e.l.f. Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon in Moss

e.l.f. Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon in Moss

e.l.f. Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon in Moss

Today I have the e.l.f. Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon in Moss to review for you.  The crayons launched on e.l.f.’s site back in November.  Even though they come in seven lovely shades, I only picked up one of these e.l.f. Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Crayons when they came out because I wasn’t sure what to make of them.  Because of that, this review is specifically for the shade Moss.

E.l.f. states on the website “The jumbo-sized Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon is perfect for creating bold, smoky eye looks. The waterproof, smudge-proof formula gives lasting color that stays put all day. Use as an eyeliner or blended out as an eyeshadow to create endless stunning eyes.

e.l.f. Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon in Moss

e.l.f. Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon in Moss

Let’s break this up into the good and the bad.  First, the good.  I feel a list coming on.

  1. The Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Crayons are only $3.00, so it isn’t much of an investment to try one out, especially if there is a sale going on or e.l.f. is offering free shipping.
  2. The Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon is self sharpening.  Hooray!  Maybe I’m just crazy, but I dislike having to sharpen my eyeliners with the burning intensity of a thousand suns.  And this pencil is an odd size, so it wouldn’t have fit easily into a sharpener.  So, yay for not having to go through the hassle.
  3. The seven shades are really nice.  You have neutrals like champagne, brown, gray and black, but you also have nice colors like green, purple, and blue.
  4. Uhmmmm… *crickets chirping*

That’s all for the good.  Now let’s move on to the bad.

  1. The Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon is so stiff and dry that it does not apply without having to use too much pressure.  Your eyes are sensitive, you should not have to press down so hard.
  2. Moss, at least, has poor pigmentation and is tough to see.  I was expecting a dark olive green from the way it looks in the tube, but Moss delivers more of an antiqued gold look.  It is definitely not what I was looking for.
  3. This Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon stinks.  There is no kind way to put it.  This puppy smells bad.  I’m not really sure what the ingredients are, but it smells like a mix of paint thinner and tar.  It is not something that I want anywhere near my eye.
  4. In addition to poor pigmentation initially, the color fades really easily.  I have dry lids and rarely have issues with fading, but Moss only lasted a couple hours on me.
  5. E.l.f. claims that you can blend this out as an eyeshadow, but I found Moss to be completely unblendable.  It applied waxy and patchy, and would not smooth out without rubbing completely away or lifting off in clumps.  It is such a terrible formula.
e.l.f. Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon in Moss

e.l.f. Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon in Moss

For me, e.l.f. Studio Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon in Moss was a complete fail.  I’m probably going to just throw it away.  Luckily I got it half off, so it was only a wasted $1.50, but still it was a waste of money.  I have read several online reviews of these crayons from those who have tried multiple shades and the general consensus is that they are not worth much.  One reviewer even called them the absolute worst product to come out in all of 2012.  Save your money and take a pass on these.


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