CoverGirl Lipsicks Smoochies Lip Balm


CoverGirl Lipsicks Smoochies Lip Balm

CoverGirl launched their Lipsicks Smoochies Lip Balm with a bunch of new products for the summer.  Today I have the shades 245 #luv bug and 270 #only u to review.  The Smoochies are definitely targeted to a younger audience with their bright colors, retro packaging, and tweet-speak names.  Here is what CoverGirl says about the new Smoochies: “Glide on sheer color and keep lips moisturized with our fabulously flirty Smoochies lip balm. Collect all 12 shades — because one smooch is never enough!”


CoverGirl Lipsicks Smoochies Lip Balm

CoverGirl Lipsicks Smoochies are tinted lip balms that do actually glide on pretty smoothly.  I think CoverGirl tried to keep with the younger theme by trying to make them sweet and fruity, but failed.  They have a rather unpleasant artificial fruit scent and flavor that’s a bit reminiscent of plastic.  It does fade after a few minutes, but if you are sensitive to those things it can make application rather unpleasant.  I like the feel of the Smoochies on my lips.  I think that they are moisturizing and comfortable, though not as moisturizing as a normal lip balm.  To put it in perspective, to me they are not as moisturizing as Maybelline Baby Lips, but more moisturizing that EOS lip balms.

I really want to like CoverGirl Lipsicks Smoochies Lip Balms, but I just don’t.  Aside from the awful smell, my body chemistry does not seem to like the formula.  When I apply one of the Smoochies, it is gone within 30 minutes to an hour.  They completely disappear on me.  I have read some other reviews that say they last for two to three hours, but that is certainly not the case with me.


#luv bug (L) and #only u (R)

The two shades that I have, 245 #luv bug and 270 #only u, are decently pigmented for lip balms.  I know that some of the shades (#sweet tweet for instance) have practically no color pay-off at all.  Depending on what you are looking for, the sheer color can be a good or a bad thing.  Personally, I want some color to show on my lips, or else I’ll just use a regular lip balm.


CoverGirl Lipsicks Smoochies in #luv bug

Shade 245 #luv bug is a frosty mauve-ish pink.  I has more frost than I would like when first applied, but that mellows out while it fades.  It’s a very pretty color, and can be built up.  However, be aware that building it up will cause the formula to feel thick and heavy on the lip.


CoverGirl Lipsicks Smoochies in #only u

Shade 270 #only u is a glossy peachy nude.  It is very similar to my natural lip color, just a shade or two off.  I really like the smooth, glossy finish that #only u provides.  I wish that the Smoochies  lasted longer on me because I think that I would really like #only u.

Bottom line, I’m not the biggest fan of the CoverGirl Lipsicks Smoochies Lip Balm.  The packaging looks cheap, and the smell is terrible.  I do really like the shades that I tried, especially #only u, and I like the way they feel on the lips when not applied too heavy.  They just don’t last long enough on me to be worth the $5-$6 that they retail for.  If I am going to use a tinted lip balm like this, I’d reach for Maybelline Baby Lips before these.  Though honestly, my first choice for a similar product would be the Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Color.  Now that I think about it, they are much closer to the Smoochies than the Baby Lips are, but way better than both.  Save your money and give the Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Colors a try.


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    • Glad that I could help. They’ve been getting some good reviews, so there are some people who like them. They just didn’t work for me. Be sure you look at reviews and swatches online for the shades that you are interested in before you buy, just in case.

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