I get to be a Corporate Shill


Okay I’m exaggerating, but I do have an announcement and thought we should “talk”.  So far, every product featured in this blog has been bought by me with my own money, or given to me as a personal gift by family and friends.  I always give my 100% honest opinion of the product, no matter if I thought it was great or if I though that it sucked.  That will never change.

A couple months ago, I was approached by CQ Cosmetics to do some product reviews after they launched their new website.  You may have seen CQ polishes at Rite-Aid.  They also make the Petites and Chameleon nail polishes.  They generously sent me a bunch of new cosmetic products to try for review, and once I’ve thoroughly tried them out, you will be seeing the reviews pop up.  This is the first time (though, hopefully not the last) that I’ve been sent products for review and I know that some of you may have some strong feelings about bloggers receiving free stuff, which is why I thought that this post was warranted.  I wanted to let you know my thoughts to hopefully assuage any concerns you may have.

I’m actually very excited to have been approached by a company without having to go looking for them.  I hope that this is a sign of my little blog moving up and expanding.  I’d love to form a relationship with companies like Wet n Wild or Milani so that I can get the newest products for review, maybe even before they come out so that you have more time to consider and shop LE collections.  Here’s the thing, beauty blogging is a really expensive project, especially in a review-heavy blog like mine.  I have no problem with youtube gurus or bloggers doing sponsored reviews.  The basic math is that the more products I have in my possession, the more reviews I can bring to you.  I have not agreed to give a glowing review of the products sent to me.  If the products are not good quality, you can be sure that I will tell you.  I promise you that my reviews will continue to be 100% honest.  You can trust that promise, especially in a case like this where the company approached me, not the other way around.  It will be made apparent in the posts which reviews are sponsored and which aren’t.  If you see a FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Disclaimer at the bottom of the page, then you will know that I was sent those products to review.

I hope that I addressed any concerns you may have about sponsored reviews, freebies, and the integrity of my reviews.  If you have any questions, please feel free to comment, and I will answer as best as I can.  I know that this can be a sticky subject for some of you, so I wanted to open up this forum for you to voice whatever is on your mind.  The first of these CQ reviews will start popping up in a week or two.


About beautyinbudgetblog

I am a self proclaimed eyeshadow junkie whose main hobbies include shopping, reading, singing, and mainlining caffeine while hanging out with my friends. I love interesting socks and have amassed quite a collection. The place that I want to visit before I die would be Greece. I like to read all seven Harry Potter books once a year the way some people read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. (Sorry JRRT, but JKR kicks butt in my book.) I love art, and use my creativity in many different ways through painting, crafts, and makeup. I love to cook and try new things, and I especially love to eat. My favorite "date" is to go wine tasting, and do so with my husband once or twice a year. I love musical theater and think the world would be much better off if we all just watched more musicals. I am 100% a cat person and, although I think dogs can be really cute and sweet, they make me sneeze so cats will always rule. I love faeries and magic, mythology, theology, philosophy, and psychology. I regularly do logic puzzles and sometimes crosswords. I adore Bette Midler, Betty White, and Carol Burnett. I am not ashamed to admit that I watch Glee. I would like to start making some of my own clothes because I can't stop myself from buying fabric. I'm sure that there is much more, but I'm suddenly distracted by something shiny.

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  1. My only suggestion would be whenever you have an FTC disclaimer on your blog, do not assume everyone reading has read this blog and that they know the sight of the FTC disclaimer means the product was given to you for review purposes. I would, along with the FTC disclaimer state again that the product was given to you for review. Seems as if the FTC is cracking down and with the use if pictures as well, s just to be on the safe side I would include the FTC disclaimer and a statement that the product was given to you for review. You can see on temptalia’s blog, she has that at every blog post, whether any product was provided to her or not. I would ask her if you could use her verbiage. She is very generous with photos, so may e she would be with verbiage. Good luck, it is exciting when you receive your first product fr review! Xoxo– Judi

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I was already planning to say that the products were sent to me for free, etc., in the FTC Disclaimer, but I will check out temptalia’s wording as well as some of the other blogs I frequent.

  2. That is so awesome (as Allie would say)! I don’t know how it is in the makeup blog world, but in the book blog world there is a whole lot of crazy associated with reviews because authors tend to go a bit batty when their book babies don’t get 5-star reviews. My gut feeling is that the makeup industry is a lot more professional and less personal (and that’s a good thing). Really looking forward to these reviews!!

    • Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s a lot less personal. In the book world you are judging someone’s creative “baby”. In the beauty world, by the time a product is released the makers are already in production on the next new product so they don’t really care as much.

      • That’s probably a very good thing. There has been so much drama this past few weeks (the drama made it to the book section of HuffPo, believe it or not) relating to the question of whether a negative review constitutes bullying and whether the belief of having been bullied (via a snarky negative review) justifies posting a reviewer’s personal information (name, spouse’s name, occupation, home address, phone number, favorite restaurant, time of day that restaurant is frequented, etc.) on an “outing” site with the language “Stop her.” I’m not kidding. People get really tetchy about book reviews.

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