MAC Heavenly Creatures Collection


MAC Heavenly Creatures Collection

Are certain ads ever so incredibly successful that they grab you and make you want to instantly blow a month’s worth of grocery money on the product whether you need it or not?  This ad for the new MAC Heavenly Creatures Collection makes me want all the things right this very minute.  I don’t know who is responsible for this image, but every time I see it (and it’s been floating around for almost a month now) I want the whole collection even more.  It is just such a beautiful image.

MAC Heavenly Creatures Collection launched June 25th, I believe, so it is available now.  MAC is pretty pricey, so if I were to buy the whole collection it would be beaucoup bucks.  I keep telling myself that this is not necessary in life, but this particular image makes it hard, let me tell you.  Congrats MAC promotional people for your gorgeous ad campaign.  It certainly is working on me.

How about you?  Does the MAC Heavenly Creatures Collection make you want to madrush on a spending spree?  Are there other makeup ads that have been equally drool worthy and made you want to throw your budget out the window and buy everything in sight?  You tell me in the comments below.


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  1. I would like to coat my ceiling with marble baked color cakes. Ok maybe that is too much but yes it does make you want all the colors.

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