New Items Spotted Out and About


Last week I showed you many new collections for nails, but that’s not all I saw when I was out shopping.  There are a lot of other new items now available in the drugstore.  Let’s have a look.

Revlon 2012 Summer Escapism Collection

Revlon’s 2012 Summer Escapism Collection is inspired by Gucci Westman visiting St. Tropez.  Per Revlon: “Its aqua blue waters, white sandy beaches and golden sunlight played muse as she brought to life an array of sparkling hues and bold colors. The collection incorporates these and top shades seen on runways into your favorite Revlon products, including Revlon ColorBurst™ Lipgloss and Revlon Nail Enamel in four new sun, sand and sea inspired shades, and a dazzling Revlon CustomEyes™ Shadow and Liner palette in Beach Beauty. Escapism also introduces the Revlon PhotoReady™ Bronzer and the Revlon PhotoReady™ Cream Blushes available in three silky shades. The collection’s last, but must-have “it” item for the season is a limited-edition Highlighting Stick in Golden to boost the natural hues of a golden bronzed tan.”  There are definitely some gems in this collection, but at a cost.  I grabbed one of the new cream blushes in a gorgeous vivid coral shade (Coral Reef) until I noticed its hefty $12.99 price tag.  Then I put it back down.  Come on Revlon, you are a DRUGSTORE brand.  I’m sorry, but I really think that’s too steep for the drugstore.  I will wait and try to snag Coral Reef on sale, but I’m not paying full price.  When I buy drugstore products, I expect drugstore prices.

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup

Also new from Revlon is the ColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup.  This is a cream foundation that promises long wearing (24 hrs), buildable coverage and a mattifying formula.  Right now it’s only available in 6 shades, but they will probably expand that if it becomes part of the core collection.  It claims to flex with skin for all day comfort that feels ultra light and silky smooth.  Right now it is available at Rite-Aid for $13.99, which is still high, but not outrageous.  I feel better spending $13 at the drugstore on a foundation than just a blush.

Milani Shadow Eyez 12hr Wear Eyeshadow Pencil

Moving away from Revlon, here are the Milani Shadow Eyez 12hr Wear Eyeshadow Pencils.  Milani claims that theses are water-resistant and crease-proof, and can be used as either shadow or liner.  I believe that these are exclusive to CVS right now.  They come in 6 shades, though only four shades were left on the display when I took this picture.  I’ve seen swatches online, and they look pretty good to me, so I am not surprised that CVS was sold out of some shades.  Milani Shadow Eyez 12hr Wear Eyeshadow Pencils retail for $6.49 at my local CVS.

Sally Hansen Pedicure Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

Is it just me, or has there been dozens of Sally Hansen Polish Strip collections released lately?  It seems that there is a new one every time I turn around.  Here’s a different twist, though.  These are Sally Hansen Pedicure Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.  That’s right, the same great polish strips now sized specifically for the toes.  I personally don’t feel that I need nail art on my toes enough to justify spending the money on the Salon Effects Strips, but these may be good for ladies who can’t do flashy finger nails at work, but want some pizazz on their toes for when they are off-duty and in sandals.

Loreal Summer 2012 “It’s Gold or Nothing at All” Collection

Last up, we have Loreal Summer 2012 “It’s Gold or Nothing at All” Collection.  This collection includes brand new shades of Infallible Eye Shadow,  Le Gloss, plus new bronzers, lipsticks and nail polish.  You can probably tell by the title, “It’s Gold or Nothing at All” is a warm-toned collection of products that will look fantastic for summer.  Loreal is another brand that I think prices too high for drugstore, but there are some pretty shades in this collection.

Didn’t mean to get ranty, but it really bothers me how high drugstore prices have gotten over the last couple of years.  Of course, quality has certainly improved, so I guess I can’t complain too much over what was bound to happen.  I’m just a strong believer in budget beauty and don’t want to see women left without affordable good quality options.  /rant  😉


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  1. Love the Revlon escapism colors and definitely want some of those Milani shadow eyez. My guess on those 24 hour makeups is that if you are going straight from work to meet the girls for drinks or going out to dinner you should expect to still look fresh for at least a 15 hour day. A 12 hour might be lacking at the end of the night, but then again who doesn’t go to the ladies room and have a chance to make sure your still looking good?

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