Maybelline Baby Lips Pink’ed Collection

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink'ed Collection

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink’ed Collection

Maybelline has some new Baby Lips out right now, the Maybelline Baby Lips Pink’ed Collection.  I don’t jump on every Baby Lips release that Maybelline offers, but this collection looked great for Spring and it caught my interest.  I was at Ulta taking advantage of the last week of 21 Days of Beauty, and stumbled upon this display.

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink'ed Collection

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink’ed Collection

Maybelline was BOGO 50% off, plus I had a 20% of coupon, so I decided to pick up a couple of shades.  As you can see by this picture, when I was at Ulta the display was pretty picked over.  There are five shades total in the collection, three of which were available to me.  Luckily, the two shades that I was the most interested in were still there, so I walked out with 120 Rose Rush and 125 Very Berry.

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink'ed Collection (L) Rose Rush (R) Very Berry

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink’ed Collection (L) Rose Rush (R) Very Berry

For those who haven’t tried Maybelline Baby Lips yet, they are a tinted lip balm.  The Pink’ed Collection Balms have the same formula as the original Baby Lips.  I find them pretty moisturizing and comfortable on the lips.  They have a lot of shine and generally sheer pigmentation, though some do pack more of a punch of color than others.  I can wear them for a few hours before I feel the need to re-apply, and even as they dry down and wear off, I never feel like they dry my lips out.  As far as tinted lip balms go, I think that they are a great option and I always have one in my purse.

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink'ed in Rose Rush

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink’ed in Rose Rush

Rose Rush is a pink toned coral shade that falls somewhere in the middle of the collection pigment-wise.  The pigmentation is sheer, but still noticeable on the lips.  There is a very subtle scent if you sniff the tube, but it is light enough that I don’t notice it when I apply.  If you are extremely sensitive, you may be able to pick it up.  To me it’s a very pleasing sweet, slightly rosy scent that I like very much.  If you are looking for shine with a touch of warm color, Rose Rush is a great choice.

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink'ed in Very Berry

Maybelline Baby Lips Pink’ed in Very Berry

Very Berry is a sheer raspberry and it’s the most pigmented of the collection.  There is some decent color with Very Berry, similar to Cherry Me from the original line.  Very Berry has a sweet fruity scent that is noticeable during application.  It is definitely stronger than Rose Rush, but it’s still a light scent and it dissipates very quickly.  The wear-time is a little better for Very Berry.  Even after the shine has worn off and the products has faded, there is still a wash of color.  I wouldn’t really call it a stain, but it is enough to squeeze out another hour of wear before needing to re-apply.  If you are looking for a break from your lipstick, but still want some color, Very Berry is a great choice.

Top: Rose Rush, Bottom: Very Berry

Top: Rose Rush, Bottom: Very Berry

Here is a swatch of the two shades.  Rose Rush is on top, and Very Berry is on the bottom.  I’ve seen swatches of the other shades in the line, and my impression is that 110 Pop of Pink has some decent color, but 105 Blush Burst and 115 Mad for Magenta are both so sheer that they are almost clear.  I am very pleased with my shade selection and can see myself getting a lot of wear out of both of these two shades.  Both Rose Rush and Very Berry have a smooth, moisturizing formula that feels great on the lips.  If I had to choose just one, I’d opt for Very Berry, but I actually recommend both shades.  I believe that Maybelline Baby Lips Pink’ed Collection was released a couple weeks ago, so if you haven’t seen it pop up in your local drugstores, it should be there soon.  Prices will vary by location.

Have you tried any of the Maybelline Baby Lips Pink’ed Collection?  If so, let me know what your favorite shade is in the comments below.


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  1. I’ve never tried a Maybelline Baby Lips, but I really like the look of Rose Rush. Might have to pick that one up if I stumble across it – thanks for the heads-up! 🙂

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