Urban Decay Electric Palette

Urban Decay Electric Palette

Urban Decay Electric Palette

Urban Decay has another very exciting release coming up, and this time they are getting back to their roots.  If you have been bored with the UD Naked collection, then the new Electric Palette may be for you.  The Urban Decay Electric Palette will contain ten vibrant pressed pigment shades for color lovers to ooh and ahhh over.  There are a couple repeat shades from other palettes, like Revolt and Chaos, but there are also several new shades in various finishes.  The palette will be released March 18th, and will retail for around $50.  You’ll be able to pick it up at Sephora, Ulta, or urbandecay.com.

I totally recommend checking out Leesha’s (XSparkage) video with swatches of the palette and a review with her thoughts on how successful the UD Electric Palette really is.  Definitely subscribe to her of you are a fan of color.  She always has very interesting and colorful looks to show.  It should play after the ad.  (This is my first attempt at embedding a video, so fingers crossed.)   🙂

I am probably going to pass on this one because I have so many palettes already and I’m trying to pair down instead of adding more before my move.  How about you?  Are you excited about Urban Decay’s upcoming  Electric Palette?  Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. I have been super excited about this palette for months…but just this morning I read that some of the shades aren’t FDA-approved for use around the eyes! What a disappointment. I’m not sure if I’ll get it now or not.

    • Yes, I believe 4 of the shades aren’t FDA approved, however it’s my understanding that that is normal for the US when it comes to neon shades. I know that Seek, for example, has a palette full of neons that are fine in the UK and other countries but aren’t FDA approved, so they can’t ship it to the US. In the video, Leesha says that it’s a matter of them not being tested yet, but I have no information on that. It’s my understanding that if you haven’t had sensitivities to neons in the past, then you should be fine. Of course, it’s all a matter of opinion as far as how risky it actually is and whether or not it’s worth the risk. If you really want the palette, I’d do more research to see how big of an issue it is and what you feel comfortable with.

      • Yeah, this is pretty much what I’ve read, too. And frankly, if it’s good enough for the U.K., it’s good enough for me!! 😉 I think this palette is gorgeous and am probably going to take the plunge on it anyway because…colors!! 🙂

  2. As pretty as this looks, I’m not a bold eye person at all – partially because I’m still trying to get the hang of learning how to actually apply it correctly. Looking forward to seeing some cool looks from other girls that purchase it though! 🙂

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