CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation

CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation

CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation

Today I have my review of the new CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Oil-Free Foundation.  As I mentioned in my last “New at the Drugstore” post, the new CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous line contains this foundation, a concealer and a pressed powder foundation.  Today’s review is just for this foundation, and I’ll post a separate review for the concealer and powder.  I’ve had the foundation longer, and need some more testing time with the other two products.  I have mixed feelings about the Covergirl brand as a whole, and the foundations specifically.  Some of the best and worst drugstore foundations come from CoverGirl.  Read on to see how Ready, Set, Gorgeous fit on that spectrum.

CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation

CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation

CoverGirl claims that the “Ready, Set Gorgeous foundation provides a flawless, natural look that lasts all day in one simple step” and is available in twelve shades I have the CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation in shade 115 Buff Beige, which is the third shade in the line.  Covergirl foundation can tend to lean pink or orange, so it can be difficult to find a shade that works with your skin tone.  I need a foundation with a little yellow in it to neutralize my redness.  115 actually works decently well for me with my light skin and neutral undertones, but it does oxidize a little bit (though not as bad as typical CG formulas).  Those with really fair skin need to choose their shade very carefully, preferably from a store with a generous return policy.  If you can find your shade, though, Ready Set Gorgeous is a decent foundation.  It comes in a colorful plastic squeeze tube, packaging meant to appeal to a younger crowd.

CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation 115 Buff Beige

CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation in 115 Buff Beige

CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous has a creamy, liquid consistency.  I personally highly recommend using a primer.  Ready, Set, Gorgeous can cling to dry spots and sink into pores on its own, but with a good primer all of that goes away.  What’s left is an off-matte finish that lays well and looks very natural.  It blends very well with a brush or a sponge, but can look streaky if applied with fingers.  One layer of Ready, Set, Gorgeous gives light coverage that easily builds to medium coverage on the second layer.  The following picture is the foundation spread out on the skin as it gets blended in.

CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation 115 Buff Beige

CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation in 115 Buff Beige

Ready, Set, Gorgeous has no noticeable scent.  It feels very lightweight on the skin, which is fantastic for summer.  I do not have oily skin, so I can’t say how well it keeps oil at bay.  My feeling is that Ready, Set, Gorgeous is like the younger, less experienced sister of CoverGirl’s Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation.  My guess is that it will control oil up to a point, but not quite as well at Outlast.  The off-matte finish is lovely, and you may be tempted to skip a setting powder.  If you only need your makeup to last up to 5-6 hours, that’s fine.  Otherwise, you should definitely set with powder to keep it going strong through hour 8 or so.  Then you will start to see breakdown and the foundation will develop a less natural “makeup” look by around hour 10.  Again, these time frames are based on using a good solid primer as a base.

CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation 115 Buff Beige

CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation in 115 Buff Beige

Here is what the foundation looks like blended out on my hand.  I personally prefer CoverGirl’s Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation to Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation.  But, even though I think that there are better options out there, Ready, Set, Gorgeous is a decent choice if you weren’t a fan of Outlast or want to try something new from CoverGirl.  I don’t think that you need to rush but and buy it, but if you see a sale, you may really enjoy CoverGirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation.


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  1. I really like this formula for summer. I rarely use primer so I haven’t used one with this. I do set with powder and I have gotten a good all day wear out of it. I really like the way it lays on my 40 something skin. It stands up pretty well to this nasty humid southern weather without being to heavy.

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