Wet n Wild Drinking a Glass of Shine


Wet n Wild Drinking a Glass of Shine

Today I have my review and swatches of Wet n Wild’s LE Drinking a Glass of Shine palette.  You remember when I showed you the new Wet n Wild “Where’s the Party?” collection of 8-pan palettes, right?  You can read my review of Sparkle ‘Til Morning here.  The display looks like this.

Wet n Wild LE “Where’s the Party?” Collection

Drinking a Glass of Shine is a re-promote of the limited edition I (Heart) Matte palette that came out this time last year.  For some reason, I passed on the palette the first time around.  This time, however, I snatched it right up, and I’m so glad that I did.

Wet n Wild Drinking a Glass of Shine

Drinking a Glass of Shine is evenly split between bright shades and everyday neutrals.  By now you are probably all familiar with Wet n Wild’s silky smooth ColorIcon shadows.  They are extremely pigmented, long-lasting, and very good quality shadows at any price point.  The fact that they are so inexpensive just makes them even better.  I was concerned that this matte formula wouldn’t be as good.  I have found that drugstore brands, especially, have problems with matte shadows.  Shimmer and satin finish shades seem to be easier to formulate, but drugstore mattes are often chalky and apply patchy.  I did not find that to be the case with Drinking a Glass of Shine.  Though not quite as soft as the typical Wet n Wild formula that I am used to (which can be a good thing), the shades in Drinking a Glass of Shine are still richly pigmented and apply evenly.  The only shade that was a little difficult to work with was the purple shade, but frankly, I’ve noticed that purples are often finicky, so I wasn’t surprised.

Drinking a Glass of Shine, left side, no primer

The left side of Drinking a Glass of Shine contains the bright shades.  I was very impressed with that white shade, and surprised because I expected it to be a chalky mess.  It’s not.  It is velvety smooth and super pigmented.  The blue shade is equally lovely and easy to apply true to pan.  The green shade, though it applies smoothly, is the least pigmented shade in the palette and needs to be built up a little bit to achieve that bright look.  It’s not bad, but it isn’t as good as the blue shade.  The purple shade is the only one in the palette that has some sparkle to it.  It’s very odd to have microglitter in an all matte palette, but there you have it.  Though the purple takes a little work, it is a lovely shade and plays well with others.

Drinking a Glass of Shine, right side, no primer

The neutral side of this palette is why I decided that I really needed it.  Though the left side is fun, the right side will get the most use from me.  The flesh tone shade is very similar to my beloved “Brulee” and can be used everyday to clean up and blend out any look.  The peachy shade is a fantastic lid color for a variety of looks.  Both the brown and the black are very rich, dark colors.  The formula on these four shadows is fantastic all around.

Drinking a Glass of Shine is a really good palette and pretty versatile.  Don’t let the bright shades convince you to pass on it like I did last year.  The four neutral shades (and the matte white) are totally worth buying this $4.99 palette, even if you never touch the three bright shadows.  This is the best matte palette that you will ever find in the drugstore, and they augment shimmer shades from other palettes beautifully thanks to how easily blendable Wet n Wild shadows are.  (They work great with my Naked 2 palette.)  Wet n Wild LE Drinking a Glass of Shine 8-pan palette is a total must-have in my book.

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  1. I recently purchased some Coloricon shadow to replace some I’d used up. The formula has changed and it is now almost crumbly when you brush across it. I end up turning the compact over and dumping out the excess. The powder is too soft. Has anyone else noticed this?

    • That’s really interesting. Do you remember which item it was? I have noticed that some of the definer shades in a few of the trios can get very soft and powdery when you dip brush in too hard. But those are usually the shades that are so dark that you only want to lightly tap your brush in or else apply way too much shadow. Hmmm… I hope that you just got a dud. It would be so sad if they changed the formula. Did the shadow still apply the same? Was the change limited to the pan, or did the shadow perform differently as well?

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