China Glaze Magnetix in “Pull Me Closer”


China Glaze Magnetix in "Pull Me Closer"

China Glaze has released their own line of magnetic nail polish called Magnetix.  This is a popular name for magnetic polish lines, because “Magnetix” is also the name of the Pretty Woman brand polishes found at Rite-Aid, and the magnetic polish line by Claire’s.  If find it a little confusing that so many brands share the same name.  Any way, China Glaze Magnetix line consists of six magnetic polishes plus a magnet with three designs on it.  I’m really excited about this collection. China Glaze is good quality, but affordable polish, so a magnetic polish from them is a great addition.  I have “Pull Me Close” to review today.

China Glaze Magnetix magnet

Here’s what the China Glaze magnet looks like. It’s u-shaped and has a diagonal stripe pattern, a chevron pattern, and a star pattern.  It has a little rest for your cuticle that helps you position the design and helps prevent you from touching your nail to the magnet.  The magnet is not included with the polish and must be purchased separately.

China Glaze Magnetix magnet

I found the magnet to be okay, but a little awkward to get used to. Figuring out how to hold it was the trickiest part, and you can see in my nail swatch below that my patterns aren’t lined up perfectly. It’s also tricky to figure out how to center your nail on the magnet so that the design is in the right spot. The best position to fully center the design on your nail is to line up your finger in the plastic cuticle guard, but position it closer to your first knuckle instead of holding it right against your cuticle. The center of the pattern is in the center of the magnet, so try to visualize getting the middle of your nail right along the middle of the magnet when positioning.

China Glaze Magnetix magnet

The magnet isn’t super strong like the more expensive $20 magnetic polishes, so you will need to hold it up to the nail longer than the suggested 5-10 seconds. To be sure to get a strong, clear design, hold the magnet in place for closer to 30 seconds.  It’s also important to try to keep the magnet still.  I was having issues with not moving my hand, so my designs aren’t as crisp as they could have been.

China Glaze Magnetix in "Pull Me Closer"

“Pull Me Close” is a silvery blue shade.  It’s very pretty and contrasts the magnetic design well.  Hare is a picture of two coats of “Pull Me Closer” with the star pattern.  (Please excuse the divot in the middle nail.  I dropped something while I was painting my other hand, and messed up my nail a bit.  It’s less noticeable in real life, so I didn’t bother to fix it.)

China Glaze Magnetix in "Pull Me Closer"

The formula of  “Pull Me Close” was excellent.  I prefer China Glaze Magnetix to the Pretty Woman Magnetix line (full review here).  China Glaze is thicker, and reacts better to the magnet.  I have not tried mixing the lines and using polish from one brand with the magnet of the other so I’m not sure if the better reaction is due to the polish or the magnet. I have very curved nails, so the pattern may not show up evenly across my nail.  I had issues with the Pretty Woman brand showing up all the way across my nail, but I didn’t have that issue with China Glaze.  Like all magnetic polishes, dry time on these is pretty fast.  I strongly recommend using a top coat to give nails a shine and a longer wear-time.

I found China Glaze Magnetix line at Sally’s Beauty Supply.  Both the polish and the magnet were $6.99 each.


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  1. I’ve been thinking about purchasing this brand of magnetix, but I have not read many good reviews!! I’ve heard that the magnet is simply not as strong as other brands, let us know what happens if you mix brands!! That way I won’t waste my money on the magnet too!

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