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There are some changes to the Ulta rewards program for 2014 that you should probably be aware of.  Most notable, in my opinion, is that the threshold for Platinum status is now $400 in one year instead of $350.  I received an email from Ulta outlining the changes, so I’m going to just re-post what the email said.

Thank you for being a valued ULTAmate Rewards® member. We would like to take this opportunity to share some ULTAmate Rewards® program changes for 2014.

New 2014 Birthday Gift
Celebrate your birthday with a FREE full-sized mascara, compliments of CK One and ULTA! Look for your birthday gift coupon in an ULTA email at the beginning of your birthday month.* And don’t forget — you earn 2X points on everything you buy during your birthday month. Plus, if you’re a Platinum member, you’ll get an extra special birthday gift.

2014 Platinum Program
Experience Platinum perks through the end of 2015 by spending at least $400 at ULTA in 2014. Every pre-tax purchase you make counts toward the $400 threshold. This includes both online and in-store purchases – as well as Salon Services!

Platinum members enjoy these pretty perks:

  • Earn points 25% faster (1.25 pts per $1 spent)
  • Take advantage of special Platinum bonus offers, such as 3X points, Salon discounts, and free gifts
  • Your points never expire while you’re a Platinum member
  • Receive a special Platinum birthday gift coupon – $10 Off anything!

Salon Indulgences
On February 23, we will no longer be accepting point redemptions for Salon Indulgences, as we are discontinuing that portion of our program. In lieu of Salon Indulgences, Platinum members will receive special Salon offers throughout the year. You have from now until February 22 to book and complete any Salon Indulgence appointments.

Remember, you will continue to earn ULTAmate Rewards® points on every Salon Service you purchase, and can redeem your points for discounts on any of our 20,000+ products in-store and online.  Thank you again for being an ULTAmate Rewards ® member! We appreciate your business and hope you will continue to make ULTA your one-stop beauty destination.


The ULTAmate Rewards® Team

It’s great that we now get a birthday gift just like at Sephora, but the rest of the changes are a bummer.  I do love being able to redeem my points, though.  The Ulta rewards program is totally worth it.  I like to save my points throughout the year so that I can redeem for higher end palettes during the Holidays.  I was able to get the Naked 3 palette for less than $20 because of my points.  The changes aren’t great, but I still prefer Ulta’s reward program to Sephorah’s.  Are you an Ulta shopper?  What do you think of the 2014 changes that Ulta is making?  Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. One thing that bugs me about Ulta is that their coupons are rarely useable for prestige items or fragrances. They publish a coupon in the paper just about every week but I generally buy more expensive items there so they don’t do much good. I think raising the level of the Platinum rewards is a little chintzy. I probably won’t get there.

    • True, it is unfortunate that the coupons aren’t available for prestige brands. That’s why I never use my points unless I am buying Prestige. Of course, I don’t know of any stores that offer regular discounts for prestige cosmetics, so that might not be Ulta’s fault. They do mail out 20% off coupons to their platinum members a few times a year that are good on (almost) anything in the store, but you have to reach platinum status to get those. I don’t know why they raised the threshold and I think it’s really dumb.

      • I don’t think you have to be platinum to get the 20% off mailer. I have not reached platinum yet and received two copies of the 20% off coupon, one to my email and a hard copy flyer. They had different codes so they weren’t duplicate. I gave one to my friend to use and used the other to get a new perfume. The girls at the counter seem confused though because they aren’t used to the coupons applying to prestige and fragrance. So if you get a coupon separate from the monthly book I would check online to see what it applies to. I just set up a cart on their website and add some things I was hoping it would apply to and put it in to see if it worked. It did but I went in store to use it because I was looking for fragrance.

        • Ulta sends out several coupons throughout the year. Some are open to everyone, and some are specifically tied to your account and only for Platinum members. It’s great that you and your friend were able to get what you wanted wit this most recent coupon. 🙂

  2. I was pretty bummed when I got the same email from Ulta, especially about the Platinum threshold. Luckily, I’m still platinum for this year, so it won’t take too long to hit Platinum status for next year, as long as I play my cards right. As for Sephora, I definitely don’t shop there nearly enough. I usually only go in during my birthday month to buy something and get my birthday perk. I prefer Ulta!

    Great post!


    • I also prefer Ulta. I did some more Sephora shopping than usual in 2013, but not nearly enough for VIB status. That’s probably a god thing considering how much I spent at Ulta this last year. Oy! 😉

    • Redeeming points is the same no matter if you are platinum or not. As you earn points you can redeem them for a specific dollar amount that can go toward your purchase. So, for example, if you have 100 points, you get $3 off, 500 pts gets you $17.50 off, 1000 pts gets you $50 off. The full point redemption structure is available on the website. You can redeem your points on anything because it’s like a gift certificate, so no matter what you buy you get that dollar amount off. Platinum status is cool because you earn 1.25 points for every dollar spent instead of just 1 point so you accumulate points faster and they never expire. You also get special discount codes and coupons that regular rewards members don’t get. All of this information is available on the website, but it can be kind of hard to find because Ulta’s new site isn’t very intuitive. I hope that I answered your questions. let me know if you have more.

  3. I’m not shopping at Ulta anymore, this is the first year I am platnium and my B-Day is in December same month as Christmas. Never got my email ($10 off and gift), only got the email that said wait for the $10 off and gift and that this month I will have x2 points, called and they said they ran out of gifts and wrote on my account I did not receive my gift and told me to wait 2 wks to pick it up, but sent me the $10 off. The gift for this month was changed from the CK mascara($18) to a ULTA palette($10) wtf, I’m the only one that did not get that mascara, they can take those points and shove them up their hole.

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