Have You Seen This Yet?

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove

Have you see this yet?  It’s the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove.  I want one of these so badly!  I don’t know about you, but I hate cleaning my brushes.  I really do.  I even buy duplicates of my most used e.l.f. brushes (since they are so cheap) so that I can extend the time between cleanings.  I really hate washing my brushes!  I first saw this handy little glove in a Youtube video by MakeupbyTiffanyD.  She collaborates with Sigma a lot, so she always has the new stuff featured.  The glove, which is about the size of an oven mitt, has nubs, bumps, and ridges of varying sizes and shapes designed to agitate your brush bristles to give your brushes a thorough deep cleaning.  I’ve see reviews now by EmilyNoel83, AlluraBeauty (I think), and a few other places, and they have all been positive.  The glove looks really interesting and innovative.

Here is the blurb on Sigma’s website:

The Sigma Spa™ Brush Cleaning Glove was specially designed as a quick, easy and effective method to deep clean your makeup brush collection. The revolutionary device offers a variety of necessary textures and surfaces for removing all makeup from brushes while using only a small amount of cleaning solution. The dual-sided glove provides a complete cleaning process for both eye and face brushes. Patent pending.

Brush Cleaning How-To:

  1. WASH – Add a small amount of cleaning solution and water to glove and swirl brush on ‘Wash’ texture to begin deep cleaning the brush(es).
  2. RINSE – Place brush under running water and sweep brush back and forth on the ‘Rinse’ texture of the glove to remove makeup residue & soap.
  3. REFINE – Swirl brush on the ‘Refine’ texture of the glove for an added deep cleaning
  4. RINSE – Place brush under running water & sweep brush back and forth on the ‘Rinse’ texture for a final rinse.
  5. SHAPE – Reshape brush bristles by placing brush head on the ‘Shape’ section of the glove while squeezing with your hand to remove excess water.

I would love to give this glove a try, but the only drawback is that it is $39.00.  That’s kind of a lot.  I wonder if there are any other companies who have cheaper versions of this glove that work just as well.  Sigma’s Spa Brush Cleaning Glove is brand new, so it may take a while for the knock-offs to start showing up.  I’m very interested in the Spa Brush Cleaning Glove.  It may be well worth the investment.

What do you think?


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  1. $39 is outrageous. I put a little liquid soap in my hand and swirl the brush in the soap, add water, agitate in my palm and rinse. No big deal.

    • That’s my current method too, but it takes forever to get the brushes really clean. I have an especially difficult time with foundation brushes. I agree that $39 is a lot for what this is, which is why I am not rushing out to buy it. But from the demos I’ve seen, the glove makes cleaning really fast and easy. I hope that the price comes down or that a cheaper alternative hits the market soon.

  2. I think this brush-washing glove is interesting, for sure! I’m like you and I hate washing brushes, so anything to make it less painful is a plus in my book. Alas, $39 is a bit steep for me. Think I’ll wait and hope it trickles down to a cheapie drugstore version.

    • I know what you mean, $39 is a bit more than I’d like to spend on something like this too. I hope a cheaper version comes out soon. I’d love something to make cleaning my brushes go faster and make it less of a chore.

  3. I agree this looks good, but too $$$$$.

    Ebay will have knock offs… I’ll keep checking. Cleaning my foundation brushes is really tedious, a brush like that would be really helpful.

  4. I honestly had a good laugh when I saw this from Sigma. This glove is what I have been using to wash horses for YEARS and YEARS! So I had a really good laugh when I saw it! I went and bought a new one for my makeup brushes. $8 beats the hell out of Sigma’s $39

    • LOL! That’s hilarious, Julie. So, where do you get your glove? And what is it called? I don’t want to shell out $39, but I’d like to try one of these texturized rubber mitt thingys. Has you horse-grooming glove been working for well for cleaning your brushes?

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