November 2013 Favorites


Monthly favorites November 2013

I’m so happy that it’s December!  This is my favorite time of year.  I want December to go by as slowly as possible so that I can really enjoy the Holiday season, but if the rest of this year has been any indication, time is going to fly by.  Before we know it, it will be 2014.  Crazy!  Anyway, on to my November favorites.  November was an odd month, makeup wise.  I was so sick at the beginning of the month that I didn’t do anything, not even basic skin care.  As a result, my skin rebelled and the second half of the month was spent trying to undo the damage.  Which leads in to my first two favorites.


Michael Todd True Organics Pumpkin Mask

I have reviewed Michael Todd True Organics here on the blog before.  You can read my review of several of the products from the brand here.  After completely ignoring my skin for about a week and a half, I had some healing to do.  My skin got pretty dry and flaky while I was sick, so the first step to getting it back to normal was this Pumpkin Nutrient-Rich facial mask.  I ended up with two deluxe samples that were 1 oz each, so I’ve really been able to get a feel for the pumpkin mask and I really like it.  At first I was worried that the glycolic acid might be too much for me, but my skin reacted just fine and it didn’t tingle too much or sting like some with sensitive skin have said.  The mask really helped to get rid of all of the dry flaky patches and helped my skin look and feel a lot healthier.  And the best part is that the mask smells so amazing, just like pumpkin pie.


Michael Todd True Organics Avocado and Mango mask

Also from Michael Todd True Organics is the Avocado and Mango Mask.  This mask did so much to rejuvenate my skin and bring the moisture back.  This is a hydrating mask, which isn’t always my favorite kind of mask because I don’t feel like it’s doing anything.  However, this month I really grew to appreciate just what a hydrating mask can do and now I am hooked.  The Avocado and Mango Mask feels and smells like fresh mango puree and makes me crave smoothies.  I love it.  I have been so impressed with all of the Michael Todd True Organics products that I have used (there have been a few more since my review) and am becoming a big fan of the brand.


Sleek Blush by 3 in Sugar

I still haven’t gotten around to posting my review of the Skeek Makeup products that I purchased several months ago.  (I’m so back-logged.)  However, I mentioned my Sleek Blush by 3 palette in Lace in my August favorites, and now I have the Sleek Blush by 3 palette in Sugar for November.  I love pulling out my darker blushes this time of year.  Sugar includes the shades Turbinado, Muscovado, and Demerara.  They are gorgeous blushes, and so very pigmented.  I just have to touch the tip of my brush in for major impact.  They blend well and are long-lasting on my skin.  I love them.  For those of you with lighter skin who are afraid of red and berry blushes, you can wear these shades without looking like a clown.  I recommend a duo fiber stipple brush and a very light hand.  Swatches of all of my color cosmetics will be at the end.


Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched

I am surprised by how much I like the Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched.  I received it in my November Ipsy bag, which you can view here.  Subtly Suntouched, as  the name would imply, is very subtle.  It is just barely dark enough to show up on my skin as a very light bronzer.  I haven’t really been in the mood to do a full contour and highlight this month, so I’ve been using this product to give my face a touch of warmth and it works beautifully.  I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this during the winter months.


Tarte shadow quad

For my eyes, I’ve been loving this quad from the Tarte Gorgeous Getaways palette.  You can see my full review and swatches of the the Tarte Gorgeous Getaways palette here.  I love that warm tan shade as a transition color for a lot of different looks, and I am a sucker for any green shadow.  This quad is such a no-brainer for me and I love the way it looks.  The blush is gorgeous for a light, natural look.  Be sure to check out my review post to see swatches.


Jordana Twist & Shine in Terra Crave

I showed the Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain in Cranberry Crush multiple times, but I haven’t mentioned Terra Crave yet.  Terra Crave falls into that pinky-brown, dark nude family that I love so much.  For me, those type of shades are no-brainer, go-to shades that always work no matter what.  I like the Twist & Shines very much, and you can see my full review and swatches of the other two shades that I have here.


Swatch of the color cosmetics

Here are the swatches of the color cosmetics mentioned.  The top three are the Sleek Blush by 3 palette in Sugar.  Obviously you wouldn’t wear the blush that bold, but I wanted you to see how pigmented the blushes are.  They can also be used as eyeshadow.  Underneath that is the Pixi bronzer.  Again, it’s very subtle, but looks beautiful and gives the skin a bit of warmth.  On the bottom is Terra Crave, which looks a little more pink here than in real life (on my lips it pulls more brown), but the swatch is pretty close.


B&BW Creamy Nutmeg Wallflowers

I don’t have my last favorite to show you because I’m using them right now, but here is a pic from B&BW website.  I know that I’ve mentioned before how much I love Bath & Body Works Wallflowers for the home.  One of my favorite holiday scents is Creamy Nutmeg.  I am not a fan of typical holiday scents of cinnamon and pine.  Creamy Nutmeg is “A warm blend of fresh ground nutmeg, vanilla and pralines” that smells amazing.  The vanilla tones down the nutmeg so that it isn’t too spicy, but the scent isn’t sugary or too sweet.  It smells like Christmas in a way that is both sophisticated and homey at the same time.  Love it!  You must smell it while it’s still in the store.

That’s it for my November favorites.  I can’t wait for Christmas, but I also can’t believe that 2013 is almost over.  How did that happen?  I managed to score some pretty good sales online, so I was able to get most of my Christmas shopping done without having to face down the Black Friday crowds.  The problem with shopping early (for me) though, is that want to keep going.  I love shopping, and I keep finding things that I want to get for my family members even though I’ve already got their presents.  How about you?  Did you do any Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping?  Are you looking forward to Christmas?  Our tree went up over the weekend and we have gotten about 90% of our decorations done.  Do you decorate right after Thanksgiving, or do you wait a bit?  What are you looking forward to?  Let me know in the comments below.


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