Beautifully Disney Lip Gloss Review


Beautifully Disney Lip Gloss in Dragon Diva and Change Your Fate

I heard about the new Beautifully Disney line of cosmetics for adults a few months ago.  So, when I went to Disney World, I definitely had my eye out for some products to bring back home with me.  There was plenty to choose from.  Since launching the first collection in the Beautifully Disney line back in March of this year, there have been two additional releases and another collection scheduled to come out later this month.  Unfortunately, as with most things Disney, the prices are extremely overinflated.  That being the case, I passed on the 4-pan eyeshadow palettes ($27.95) and mini nail polish sets ($21.95) and settled on two lip glosses featuring two of my favorite characters.


Beautifully Disney Lip Gloss in Dragon Diva and Change Your Fate

Let’s be honest, the main reason to purchase any of the Beautifully Disney products is the packaging that represents our favorite characters.  On that subject I am split on how well I think Disney has done.  I’m not exactly impressed, but I can see that Disney is already trying to improve.  Dragon Diva (Maleficent) came out with Disney’s first launch, the Wickedly Beautiful collection.  Change Your Fate is from the third and latest collection, Fiery Spirit.  The boxes of lip gloss have the same royal crest type pattern, but the new collection embossed the pattern so that there is some texture to make it pop.  There are symbols to represent the characters present both on the box lid and on the cap of the actual lip gloss tube.  For Maleficent, it’s her pet crow.  For Merida, we see her bow.


Beautifully Disney Lip Gloss in Dragon Diva

I’m a little bummed that the main image of the characters is not printed on the tube itself, but is actually a sticker.  I think that Disney cheaped out on this one.  The glosses are $14.95, regular price, and for almost $15 I think that they should have gone with higher end packaging.  That being said, I do like the artwork and think the characters look awesome.  One thing that I love is that in the later collections, the artwork incorporates gold accents to make the image pop more.  It looks really cool.


Beautifully Disney Lip Gloss in Change Your Fate

The Wickedly Beautiful collection was released in March, and Fiery Spirit came out in September.  That’s not a long time for three collections, but I am glad that things are already improving.  I’ve heard that the new collection (Fantasy in Flight releasing later this month) will include blush and mascara for the first time, so Disney is definitely headed in the right direction.  I hope that they continue to improve the packaging.


Beautifully Disney Lip Gloss

Enough about packaging, let’s talk formula.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as it turns out I really like the formula on these glosses.  They have a thinner consistency and are not sticky in the slightest.  The applicator is a standard doe foot.  The lightweight formula sinks into the lips and doesn’t feel like a gloss at all.  I don’t know that I would call it properly moisturizing, but it is very comfortable on the lips.  There is a very faint smell during application, but it quickly fades and most people wouldn’t notice taste or smell with these glosses.  As much as I like the lightweight feel on my lips, the trade off is that the glosses are not very long-wearing.  You will definitely have to re-apply, though that’s typical for many glosses.


Beautifully Disney Lip Gloss in Dragon Diva and Change Your Fate

Dragon Diva looks pretty intimidating in the tube, but it actually applies like a sheer purple-toned berry.  It can be built up for more dramatic color, but won’t reach that deep purple that it looks in the tube.  I think the color is totally wearable for many ages and skin tones, and the sheer formula was a good choice on Disney’s part.  There is still plenty of color without going too vampy.


Beautifully Disney Lip Gloss in Dragon Diva

Change Your Fate is a fiery red toned orange.  Again, it looks kind of intense in the tube, but is a lot more wearable than you may initially think.  It looks like a bright coral on the lips and is a beautiful shade.  It’s also pretty forgiving and does not sink into lines at all.


Beautifully Disney Lip Gloss in Change Your Fate

I am really pleased with my Beautifully Disney Lip Gloss purchase.  To be perfectly honest though, I actually didn’t pick them up in the park.  I knew the Disney Friends and Family sale was coming soon, so I looked at all the products in real life, but snagged them for 25% off from the Disney store when I got home.  I think that Disney’s inflated price tag make all of the Beautifully Disney products a tough sale for most people.  I am a beauty addict, and I think that these are really cool souvenirs for me, but they aren’t for everyone.  Still, I’m glad that I got the glosses and am looking forward to seeing how the line grows over the years.  Beautifully Disney products are available in Disney parks and certain Disney resorts, Downtown Disney, and at the Disney Store.


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