Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals fom BPS

Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals

Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals

I am loving these Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals that I received from the Born Pretty Store.  I have several reviews of their products up now, so be sure to click on the Born Pretty Store link under “Categories” on the right hand side of the blog to see all the items that I have received from Born Pretty and how they worked for me.  The cool zipper pattern set is an item that I have been eying since BPS first contacted me in June, so I am glad that I am finally getting a chance to review it.  Read on to see my thoughts.

Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals

Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals

This item is the Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals, but there are similar zipper patterned water decals that Born Pretty sells.  The Fashion Zip Fastener Zipper Water Decals are also available.  They are a little different than these ones.  I chose the Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals because they have both the gold and black zippers on one sheet, so they are a little more versatile.  The black ones really inspired my playful side.  I love zipper patterns, and the subtle punk vibe they offer.  I had to give these decals a try.

Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals

Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals

This is my third attempts at using water decals, and this time around it could not have been easier.  If you have been reading along, you know that the previous two attempts have been a little tricky, but that was not the case here at all.  If you aren’t sure what water decals are, they are basically temporary tattoos for your nails.  They arrive with a clear plastic sheet over the designs that you remove.  Then cut out the design you want, soak the designs in water, peel away the paper backing, and stick them on your nails.  You need to take your time because the paper backing needs to be soaked through.  You will know when the decals are ready to be applied when they slide off the paper backing with ease.  You do need to be careful placing them on the nail because, although they don’t easily tear, they can get wrinkled up and fold onto themselves.  It is nearly impossible to unfold them once they are stuck to themselves that way, so use some tweezers to help yourself out.  Once on your nails they can slip around a little while they are still wet, so press them down once they are placed, and then don’t touch them until they are completely dry.  I had absolutely no issues whatsoever.  These decals were a snap to use and took no time.  These smaller designs are so much easier to use than the full nail decals that I have used in the past.  I highly recommend that beginners start with smaller patterns like these.

Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals

Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals

Since I’m not a young whippersnapper anymore, I didn’t want to go too wild and crazy with the punk zippers.  I actually love the subtlety of the zippers against the staid bluish background.  The base color here is Zoya Bevin from the 2012 True Spring Collection, and the contrast accent color is Sinful Colors Athens from the 2012 Castaway Collection.  The combination is a little bit more sophisticated, but still fun.  I love the look.  I really, really love it.  I am definitely getting more of these Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals and will probably get the Fashion Zipper Decals as well, which I think are more of a metallic finish.  If you like zipper accents, then these are the bomb dot com.  The only negative thing I have to say, and it’s a nit-picky thing, is that I don’t love how some of the zipper pulls cut off.  It’s fine for the longer designs that end at your nail’s edge, but that’s not possible with all of the designs.  I would have preferred full zipper pulls on more of the designs, but again, that’s being really nit-picky.  These decals are great.


Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals

The Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals are priced at $1.68 on the BPS website.  Their prices are usually pretty good.  As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, the Born Pretty Store is located in China, so shipping will take two to three weeks.  On the upside, shipping is free worldwide with no minimum purchase amount, and orders ship within 24 hours.  Check out their website, or facebook page for more details.  For 10% off any regular priced items from the website, use coupon code BBBK31.  I have been pleased with all of the items Born Pretty has sent me for review, but these Mini Zipper Patterned Water Decals may be my favorite.  They were just so easy to use, and they look great.  I am sold, and definitely recommend them.

FTC Disclosure: The product reviewed in this post was provided to me for free by Born Pretty Store for consideration.  This does not guarantee a positive review, and my thoughts on these products are 100% honest.  No other type of compensation was accepted.


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  1. I’d like to see what you do with the metallic finish zipper decals. Also loving this look, and the polishes used, turquoise-y, robin’s egg blue shades are my favorite. That subtle contrast, love.

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