Nivea Kiss of Care & Color in Sheer Crimson

Nivea Kiss of Care & Color

Nivea Kiss of Care & Color

If you have been paying attention the last couple of months, you may have noticed that I completely fell in love with the Nivea lip balms.  I featured both the Kiss of Milk and Honey and the Kiss of Olive Oil and Lemon in favorites posts.  They are really great lip balms, and I am obsessed.  So, I was very anxious to try the new(ish) Nivea Kiss of Care & Color line.  I am a fan of tinted lip balms because there are definitely days where I want a low-maintenance lip and I can always use more moisture.  My hope was that the Nivea Kiss of Care & Color balms would be just like the regular Nivea balms, but with color.  Read on to see how that worked out.

Nivea Kiss of Care & Color in Sheer Crimson

Nivea Kiss of Care & Color in Sheer Crimson

Nivea Kiss of Care & Color comes in four sades: Sheer Pink, Sheer Coral, Sheer Berry, and Sheer Crimson.  The display that I found was pretty picked over, and the only shades left were Sheer Pink and Sheer Crimson, so I chose the latter.  Nivea Kiss of Care & Color balms are the same size as the regular Nivea balms (4.8 g) but they cost around $2 more.  If you are interested in trying Nivea Kiss of Care & Color, be sure to get them on sale because I have seen them as high as $5 each, which is a lot for a tinted lip balm.  Nivea Kiss of Care & Color have a moisture core, surrounded by the color balm.  From the swatches and reviews that I have seen online, the best color pay-off is from the Sheer Berry and Sheer Crimson shades.  As you can probably tell by the name, even the dark shades are pretty sheer color.  From what I’ve seen, Sheer Coral has some tint, but Sheer Pink is very light and hardly shows up.  They all provide a decent amount of shine though, so it all depends on what look you are going for.

Nivea Kiss of Care & Color in Sheer Crimson

Nivea Kiss of Care & Color in Sheer Crimson

Nivea Kiss of Care & Color in Sheer Crimson is a sheer brick red that looks very pretty and would be very flattering on a variety of skin tones.  It is a warm shade, so those with very cool tones may want to avoid it, but those with warm and neutral tones should love the color.  Nivea Kiss of Care & Color in Sheer Crimson does not feel like the regular Nivea balms at all, which was a huge disappointment for me.  The main difference, and the thing that I am the most disappointed in, is that Nivea Kiss of Care & Color contain menthol, giving them a minty taste and feel.  Damn that minty tingle!  Why, Nivea, why?  So, to be fair, the tingle is lighter than some lippies and lasts for about twenty minutes.  But it is a completely unnecessary addition and kind of a dumb idea for a lip balm.  Beauty companies, please stop adding IRRITANTS to your lip products!  Perhaps you can tell that I have a problem with this?  I am pretty sensitive to menthol, so all I can smell and taste with the Nivea Kiss of Care & Color in Sheer Crimson is mint.  The menthol ruins the formula for me because instead of feeling nice and moisturizing, it irritates my lips and feels kind of drying until the menthol dies down.  It’s weird actually.  The immediate application is moisturizing, but after the first few minutes it feels drying to me.  Then, after the twenty minute mark or so, it starts to feel moisturizing again.  But by that time, the product is going to start to break down because it’s a tinted lip balm and you are only going to get an hour or so of wear-time at best.  All that to say, if you are not a fan of minty lip products, stay away.

Nivea Kiss of Care & Color in Sheer Crimson

Nivea Kiss of Care & Color in Sheer Crimson

Here is a swatch of Sheer Crimson.  It’s a decent bit of color.  I do really like the color that Nivea Kiss of Care & Color in Sheer Crimson gives my lips, and I think that those who are not sensitive to menthol may like the product.  Perhaps if I wasn’t such a fan of the regular Nivea balms, Nivea Kiss of Care & Color in Sheer Crimson wouldn’t have been such a disappointment.  However, I was so hoping that it would be as moisturizing and comfortable as the regular balms, and it simply isn’t even close. Especially now, when my lips aren’t in the best shape because of the cold winter, I just can’t do minty tingles.  I am going to try Nivea Kiss of Cherry, because I have heard that it feels just like a regular Nivea balm (it’s part of the regular line, I believe) but has a light red tint to it.  So that will hopefully be a better fit for me.  Unfortunately, Nivea Kiss of Care & Color in Sheer Crimson was a fail.  Have you tried any of the Nivea Kiss of Care & Color line?  What did you think?  Am I crazy with my abhorrence to menthol, and do you like that minty tingle?  Let me know in the comments below.


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