is perfect, because the sparse silver glitter really does look like tiny bubbles in champagne.  I fell in love with this polish the moment that I saw it and had to rush out and get it.  It applies smoothly, and the glitter does not sink or clump.  Opacity is best with two coats.


Holly-Day is a beautiful holly green creme.  It’s smooth and applies with full opacity after only one medium-thick coat.  I was debating between Holly-Day and Glittering Garland, and ultimately chose Holly-Day because I figured it would be more versatile year-round.  It’s gorgeous by itself and a great base to layer glitter over.

Twinkle Lights

Twinkle Lights is another color that I had to get as soon as I saw it.  Tiny gold, green, and red glitter in a clear base make this an amazingly nostalgic shade.  It looks just like multi-color Christmas lights on a tree.  It’s like Christmas fireworks.  I love this shade and will be wearing it Christmas day.

Snow Globe

Snow Globe (which is practically impossible to photograph) is actually a re-release, so it’s not specifically designed for Christmas.  It’s a clear base that contains multi-tonal hexagonal cellophane glitter.  These photos really don’t do it justice at all.  The glitter has a pastel vibe, making this an ideal polish all year-round.  Hello, Easter?  I think it looks gorgeous layered over blue for a snowy nail.

Twinkle Lights over Holly-Day, and Snow Globe over Ulta Blue for You

Just for fun and despite the fact that my nails look like hell right now, I wanted to show you how the glitters are transformed layered over other shades.  Here I have Twinkle Lights over Holly-Day.  This is ONE coat of each.  Isn’t that amazing?  This combo is what I am going to wear Christmas day.  I also have Snow Globe layered over Ulta Blue for You.  I just can’t seem to get a good photo of Snow Globe.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, you really have to see it in real life.  This combo is spectacular.

I am so pleased with all four of the colors that I purchased from the Let it Snow collection.  I do think that I’m going to have to go back to Sally’s and get Glittering Garland.  China Glaze has put out some gorgeous colors for the holidays.  China Glaze is available at Sally’s Beauty Supply, Ulta, and various online retailers.  They retail for for $5.99.


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  2. I was looking at this collection in Sally’s and I think I might pick up snow globe, there’s a couple dark polishes I have that I want to try it on!

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