E.l.f. is Introducing a New Skin Care Line

E.l.f. skin care

E.l.f. Skin Care

E.l.f. is introducing a new skincare line, and they are giving customers a chance to add their input before any products launch.  Eye creams, serums, scrubs, and cleansers- you name it, it’s coming. E.l.f. is expanding it’s line of affordable makeup to now include affordable skin care.  The line will launch sometime in January, but there is a little twist.  It’s a little strange, but e.l.f. has come up with a system to give their customers new products and lower the risk of unpopular products not selling all at the same time.  Read on for more details.

e.l.f. Skin Care Line

e.l.f. Skin Care Line

E.l.f. is accepting pre-orders on eyeslipsface.com for the proposed line of skin care products.  There will be four products released out of twelve possible products to choose from.  Here is what e.l.f. says about the process: “You heard it here first- e.l.f. Skin Care is coming in 2015! Now’s your chance to tell us what YOU want. Pre-order here and we will make four of the featured items available on eyeslipsface.com in early 2015. If your item is chosen, we will ship it to you for FREE in January 2015! And don’t fret: if the product you pre-ordered doesn’t get made for the initial launch, we’ll let you know when new Skin Care products hit the line.”  So, e.l.f. is allowing pre-orders for the first time ever.  The four most popular products to be pre-ordered will be the first to launch, and subsequent product will follow based on demand.

For details about pre-order billing, follow this link to e.l.f.’s terms and conditions.  In short though, your card will not be charged A) unless you ordered one or more of the first four items released, and B) until the items you ordered are shipped.  So, if you pre-order items that are not released, you will not be charged for them.  If the items you pre-order are in the first release, you will be charged.  Shipping will be free.  At least that is my understanding of the situation, but be sure to check with e.l.f. if you have any questions before you choose to place a pre-order.

What are your thoughts on e.l.f.’s new pre-order system?  Are you interested in skin care from e.l.f.?  Let’s discuss in the comments below.


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    • That’s a great suggestion. You should tell e.l.f. about it by reaching out to them on their Facebook page or contacting them through their website. I’m not affiliated with e.l.f. so I can’t really help you out in that area.

  1. I purchased the eye cream and the soothing serum. They have very little scent, thank heavens. They are extremely light. I don’t know that they would work all that effectively on dry skin but on my normal/oily skin they are perfect. The containers are nice-looking–not at all cheap. I will buy again.

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