Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Powder Review

Revlon Nearly Naked

Revlon Nearly Naked

It has taken me a really long time to figure out what I think of Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup Foundation and Pressed Powder.  I purchased these products in early to mid February and have been using them regularly, but hadn’t been ready to write the review until now.  I believe that the new Revlon Nearly Naked line offers some really good products, but they will not fit everyone’s needs.  Let me explain.

Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup Foundation

Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup Foundation

Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup Foundation is really lovely.  Per Revlon: “Revlon’s breakthrough Nearly Naked makeup balances skin and makeup so they work in perfect harmony. With buildable coverage and seamless blending, you are sure to cover flaws and perfect your skin’s tone and texture. No heavy cakey or greasy mess.  Makeup so refreshingly light, it melts right in, creating a fresh, even look. So the only one that knows you are wearing makeup is you.

There are 16 shades of Nearly Naked foundation, and they are separated by warm and cool undertones.  The shades seem to run a little dark, so pay close attention to what shade you select. There is a pretty good selection of light and dark shades, but be careful of the overly yellow or pink undertones to some shades.  I chose the shade 150 Nude, which may be just a little too dark for me right now, but the lighter shades were either way too light or too yellow.  It’s not a bad match for my face, and it works fine as long as I am careful blending it out.  The foundation does not oxidize on me.

The consistency of Nearly Naked is pretty a runny liquid.  There is no noticeable smell.  It feels wonderful on the skin, so light that it really doesn’t feel like you are wearing makeup at all.  Revlon really got that part right.  It goes on very well and doesn’t feel like it sits on the skin, but instead blends easily and “disappears” into your skin.  Nearly Naked has a sort of satin finish, not too matte, but not too dewy either.  There are no shimmer particles like Revlon Photoready or some of the luminous foundation out there, but it’s not flat matter either.  I think Revlon did a really good job creating a foundation that looks like skin.  And, as an added bonus, Nearly Naked has SPF 20.

That’s not to say that it’s the perfect foundation.  First of all, Revlon failed in a big way by not providing a pump for such a liquidy foundation.  The poor packaging means that you are guaranteed to either contaminate your product or else risk wasting a lot of it by trying to pour it out.  Also, the cap sort of “locks” into place and can be a bit of a pain to lock and unlock when twisting it on and off.  The glass bottle is perfectly functional, but overall I was really not impressed with the packaging that Nearly Naked comes in.

Let’s talk coverage, which can be seen as a plus or a minus depending on your specific needs.  Revlon Nearly Naked is a sheer foundation, but it is buildable.  You can achieve light-medium coverage depending on how many layers that you apply.  For someone with good skin who wants that “no makeup” look, one layer just to even out your skin tone will work great.  For those with more issues to cover up, two (or more) layers is a must and use concealer.  Those with dark acne scars or major skin issues will probably find the foundation lacking, but then again they probably wouldn’t be looking at something called “Nearly Naked” in the first place.  Building up the foundation does not make it cakey or heavy.

Revlon Nearly Naked Swatched

Revlon Nearly Naked Swatched

You’ve seen in previous posts that I do have some skin issues that need covering, especially redness from my mild rosacea.  I have decided that as long as I don’t have any flare ups, I can get away with wearing Revlon Nearly Naked.  No, it doesn’t have the best coverage, but it’s enough for me on the weekends when I am running errands or am having a light makeup day.  Would I wear it for a night out?  No.  But it’s a great back up foundation when I want something light. Nearly Naked lasts a good 6-8 hours on me with no powder.  If I prime first and then set with powder it lasts very well all day long.  However, I would think that someone with oily skin would definitely want to prime and then set with powder.  I’m thinking that oily skin will break this foundation down after a while.

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder

Speaking of powder, I also got the Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder.  This stuff is awesome!  I’m not sure what Revlon did to give the powder a creamy consistency, but it is super cool.  Let me be clear, Nearly Naked Pressed Powder is definitely a pressed powder, but it is not chalky or even powdery.  It’s wacky.  As someone with dry skin (who is addicted to powders), it’s hard to find a face powder that isn’t too dry looking.  Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder has a silky soft texture that blurs skin imperfections while still looking natural.  It’s extremely light, which may tempt you to use more  and more of the product, but really there is no need.  One layer does the job well of setting foundations and adding an extra touch of coverage.  Toss the little pillow of a sponge though.  It’s useless.  Also, the powder tends to run dark.  I have Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in Light, but it is more of a medium shade in my opinion.  I went ahead and got fair instead, though that one is a touch light for me.  *Sigh*  My coloring is kind of hard to match, no matter what the line.  There are only six shades of powder in the line, but hopefully Revlon will expand in the future.  I’ve tried the powder over a bunch of different foundations, and it is consistently good across the board.

So my final verdict is that Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup Foundation and Pressed Powder are both very good products if you are looking for light coverage and a “no makeup” look.  If you need more coverage that the lighter side of medium, then you may want to look elsewhere.  The lightweight feel makes this a great foundation for weekends or warmer days when you just don’t want to deal with makeup, but still want to even out your skin tone.  I definitely think that the Nearly Naked line is worth a try, especially if you can snag it on sale.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I’ve read a lot of glowing reviews of the Nearly Naked powder, but I think a lot of people have had similar experiences to yours with the foundation. One day I’ll run through my current endless supply of powders and try it! 😉

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