Spotted at CVS- Limited Edition Displays


I had some luck at CVS last week when it came to new displays.  I found several holiday sets, some new nail collections, and the new LE Wet n Wild 8-Pan Palettes.  Check it out.

Wet n Wild Spoiled Nail Pail

There were two holiday sets of nail polish by Wet n Wild at CVS when I was there.  The first was this Wet n Wild Spoiled Nail Pail.  These Bucket o’ Polishes, look to contain seven Spoiled polishes and two Fast dry top coats.  In addition to solid colors, there looks to be a glitter shade and possibly two crackle/shatter shades (?).  I’m not sure if there are any crackles in the Spoiled line, but there are definitely two caps that have a shatter effect, which usually is indicative of a crackle polish.  If anyone one knows for sure, let me know in the comments below.

Wet n Wild Spoiled Nail Pail

Wet n Wild Mega Last Polish Collection

The other Wet n Wild polish set that I found was this Mega Last Perfect Petites  Polish Collection for only $4.99.  There are eight mini bottles (5 ml each) of the Mega last polishes in a variety of universally wearable shades.  You won’t find any green, blues or vivid yellows here.  Though you will find red and purple tucked in with the pinks and creams, this collection would be much better suited for those with work-place restrictions, or who like their nails more tame.

Wet n Wild LE Party Rocks Fast dry Polish Collection

Despite the facts that it’s still not quite Halloween, I spotted this New Year’s display.  Wet n Wild Party Rocks Collection says to “Rock your nails out as the clock runs out for the New Year” (not the most catchy of slogans). “Glitter-encrusted shades dry in under 60 seconds”.  This collection contains six glitter shades, including one with star-shaped glitter.  Wet n Wild seems to be saying “Go big or go home,” and I love it.

Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel Strips

I thought the Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel Strips (in fun patterns) and Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel Starter Kit were interesting.  According to Sally Hansen’s website, the kit contains “All you need for a complete gel manicure. A first! Easy 2 step gel manicure in a strip with no dry time that removes easily with acetone polish remover. Starter Kit includes: 1 Mini LED Lamp, 16 Gel Polish Strips, 1 Gel Top Coat, 2 Nail Cleanser Pads, Cuticle Stick, File & Buffer, and an Instruction sheet.”  Here’s the thing, the box boldly states only “2 easy steps”, but the online instructions are thus: “1) Cleanse nails & apply gel polish strips 2) Apply gel top coat 3) Cure under Mini LED Lamp & finish with nail cleansing pad. Done! No dry time & removes easily with acetone polish remover.”  Despite their clever numbering system, I count 5 steps.  1) Cleanse nails, 2) Apply strips, 3) Apply gel topcoat, 4) Cure, 5) Cleansing pad.  Either way, it’s still more than 2 steps.  Sally Hansen, you probably shouldn’t contradict your own products.  I’m just saying.  The strip boxes seem to be the same set up as the Salon Effects strips, only they also include the gel topcoat and 2 cleansing pads.  At $30 for the starter kit and $15 for the strips, Sally Hansen Salon Insta Gel system seems a little pricey to me, but I’m not a big gel mani fan.  If you get gel manicures, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Have you tried other at-home gel mani kits?  I wonder how the strips compare.

Ed Hardy Deluxe Collection

I was very surprised to see the Ed Hardy Deluxe Fragrance Collection that was out last year at Ulta available at CVS.  There were many designer fragrance sets for the holidays, so it makes sense.  I received this set for Christmas last year, ans I love it.  From left to right: Ed Hardy for Women, Hearts and Daggers, Born Wild, and Villain.  Each Eau de Parfum spray is .25 fl oz, so they are just the right size for a sampling of what Ed Hardy has to offer.  I especially love Villain, and wear it all the time.

Wet n Wild LE Wheres the Party? Collection

Finally, here is a display that I know will be of great interest, the Wet n Wild Limited Edition “Wheres the Party?” Collection.  That’s right, three limited edition 8-pan eyeshadow palettes (two new and one repromote) from Wet n Wild.  If for some reason you have not already tried Wet n Wild eyeshadow, I have no idea what you are waiting for.  They are the best shadows that the drugstore has to offer.  They are soft, blendable, insanely pigmented, and incredibly cheap.  Here is a closer (all be it, a bit blurry) look at the three palettes.

Drinking a Glass of Shine

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, Drinking a Glass of Shine is actually the I (Heart) Matte palette repromoted under a different name.  If you, like me, missed out on I (Heart) Matte, now is your second chance.  This is actually a really versatile palette, good for both wild looks and natural looks.  Matte shades are so on-trend right now, so this may be a really good buy if you don’t already have it.

Sparkle ‘Til Morning

Sparkle ‘Til Morning is a gorgeous desert sunrise kind of palette.  With shimmer and satin finish shades only, this palette contains a lot of neutral shades and a couple stand-out color shades (like that bright blue).  This cell phone shot lightened and cooled the shades.  In real life, the palette is much closer to how it looks in the display photo.

Shimmer the Night Away

Shimmer the Night Away is a collection of silver, black, and purple.  For those who have WnW Petal Pusher or Posh Plum 8-pan from Black Radiance (Black Radiance and Wet n Wild are both owned by Markwins) you may be wondering how the palettes compare.  There are a couple similar shades across the three palettes, but with the possible exceptions of that pinkish mauve shade (to Petal Pusher) and the black glitter shade (to Posh Plum), there aren’t any true dupes that I can see.  These shades are a bit more blue that the other palettes sport.  If you are a big fan of purple shades and smoky eyes, you may feel that this is a must-have.  I do not use purple or dark charcoal shades like these very often at all, so I decided that I could make due with just owning Petal Pusher.

I personally chose to purchase Drinking a Glass of Shine and Sparkle ‘Til Morning.  I may not really need Sparkle ‘Til Morning because the neutral shades are easily dupable, but I could not resist how gorgeous the palette looks.  For $4.99 I figured what the heck?  I felt Drinking a Glass of Shine was a must for me because I don’t usually buy matte shadows, so I don’t have very many at all.  With both vivid colors and neutral shades, I can see myself really putting this palette to good use.  I will do a more detailed review with swatches for both palettes.  (As well as Black Radiance Urban Jungle that I promised to do last month.  Whoops!  Sorry Kelly.)

If you have hauled any of these items, let me know in the comments how they worked for you.  Especially the gel mani strips.  Those are a little odd.  There was ton of Wet n Wild in this post.  I have not used any of the Spoiled polishes yet, but I really like the new(ish) Mega Last polish formula.  It may be fun to get one of the polish sets and break them up for stocking stuffers.  I hope that you saw some items that interested you.


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