June 2012 Birchbox


June 2012 Birchbox

My Birchbox this month was LATE.  I try to have these posts up a little earlier than this, but I just got the box on Saturday.  I know that most of you are familiar with Birchbox, but just in case, here is a run-down.  Birchbox is a $10.00 a month subscription service that provides a selection of 4-5 luxury samples of anything from skincare to makeup, hair care, and beauty tools from well-known brands as well as emerging ones.  The contents of each month’s box is a surprise and some months are certainly better than others, but overall I’ve been really pleased with my subscription.  The best part of Birchbox is the loyalty points program where you can earn points that can later be redeemed for cash in the Birchbox Shop.  I’ve gotten major discounts off of NARS, Laura Gellar, and theBalm by redeeming my Birchbox points which, in my opinion, sets Birchbox ahead of some of the other subscription services available.

Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment and Miracle Skin Transformer Body from May’s box

Before I dive into June’s Birchbox, I wanted to discuss a couple products that I got last month.  I got a couple comments asking me to share what I thought about the Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment and the Miracle Skin Transformer Body concealer thing.   I really liked the Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment.  It is very moisturizing and provides just a hint of color that is barely there.  It smells great, and feels good on the lips.  However, I do not think that It’s worth the money.  There are too many cheaper alternatives, and although I like it, it doesn’t stand out far enough above the rest to make it worth the splurge.  At least not for me.  But it is a nice product.  As far as the Miracle Skin Transformer goes, I loved the concept, but it fell a little flat.  I was pleased that it did not transfer onto clothes, and it felt fine, but the coverage was so light that it didn’t cover much.  You are supposed to be able to build coverage, but then it felt too thick.  I tried to cover both a bruise and a pinkish scar, but I was still able to see both through the makeup.  If you have a light imperfection to cover up, it may do the trick, but anything with any real pigmentation and you will still be able to see it.  It would work well to even out skin tone on the décolleté and shoulders, but I don’t feel that it is worth the bother for me.  Of course, I don’t usually wear strapless, so it isn’t a big deal for me.  Now, onto June’s box.

June’s theme is “Jet Set,” and here is what Birchbox has to say: “Blame the school calendar, but every June we still get giddy about dusting off our suitcases and planning an itinerary. Even when we can’t hop on a plane, train, or automobile, we get our fix in other ways—from transporting films to globe-trotting beauty products.  This month’s box is devoted to products that will indulge your inner jetsetter, from hardy formulas that can last throughout a long-haul flight to imported finds that we’ve picked up on our global adventures.”

  • Dr. Jart + Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45- regular price $39 for 1.5 fl oz; sample size 0.33 fl oz, worth $8.58.  “This four-in-one moisturizer, serum, sunscreen, and skin-perfecting tint is made with an innovative bio-peptide complex to boost collagen levels.
  • Joya Âmes Sœurs Parfum  A Scent of Soulmates– regular price $28 for 0.34 fl oz (roller ball); sample size 0.05 fl oz, worth $4.12.  “Star perfumer Fredrick Bouchardy designed this new scent, a blend of bright orange blossoms, smokey incense, and sweet musk.
  • Melvita Floral Water in Rose- regular price $22 for 6.76 oz; sample size 0.95 oz, worth $3.13.  “This organic mist works as a light toner and mid-day skin refresher.  We also love the delicate scent.
  • Oribe Shampoo & Conditioner for Beautiful Color- regular price (Shampoo) $36 for 8.5 fl oz; sample size 0.23 fl oz, worth $0.97; regular price (Conditioner) $39 for 6.8 fl oz; sample size 0.23 fl oz, worth $1.32.  “This ultra luxe duo doesn’t just stop hair color from fading; it also replenishes dehydrated strands and adds a glossy sheen.
  • theBalm Cosmetics Staniac in Beauty Queen- regular price $17 for 0.3 fl oz; sample size 0.04 fl oz, worth $2.27. “We’re crazy about this two-in-one lip and cheek stain; the sheer gel formula delivers a subtle, long-wearing flush.”
  • EXTRA BAND-AID Cynthia Rowley Dress Up Band-Aids- regular price $14 for a bundle of two 20ct boxes; sample size one 20ct box, worth $7.  “Be prepared for life’s little emergencies with these designer bandages.”

The grand total of June’s Birchbox adds up to $27.39.  Though this isn’t the biggest value box, it is still well over my $10 subscription fee.  I thought June’s box was a little hit and miss as far as products go.  I am not a fan of the perfume sample (though I do love that it’s a roller ball) and I probably won’t get much use out of the Melvita Floral Water.  I will probably use the band-aids and the Oribe Shampoo & Conditioner, but I can’t say that they excite me.  However I am really excited to try the Dr. Jart BB Cream and theBalm Staniac.  I am becoming a big fan of theBalm cosmetics, so any excuse to try more of their products is great by me.

Let me know in the comments below what samples you got in your June Birchbox, or if you want any more info on the samples that I received.  If you want to sign up for your own Birchbox subscription follow this link.



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  1. I was fortunate and got the full sized stila one step bronze, which I really like. Also got a pore minimizing sheet mask, the balm Stainiac, a sample of men’s cologne, and a plastic ziplock type baggie. I also just figured out how to review products so I can earn points. I’m a bit late in that department, but at least I finally figured it out.

    • That’s an odd mix, especially the men’s cologne and the baggie. I’m super jealous about the Stila bronzer, though! Maybe next month. I’m glad that you figured out how to give feedback. Start earning those points so that you can do some shopping!

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