New for Nails at CVS, Rite-Aid and Walgreens


There are a ton of nail polish collections out right now for spring and summer.  It seems to me like there are even more than there usually are this time of year.  I saw some lesser known collections while I was out doing my rounds at the drugstores and pulled out my cell phone to grab some pics.  Let me show you what I found.

Wet n Wild Summer Getaway Nail Color Collection

First off, let’s talk Wet n Wild.  Right now they have not one, but two variety polish packs for the summer.  Above is the Summer Getaway set found exclusively at Walgreens.  The Summer getaway collection is $3.99, and contains six mini fast dry nail colors (core collection).  I’ve become a real fan of mini bottles of polish because I have so many nail polishes that I’ll never go though a full bottle of one particular shade.

Wet n Wild Summer 2012 Nail Pail

The second variety pack that Wet n Wild has to offer right now is the Summer 2012 Nail Pail.  The Nail Pail contains 1 Wet n Wild nail file, 1 set of nail stencils, 1 set of toe separators, 6 full-size Fast Dry Nail Polishes (core collection), and 1 clear top coat in these cute little buckets.  The Wet n Wild Summer 2012 Nail Pail is $9.99 and available exclusively at CVS.  Both of these two sets are a great deal, so it really depends on if you want full-sized bottles or minis.

Sinful Colors Make Some Noise

Sinful Colors has another collection of neons out called Make Some Noise.  I don’t believe any of these shades are new, but some are limited edition re-releases (like Irish Green).  I don’t know what it is about this collection, but some of those crazy shades are calling to me.  Brights like that are great for summer.

Revlon Scented Treats

Revlon has some limited edition scented polishes out.  The Scented Treats nail polish comes with scratch and sniff labels so that you can sniff them before you buy.  I don’t know how long the scents last, or how strong they are, but it might be worth checking out.  I hate the smell of nail polish, so even though these are a little gimmicky, they may be just the ticket.  These are $4.79 at Walgreens.

Magnetique Magnetic Nail Polish

First up at Rite-Aid, I saw Mistique Magnetic Nail Polish for only $4.99!  That is the lowest price I’ve seen on magnetic nail polish yet.  The color selection and magnet pattern seem to be similar to other brands, so these may be a cheaper alternative if you haven’t picked up any magnetic polishes yet.

Color Phase Nail Polish

One of the cutest (but ultimately useless) items I saw were these Color Phase polishes available at Rite-Aid.  First off, let me say that I love the adorable fish bowl bauble ends.  These polishes are so cute!  The idea is that you paint your nails with the color polish end and then brush on the color-changing top-coat over part of your nail for the design.  My sister bought one and demonstrated it on her nail at home and the top-coat really does change color as it dries.  The finished product is a two-toned nail with the top-coat turning into a darker version of the original shade.  It’s really nifty science and magic.  The only drawback is that the same result can be achieved by using two regular polishes in similar hues but different shades.  It is a fun product to use, but wholly unnecessary.  I do appreciate the effort, though.

Xtreme Nail Art Duos

These Xtreme Nail Art Duos might be petty handy.  Each “pen” comes with two polish shades, and each shade comes with a dual sided brush for painting and fine point tip for designing.  That’s a lot packed into these pens.  Too bad a steady hand is sold separately.  😉

L.A. Girl Fruity Scented Polish

Last up from Rite-Aid I have these L.A. Girl Fruity Scented Polishes.  Many of them seem to be sparkly jellies that are fruit scented.  I am waiting to see some swatches online before I buy, simply because I have so many polishes, but if they are what I think they are, then I may have to pick up a couple.  I’ve been saying that I need to buy a few jellies and L.A. Girl prices are great.

With all of the collections out there (and many more to come) awesome nails are going to be the hottest accessory to have this summer.  Have you tried any of these polishes?  I’m especially interested to see how the scented polishes worked out for you.  Let me know in the comments below.  Happy hunting.  🙂


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  1. I have the yellow la girls one and when it dries it smells sooooo fruity but after a while the smell goes away

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