Derma MD Eliminate Eye Cream Giveaway and Sale Event

Derma MD Eliminate Eye Cream

Derma MD Eliminate Eye Cream

I am assuming that you aren’t quite sick of these skincare giveaway yet.  Am I right?  Well, I have another great giveaway from Derma MD today.  Right now, their Eliminate Eye Cream is being offered on Groupon for a great price. Eliminate is normally $58.95, but it is now being offered on Groupon for only $18.99.  The sale event will last until Sept. 6th, or until they sell out.  There are only 500 units available, so don’t wait too long.  You can click on this link to view the Eliminate sales event on Groupon.

Eliminate Eye Cream eliminates puffiness and dark circles.  Special lightening agents combined with peptides will address all areas of the eye to keep them looking younger and have a more vibrant and brighter appearance.  Kojic acid and Licorice Root fade dark circles by lightening dark pigmented areas and revive tired eyes.


  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrate and improve contour
  • Firm, tighten eye area
  • Lighten Brighten dark pigment areas under eye

And, because Derma MD likes to be generous, they have given me an Eliminate Eye Cream to give to you.  My usual rules apply.

  • You must be a subscriber to this blog (I check).  If you are not yet a subscriber, just enter your email address in the box on the right hand side of the page and hit the “Sign me up!” button.  A confirmation email will be mailed to you to verify that your address is a real one.  Once verified, you will receive email updates (you set the frequency) of any new posts so that you won’t miss a thing here on BiBB.  Or, if you have your own WordPress blog, “follow” me here and sub that way.
  • You must provide a valid email address so that when you win I can get your shipping details.
  • You must be willing to provide me with your mailing address so that I can ship your prize.  If you are under 18, you must have explicit permission from your parents to give out your address.  I don’t want any angry parents, so be honest kids.
  • You must leave a comment on this post in order to be entered.  Tell me what your favorite ways to save money on beauty are.  Makeup, skincare, whatever, how do you find your best bargains?

You have the rest of July to enter.  I will announce the winner on Friday, 8/01.  Good luck!  If you want to purchase anything directly from Derma MD, don’t forget that you can still get 50% off your entire order by using the code beautybudget at checkout.

FTC Disclosure: The products mentioned in this post as well as the items for the giveaway were provided to me for free by Derma MD for consideration.  This does not guarantee a positive review, and my thoughts on these products are 100% honest.  No other compensation was accepted.

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I am a self proclaimed eyeshadow junkie whose main hobbies include shopping, reading, singing, and mainlining caffeine while hanging out with my friends. I love interesting socks and have amassed quite a collection. The place that I want to visit before I die would be Greece. I like to read all seven Harry Potter books once a year the way some people read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. (Sorry JRRT, but JKR kicks butt in my book.) I love art, and use my creativity in many different ways through painting, crafts, and makeup. I love to cook and try new things, and I especially love to eat. My favorite "date" is to go wine tasting, and do so with my husband once or twice a year. I love musical theater and think the world would be much better off if we all just watched more musicals. I am 100% a cat person and, although I think dogs can be really cute and sweet, they make me sneeze so cats will always rule. I love faeries and magic, mythology, theology, philosophy, and psychology. I regularly do logic puzzles and sometimes crosswords. I adore Bette Midler, Betty White, and Carol Burnett. I am not ashamed to admit that I watch Glee. I would like to start making some of my own clothes because I can't stop myself from buying fabric. I'm sure that there is much more, but I'm suddenly distracted by something shiny.

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  1. That’s great to know about the eye cream being on sale! I have actually found some really good beauty deals on Groupon Goods. My other trick is to always Google”coupons” and the name of the store where I am shopping before making a purchase. (This works for non-beauty stores, too!) And at the drugstore, coupons are my best friend, but I try not to fall for the BOGO deals, because they usually aren’t that great of a discount.

  2. I am always looking for a new eye cream! I always tend to check out whats on sale first thing at the store. I am a lot less reluctant to try something new if I don’t have to pay full price.

  3. I follow beauty blogs to see reviews on affordable product and dupes of my favorite high end products! I also subscribe to my favorite brands to hear about promotions.

  4. i try to see if the skincare/makeup i want can be swapped first. if not, then i find the cheapest price and wait (a little bit) for promotions/sales.

  5. Oh this looks really great to use, especially the special lightning agents along with puffy eyes and dark circles.

  6. I can’t say I really have any good means of saving money or being a frugal makeup shopper. But, I use the heck out of my Ulta rewards points, and I tend to only buy high end eye shadow palettes (instead of the singles), face products, or “try it” collections, such as the ones Benefit has put out, and the Lorac Back to Bronze set. I’ve wanted one of the newer Urban Decay lipsticks for a while, but I can never seem to force myself to drop that much on just one thing, when Nyx also makes good lip products that are both cruelty free and super affordable.

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  8. I like to google favorite brand names and “sale” or “discount” and see what comes up. I found your blog that way when you had your last Derma MD giveaway! 🙂

  9. I tend to do a lot of GWP offers, especially with the higher end brands. I definitely try to take advantage of drugstore 40% off sales on items I know and love.

  10. I use Reward Cards, Coupons, Clearance Table, Word of Mouth, anyway I can find a good deal is what I do. My mom taught me to spend time to find the prize and it just might find you, I believe that 🙂

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