November 2012 Birchbox


Birchbox for November 2012

The battle of the boxes (bags) continues between Birchbox and Ipsy (MyGlam).  I received my November Birchbox in a timely manner this month after two months of it being late.  I’m actually really shocked because I expected Sandy to have caused delays, but I received it over the weekend.

November’s theme is Giving: “Thanksgiving has always been our favorite holiday, and not just because of the obvious food reasons. We’re all so busy—with work, with friends, with mastering our makeup techniques—that we sometimes forget to stop and be mindful of how lucky we are. This month’s theme is “Give” and we’ve filled your Birchboxes with products from brands that give back and essentials that we are thankful for—plus a nifty way for you to pass along a treat to someone special.

  • Lulu Organics Lavender + Clary Sage Hair Powder- regular price $30.00 for 4 oz; sample size 5 g, worth $1.35.  Revive second-day locks by working this organic dry shampoo into your roots.  You’ll get plenty of lift, but no residue.
  • ModelCo FIBRE LASHXTEND Lengthening Mascara- regular price $24.00 per tube (volume not specified); sample size looks to be a full sized tube, worth $24.00.  Falsies without the fuss.  This innovative mascara uses tiny lash-extending fibers to give you a lengthy fringe.  The tube comes with a cool little mirror on the back.
  • Mox Botanicals Pomegranate & Fig Lip Butter- regular price $16.00 for .2 oz; sample size .1 oz, worth $8.  This eco-chic balm in an exclusive flavor, revives lips with avocado oil and shea butter.
  • One Love Organics Aromatic Body Serum- regular price $39.00 for 90 ml; sample size 8 ml, worth $3.47.  Made with pumpkin seed and sea buckthorn oil, this fast-absorbing oil keeps skin supple and hydrated.  Bonus: it has aromatherapy benefits.
  • EXTRA: John Varvatos Artisan Fragrance- regular price $62.00 for 2.5 oz; sample size .05 oz, worth $1.24.  Give this extra sample to a lucky guy.  It’s a modern blend of energizing citrus and warm woods.

The grand total of my November Birchbox is worth $38.06, which is well over my $10 subscription fee (finally).  Though I’m not keenly interested in the samples that I got, at least I am glad that they are actually worth something this month.  If you’ve been following along, you know that the last several month’s worth of Birchboxes have been really bad.  I haven’t had a box worth more than $18.00 since July.  I hope that Birchbox has received a lot of complaints and is now going to start stepping it up.  I used to love Birchbox, and I’m sad to see that it has gone downhill so fast.  Hopefully Birchbox has heard their customers and will go back to the quality they used to have.

Tomorrow I will show you what I got from Ipsy (MyGlam) and we’ll see how it compares.  Last month, Ispy kicked Birchbox’s butt.  Will the same thing happen again this month?  We shall see.


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    • I have tried a travel sized Treseme (sp?) version that works, but isn’t fabulous. I bought one from Batiste, but haven’t tried it yet. There are a ton out there, so if you Google some reviews you can see how they work for others and which ones are good ones to try.

      • How does it work? Do you end up with weird powdery flakies? Seems magical to me, but if it can reduce the number of times I wear my hair in a pony tail to work (not terribly professional, that, but it does match the flippy floppies, so I guess it’s all good), it might be worth my overcoming my instinctive fear of magical products. 🙂

        • Well, I’ve only used the kind that comes in a spray can. You spray it on your hair and it’s a light powdery mist that at first looks… dusty (for lack of a better word). You run your fingers through your hair to work it in a little, then brush and style as normal and the powder completely disappears. The powder absorbs the oils in your hair, giving it a cleaner look. It also texturizes hair, so those of us with volume issues can get a little boost. You can achieve a similar effect by applying a small amount of talcum powder or face powder to your hair (which I used to do a few years ago before dry shampoos became popular). It’s way more convenient to get the spray can, though. I recently got a Batiste version designed for dark hair (the powder isn’t white, so it’s less noticeable) that I used this morning and really liked. There are all sorts of versions out there with specific concerns in mind. They are not very expensive, so you should give one a try. Grab a travel size can to get the hang of it and see if you are interested in a full size.

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