Favorite Fall and Winter Lip Colors from the Drugstore



Today I want to talk about my favorite lip colors for Fall and Winter.  I am a big fan of cold weather, and Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons.  I don’t believe that there are any hard and fast rules where makeup is concerned- wear what makes you happy- but in general lighter and brighter shades are for the spring and summer months.  When the temperature drops, the deep reds and purples tend to come out to play.  In this post, I want to take you through some of my favorite Fall and Winter lip shades, suitable for a variety of skin tones and ages.  (Not everyone can rock a vampy purple lip, y’know?)  I have ten lip colors to recommend, and all of them are from the drugstore (plus one bonus).  I broke this list up into categories and will take you through the browns, reds, and berry/wines in my collection that I think will work for you as well.  Any of my photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.


NYX Ulysses and Revlon Fig Jam

Let’s start with brown.  (I did not include any dark nudes or mauve shades because I wear those all year round and it isn’t hard to find examples of them here on the blog.)  I still like to keep my makeup on the warm side in the Fall.  Basically, up until around Thanksgiving I like to play with green, warm browns, reds, and oranges on my eyes and lips.  I know some of you hear the word “brown” and flash back to the 90’s when deep brown lipsticks were where it was at.  As much as I loved to rock that look in high school, those shades aren’t flattering on everyone.  Now that I’m older, especially, I need a brown with some red or pink undertones.


NYX Ulysses(L) and Revlon Fig Jam(R)

NYX Round Lipstick in 523 Ulysses is a beautiful red-toned brown that can be built up for major impact.  It pulls more toward red when worn lightly and deepens into a deep warm brown when layered.  NYX Round Lipsticks have a smooth, creamy formula and they are a cult favorite for a reason.

Revlon Lip Butter in Fig Jam is a good way to explore a brown lip color without going all out.  The sheer finish and pink tones make this extremely wearable for almost anyone.  It’s a great choice for Fall.


NYX Ulysses (top) and Revlon Fig Jam (bottom)

Ulysses looks a lot more red in this picture than it is in real life, but you get the idea.  The shades would really warm up the face and look great with a variety of Fall eye looks.


(top L) Revlon Romantic, (top R) Revlon Adore, (bottom L) Revlon Red Velvet, (bottom R) e.l.f. Royal Red

Red lips are beautiful in Fall and Winter.  November and December especially, are great months to wear red.  What red you choose depends on your skin tone.  Again, most of the reds that I recommend are warm-toned or neutral.  I find that it is very hard for most women to pull off a cool-toned true red.  If you can, more power to you.  Some of these shades are lighter, and some are more bold, but all of them are flattering and good for a beginner.


(L-R) Revlon Romantic, Revlon Adore, Revlon Red Velvet, e.l.f. Royal Red

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Romantic is a sheer tomato red with orange tones that is a great choice for early Fall.  It’s still bright and light enough to look great with warmer-weather clothes as you transition toward the cooler months.  I know that some places in the country are still experiencing temps in the high 80’s and will for a bit longer.  If that’s you, Romantic is a great red option that won’t remind you of Christmas in the slightest.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Adore  is a little redder than Romantic (which can sometimes be too orange for some).  It is still warm, but it is deeper and closer to a true red.  This is a  great shade for someone who isn’t used to wearing red.  You can sheer the Balm Stains out so that you just have a hint of color on your lips.  This is a great every day, daytime red.

Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet is a neutral true red that is pretty pigmented and really lovely.  You can sheer it out, but it goes on opaque.  Because of that, Red Velvet is a good choice for a casual look with a pop of color on the lips as well as a great Holiday color.

e.l.f. Mineral Lipstick in Royal Red is more of a dark brick shade with some neutral brown tones.  It is a deeper shade than the other three, but still quite wearable for a variety of skin tones.  It’s a shade that would work well in the late Fall and in the Winter months.  I feel like this shade works well for older women who want to wear red.


(top L) Revlon Romantic, (top R) Revlon Adore, (bottom L) Revlon Red Velvet, (bottom R) e.l.f. Royal Red

No matter what shade of red you choose, be sure to line you lips to keep your lip color from migrating and to get a precise line.  (I didn’t do that for swatching.)  If you have fine lines, you may want to pick up a clear lip pencil to line the outside of your lips to keep color from feathering into lines.  E.l.f.’s lip locker pencil is a good choice, and I believe MAC makes a good one as well.


(top L) Jordana Cranberry Crush, (top R) Jordana Sugar Plum, (bottom L) NYX Narcisse, (bottom R) Maybelline Berry Ready

Berry and wine shades are very popular this year, but I tend to wait until Winter to pull these shades out.  I think they look best after Christmas, in January and February.  But, that’s just my opinion.  I personally can not pull off a purple lip to save my life, so I don’t own any purple lip colors.  Purple is a very difficult lip color for many people, though there are some beautiful purple shades on the market this year.  Here are some beautiful berry shades that are right on trend.


(L-R) Jordana Cranberry Crush, Jordana Sugar Plum, NYX Narcisse, Maybelline Berry Ready

Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain in Cranberry Crush has been mentioned many times on this blog, so I won’t go into too much detail.  It’s a light berry that can be sheered out for a easy any time color or built up for a slightly bolder lip.  Cranberry Crush is such and easy shade to wear and it is flattering on almost anyone.  It will also make a great transition shade from Winter into Spring.

Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Color in Sugar Plum is a surprisingly dark neutral berry shade.  It packs a lot of punch for how cheap it is.  Glossy and moisturizing, it has a great formula for a bold lip because it doesn’t sink into lines.  Sugar Plum is easier to wear than one might think, so even if you are afraid to try a bold lip, don’t rule it out completely.  Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Colors are only a couple dollars, so it’s a great way to experiment with shades that you wouldn’t normally try without much risk.  It’s so gorgeous and comfortable that it get’s my vote.

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Narcisse is my only real vampy shade.  It’s not the easiest shade to pull off, but this does fall into  that plum wine category that is popular right now.  Younger lips will look best with this type of color and it does sink into lines.  Topping the shade with a gloss makes it more wearable for those with dry lips or lines.  Though it may take a little TLC to look it’s best, Narcisse can be very pretty for a daring, powerful look.

Maybelline Color Whisper in Berry Ready doesn’t really whisper in my opinion.  It shouts fun, flirty, and fabulous!  This is a gorgeous raspberry shade that is extremely pigmented for a Color Whisper.  It’s a little lighter than Jordana Sugar Plum, so you may find it a better option if you don’t usually wear bold shades.  The Color Whisper formula is fantastic, so this is an easy shade to wear because it won’t settle into fine line or accentuate dryness.


(top L) Jordana Cranberry Crush, (top R) Jordana Sugar Plum, (bottom L) NYX Narcisse, (bottom R) Maybelline Berry Ready

I do have one final shade to show you, and it’s a gloss.  Though it doesn’t fit into any of these categories, I really love this product for Fall and Winter.  I have a travel sized tube of Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Gloss in Dare Devil.


Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Gloss in Dare Devil

Dare Devil is a gorgeous berry shimmer that would look fantastic on a variety of lips.  Though not drugstore, I wanted to include it because I do recommend checking it out.  The Marvelous Moxie Glosses have a minty taste and smell, but do not sting like a real plumping lip gloss.  I thought that I’d throw Dare Devil in as a bonus because I do really like it.

And that’s it for my Fall/Winter lip color recommendations.  Almost all of these products can be found at the drugstore.  E.l.f. Royal Red is available at eyeslipsface.com, and possibly Target.  NYX Narcisse is available at cherryculture.com, and possibly Ulta.  Dare Devil should be available anywhere Bare Minerals is sold.  I hope that you liked my picks.  What are your favorite lip colors for Fall and Winter?  Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Great post! It’s really fun to see all the swatches and then to see each shade on your lips. I really love the Jordana balm stain in Cranberry Crush; I picked it up a few weeks ago and I think I’ll be wearing it a lot this season. 🙂

  2. I loved this post, and it reminded me to pull out Fig Jam, which I’d forgotten all about! Thanks for all your work in putting this together!

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