Ipsy, April 2013

Ipsy bag for April 2013

Ipsy bag for April 2013

I got my Ipsy bag!  I get so happy to see that bright pink envelope in my mail.  I’ve been a subscriber since October and I have been very happy so far.  I haven’t loved everything in my bags, but I have liked quite a lot of the products that I have received.  I’m very glad that I dropped Birchbox for Ipsy.  Now, onto my April bag.

April’s theme is Pretty in Pink.  (sigh)  I am not the biggest fan of pink.  It is one of my least favorite colors, actually.  Here is what Ipsy says about the April bag: “This April, pinks have never looked so pretty! We have a bouquet of amazing beauty products waiting just for you. Create a Look and blend them with your favorite pastels and bright hues for an original and exquisite start to your very own version of spring beauty!”  The makeup bag that came is actually really cute.  It’s white with a pink vinyl band at the top and a pink zipper.  inside it’s white and pink stripes.  If I’m going to have pink, I’d rather it be this bright almost fuchsia color.  I like it.

Sexy Hair Powder Play

Sexy Hair Powder Play

Sexy Hair Powder Play: “Get ‘POW’ volume in an instant with Sexy Hair’s Powder Play! Powder Play adds instant volume to any type of hair style or texture. Weightless, odorless, and colorless! Instantly liquifies when applied and adds volume and texture in seconds. Just sprinkle on dry hair at the root for lift and volume. Apply throughout the hair for extreme volume and texture.”  A .53 oz/15g bottle is $15.95 at Ulta  Sample is .07 oz/2g, worth $2.13.  (It should be noted that the other Sexy Hair travel sized samples available on Ulta’s website are all priced at $6.00, so perhaps this sample was meant to be worth $6.00.  Since I didn’t see the travel size available for Powder Play, I’m going with the normal price break-down of $2.13.)

Of Corset I'll Call You

Of Corset I’ll Call You

Miss Professional Nail Sation Nail Lacquer in Of Corset I’ll Call You (lavender-rose): “Sation Nail Lacquer is a contemporary beauty company, infusing a creative direction in nail care through a blend of lifestyle aesthetics. The collection features 120 colors from its seasonal & limited collections.” Full sized sample is priced at $5.00 from misspn.com.

Two Cosmetics Duo Eye Shadow in Heartache

Two Cosmetics Duo Eye Shadow in Heartache

Two Cosmetics Duo Eye Shadow in Heartache: “Two Cosmetics blush pink duo eyeshadow in Heartache is suited for all skin tones & complexions in two finishes. The shimmer side is fabulous for highlighting the brow bone, tear duct or cheeks. The matte side is great for blending, or for use as a blush and is amazing for an all over the lid color. Paraben free and not tested on animals!”   I believe that this is also a full-sized product, worth $6.99 at twocosmetics.com.

Be A Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks

Be A Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks

Be A Bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks (a medium rose pink with shimmer): “A highly pigmented pressed powder blush that highlights the complexion and provides long lasting color.”  This is also full-sized and priced at $16 from beabombshellcosmetics.com.

The grand total worth of my April Ipsy bag is $30.12, plus the bag.  Again like last month, not the most expensive bag ever, but I am really pleased with the items that I got.  That blush is absolutely gorgeous!  The pink eyeshadows aren’t really shades that I would pick for myself, so they are actually a unique addition to my collection.  You can never have too much eyeshadow, right?  Or I can try to use them as blush.  I can always use more volume in my hair, so I’m willing to try the Powder Play.  The only item that I’m probably not going to keep is the nail polish.  It’s not a bad product, but I don’t need another pink polish that I’ll never wear.  I’ll probably include it in my next giveaway.  But it’s not Ipsy’s fault that I’m not the biggest fan of pink.  I think April’s bag was great, and three of the four products were full-sized.

ipsyaprilpinkThere was a lot of variety this month with alternate items in different bags.  Perhaps Ipsy is trying to tailor their bags to subscriber preferences?  I don’t know.  There were two shades sent out for both of the nail polish and the blush that I received.  Some people, instead of getting the Sexy Hair Powder Play, received Sexy Hair Soy Renewal.  Also, some bags contained a MicaBeauty Mineral Eyeshadow instead of the Two Cosmetics duo eyeshadow that I got.  I’m curious to see if this will be a new trend in future bags, or if Ipsy will go back to all future bags being the same.  Either way, I am happy with Ipsy and excited to see what comes in May.


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  1. Cute,u spent $70 so far, man that could buy a very good product or many at ones taste, i just cant justify these sub boxes. Ive gotten some with promotions like julep ($3.99) but cant bring myself to do monthly on surprises.

    • Oh, but I love the surprise. 😉 That’s true that I could have saved up over the last 7 months and paid $70 on one big item (or two), but instead I’ve gotten several good items in that time, many full-sized. I’ve gotten Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner, Josie Maran Argon Oil, Bare Minerals Lip Gloss, and many more items that I use all the time. The purpose of these boxes is to expand your horizons and introduce you to brands that you may not know, or products that you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself, but discover that you love. For someone like me who is a makeup junkie, these sub boxes are perfect. It lets me try tons of new products without having to buy them individually, which ultimately saves me hundreds of dollars. I get that sub boxes aren’t for everyone, though.

  2. Received my first box (signed up in part due to your review) and tried the blush this am. The blush, polish and eyeshadow are all full size, which surprised me (I expected smaller samples). The blush went on really well over foundation (no powder in between) and was brightly pigmented (use a light hand). Very happy with this subscription box! Very inexpensive for the number of products/cosmetic bag.

  3. I signed up right about the same time you did and I have not regretted it at all. Every bag there is something I really enjoy. I am always so surprised at the full size products they give us. I received the same items except for the Mica eye shadow, which I’m looking forward to swatching. How do you use all of your bags? I sometimes take them to work when I don’t have time to put my makeup on. I also have the grey one from December… I believe that I use to hold things in my purse.

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