WnW Pop Art Craze- I’m Seeing Triples


Wet n Wild’s Coloricon trio in I’m Seeing Triples

Today I am reviewing Wet n Wild’s Coloricon trio in I’m Seeing Triples from the Pop Art Craze Collection.  I showed you a pic of the display when I found it earlier this month.  The Limited Edition Pop Art Craze Collection contains a variety of brightly colored trios that are completely unique for the drugstore.  The collection was initially met with a lot of excitement, but the reviews have been mixed.  So what did I think?  Keep reading.

I selected I’m Seeing Triples because it was the only trio that really appealed to me.  The color combinations that Wet and Wild chose to put together confused me.  For many of the trios, the shades didn’t look like they would go well together or they had shades that didn’t look like they would be pretty on the eye, in my opinion.  Out of all of the trios, I figured that I could get the most use out of the shades in I’m Seeing Triples, though not necessarily together.


I’m Seeing Triples

I’m Seeing Triples consists of a lime green “browbone” shade, a bright blue “crease” shade, and a purple toned mauve “eyelid” shade.  Wet n Wild is known for their excellent eyeshadow formula, so the standard is set pretty high.  Unfortunately, I’m Seeing Triples does not deliver what I have come to expect from Wet n Wild.  I’ll break the colors down individually.

The lime green is decently pigmented and the easiest of all three shades to work with.  It is greatly enhanced by the use of a primer or color base.  It is a semi-matte shade, and a little powdery, but performs pretty well.  Obviously, lime green is a difficult color to pull off on the browbone (though not impossible) but this is a great lid shade.

The bright blue shade is completely matte.  It has pretty good pigmentation, but it is stiff and rather chalky.  The fall-out is insane.  I found it very stubborn and difficult to blend.  It is a beautiful color and you can get it to work with enough effort, but it’s a pain to deal with.  You must use a primer or sticky base with this shade, and it will stain your skin if you don’t.

The mauve shade was basically a polar opposite to the blue.  It is a sheer, satin finish that can be built up to opacity.  Again, the fall out is crazy with this shade, but for a different reason.  Instead of being stiff and chalky like the blue shade, it is super soft and buttery, so it crumbles to powder as soon as a brush touches it.  You have to use some sort of sticky base to get the shadow to adhere to the lid.  Blending was also tough with this one because the color just wanted to sheer out.


I’m Seeing Triples

Overall, I’m disappointed with I’m Seeing Triples.  It’s not that I can’t work with it to achieve several very pretty eye looks, but it is nowhere near the standard that I am used to from Wet n Wild.  I know how great their eyeshadows usually are, and I’m Seeing Triples fell sadly below the bar.  Since this is the only trio that I picked  up, I don’t know how the other Pop Art Craze collection shadows work.  If you decide to pick some up, be sure to read some reviews before hand so that you know what you are getting into.  Seasoned makeup users who know how to manipulate shadows should have at least moderate success with any of the trios in the collection, but those who are new to makeup may have a lot of trouble getting these shadows to work for them. I definitely recommend using a base underneath.  NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk does a great job of getting these shades to stick and really brings out the color.  Let me know in the comments below if you have any of the WnW Pop Art Craze trios and how they worked for you.

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