Kiss Nail Dress Strips- Product FAIL


Kiss Nail Dress Strips

My sister picked up these adorable jeweled nail strips from Kiss for me to test and see if they are at all like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.  You all probably know by now that I love the SH Salon Effects, so I was excited to try these out and see how they stacked up.  Kiss Nail Dress Strips are not nail polish like the Sally Hansen version, but are basically stickers.  The directions are essentially the same for the two versions, though you can simply peel the Kiss strips off to remove instead of having to use nail polish remover like with the SH strips.  The Kiss Nail Dress Strips are much cheaper than the SH strips.  Sally Hansen’s box of 16 strips retails for around $10 regular price, where as the Kiss Nail Dress Strips come in a box of 28 strips for fingers and toes, and retails for around $7.

Kiss Nail Dress Strips

Kiss Nail Dress Strips come in 18 different styles, and 10 of them are jeweled like these ones.  They do not have style names, just numbers.  This multi-colored jewel style is KDS07.  I was a little concerned about the jewels, which are plastic bubbles, as far as application is  concerned.  The strips are long, and you are supposed to fold the excess over the top of your nail and file it away.  I worried the jewels that fell on the tip of my nail would make the edge uneven by either sticking up over the edge or filing away and leaving a hole.  As it turns out, I was right to be concerned.  I just could not get the edge to file down evenly and had to use clippers to cut through the plastic bubble “jewels”.  The strips were not very flexible and my nails have a pretty defined dome, so I had a really hard time getting the strips to stay stuck down to the sides of my nails.  Perhaps the non-jeweled designs are easier to work with, but those darn jewels were giving me fits.

I found that the adhesive on the stickers was not sticky enough and I had a lot of lifting, even as I was still applying the rest of my nails.  Kiss claims that the Nail Dress Strips are supposed to last up to 10 days just like the SH strips, but there is no way that’s true.  When I use the SH Salon Effects, they adhere flat to my nail with no bubbles or lifting so nothing can get trapped between the nail and the strip.  Kiss Nail Dress Strips would not lie flat to my nail and so I couldn’t wash my hands or use lotion without it getting under the strip and loosening it even more from the nail.  I had to remove the strips within an hour of applying them because they kept lifting and peeling off.

Kiss Nail Dress Strips

If you enlarge the picture, you can see how jagged and uneven the edges are, and how they are starting to lift minutes after application.  Kiss Nail Dress Strips felt horrible on, basically like I was wearing thick stickers on my nails.  Because the edges weren’t even, they were a little sharp and scratchy in some places.  All in all, Kiss Nail Dress Strips were a complete FAIL.  Spend the extra few bucks and get the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.  They really are worth it, in my opinion, and really do last a full week to 10 days.  Kiss Nail Dress Strips did not work  at all, and are a complete waste of money.


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  1. I literally had the same problems you described. I do think they may be good to cut up and make different designs with because at least then you could put a top coat on them for extra adhesion, but definitely not as full cover nail designs.

    • I thought about doing that, and may try it. The only thing, though, is that I wonder if a top coat will gather or get stuck in pools around the “jewels”. It could be tough to get an even application.

  2. I used these strips with the Broadway impress press on manicure and they worked great. I didnt notice any of the problems that have been mentioned, but maybe that is because i used them with the other product as well. It’s kind of odd having nails that feel like Braile lol but they look so darn cute 😉 i wouldnt say they are a complete fail or a waste of money

    • I’m really glad that you got them to work. I just couldn’t no matter what I tried. My reviews are based on my experience with the product, so they were a complete fail for me but not necessarily for everyone else. Maybe the Broadway impress press on manicure is the key. But thanks for sharing your experience so that future readers can see the flip side.

  3. I know this is a late comment, but I just purchased the Kiss Nail Dress for the first and LAST time. It does not matter if you use the jeweled designs or and others, the all lift. It is a shame because they are beautiful designs. Oh yeah, applying a top coat does not work. All it does is makes the actual design dissolve and run off of the sticky part of the strip. A total waste of money. Like they say, you get what you pay for. I will stick with SH Salon Effects.

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