E.l.f. Lip Lock Pencil


e.l.f. Lip Lock Pencil

The e.l.f. Lip Lock Pencil is an interesting problem solver product for those who have an issue with lip color that likes to bleed.  Let’s face it, as we get older we are more likely to see some fine lines around our mouths.  Add in any sun damage or smoking, and these lines may make wearing a bold lip color an issue.  Enter e.l.f. Lip Lock Pencil.  Here’s what e.l.f. has to say: “Keep your lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner from feathering, traveling or budging with the smooth glide Lip Lock Pencil. Your lip color stays locked in place for continuous wear. The colorless formula is perfect for any skin tone and fills in fine lines around the lip.”

What you do to apply, is to take the e.l.f. Lip Lock Pencil and draw around the outsideof your lip line (as opposed to on the lip line like a traditional liner). The waxy pencil fills in fine lines and acts as a barrier so that color doesn’t seep.  Don’t worry about the shade; the wax is clear, so it will work on all skin tones.  In fact, I can’t swatch it because it won’t show up as anything.  Unlike a traditional lip liner pencil, there is no fear of ring around the lips as it fades.  Also, because the pencil has no color of its own, it will work with any shade of lipstick without transforming the color at all.  There is a very faint waxy smell if I put the Lip Lock Pencil right up to my nose, but I can’t smell it when I apply at all.  I felt that it does feel a little odd as I applied it, especially over my top lip, but that’s mainly because I’m not used to putting product there.  The “odd” feeling went away immediately after application and my skin felt normal again.

e.l.f. Lip Lock Pencil

Now, this isn’t like an invisible wall that will smack you down if you run head-long into it.  What I mean is, if you apply lipstick directly on top of the Lip Locker it will still show up, though not quite as bold.  So you still need to try to be precise when applying lip color, and can’t just slather it on willy-nilly.

Think of the Lip Locker pencil as edging along a flower bed, not an electric fence.  It will keep things nice and tidy and contained, but it won’t keep you from bulldozing right through.  I actually really like the e.l.f. Lip Lock Pencil and think it’s a good product to use when I am wearing a bright, bold lipcolor.

The only issue I had with the e.l.f. Lip Lock Pencil is the horrible packaging.  The pencil itself comes in a twist tube, but it’s not sized right, so the pencil seems a little loose.  I can hear something, and I’m not sure what it is, rattling around in the tube when I shake it.  Although I have not had this problem, I know some people have had the “lead” fall out of their pencils.  E.l.f., this is a great product, but your packaging leaves much to be desired.

All in all, though, I do recommend the e.l.f. Lip Lock Pencil despite its flaws.  Especially if you have experienced problems with bleeding or feathering.  I don’t run into bleeding issues too often yet, but I see using this product as an added insurance policy when I’m wearing reds or other dark colors.  I have noticed a difference, so I can say that it does its job well.  You can find the e.l.f. Lip Lock Pencil on eyeslipsface.com, and it retails for $3.  I am not sure if it is available at Target, so keep an eye out for it.


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