Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Haul

Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works

You have mentioned in the past that you like to see my hauls, so today I wanted to show you what I picked up from the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual sale.  I went back and forth for a long time as to whether or not I wanted to partake in the sale this time around or wait for the summer sale (I have a lot of B&BW products already).  Ultimately the $3 anti-bacterial soaps and a gift card that I got for my birthday finally convinced me to bite the bullet.  So, without further delay, here is everything that I bought.

Bath & Body Works Haul

Bath & Body Works Haul

You may notice that the soaps make up the majority of my order because that was the main thing that I was after.  I also am a really big fan of B&BW home fragrance products, so I decided to pick up some Wallflowers, a 3-wick candle, and I wanted to try the Scentportable for the first time.  I combined the already low prices due to the semi-annual sale with a 15% off coupon for online orders for a huge savings.  The Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps are usually $6.50 each, but my final price brought them down to $2.55.  The Shower gel is usually $11, but I paid $3.40.  There was a buy 3, get 1 free sale on the Scentportable line, so with that deal, plus the 15% off, I saved $5.25 on those products.  On Wallflowers, I was able to save $11.35, and the 3-wick candle was almost $13 less than regular price.  There is still time for you to save, because the sale isn’t quite over yet.  The semi-annual sale is always a great time to stock up on B&BW, because the savings really are fantastic.

Sandalwood Vanilla Candle

Sandalwood Vanilla Candle

I was very good, and only picked up one of the 3-wick candles.  I love burning B&BW candles in the living room where we can be constantly changing up the scent depending on our mood, rather than having a semi-permanent Wallflower scent.  B&BW 3-wick candles are my favorite.  I have tried other brands in similar styles, but B&BW candles burn the most evenly and have the best scent to permeate the room.  Sandalwood Vanilla is a warm, sultry scent that is wonderful or this time of year when late winter makes you want to be nice and cozy.

Bath & Body Works Home Frangrance

Bath & Body Works Home Fragrance

I really like B&BW Wallflowers in the rest of my house.  I have a good number of Wallflowers right now, but when I saw Autumn I had to get it.  It is one of my favorite B&BW scents.  I hate summer, so I start burning Autumn in August or September to try to usher in Fall as early as possible.  My husband enjoys the scent as much as I do, which helps.  I have never smelled Sun Drenched Vineyard, but the description “A full-bodied blend of rich fruit, white wine grapes and French oak recalls an unforgettable day at a family-run vineyard in a tiny Provençal village” sounded wonderful (albeit a bit ostentatious).  I wanted to give the Scentportables a try for the area were I keep my cat’s litter box.  It’s not in a good place for a Wallflower, so I am hoping a Scentportable can help keep cat odors at bay.  The Hubs and I chose Fresh Linen, Eucalyptus Mint, and Turquoise Waters, so we will see what works the best.

Bath & Body Works Soaps

Bath & Body Works Soaps

Finally, I have an army of Deep Cleansing Anti-bacterial Hand Soaps and one lonely little shower gel.  For the most part I resisted the lotions, body sprays, and bath gels because I am pretty well stocked up in that area already.  The only exception is a bottle of Wild Honeysuckle Shower Gel because it is only available online or during the semi-annual sale.  I love the scent, especially in the Spring and Summer.  Wild Honeysuckle has bright floral notes that remain light and fresh.

Soap is a product that I blow through like crazy.  I wash my hands a lot, and though this may seem like an excessive amount of soap, for me it really isn’t.  With a bottle in two bathrooms and the kitchen, I may even need to stock up again come the next sale in June.  I prefer the B&BW Deep Cleansing Anti-bacterial Hand Soaps over any other soap.  I ended up getting eight bottles, so I will list them here and give you the B&BW description.

  • Aqua Blossom- A seaside escape of ocean melon, white lotus and dewy gardenia.
  • Kitchen Lemon- A fresh blend of zesty lemon, sparkling citrus and Italian bergamot.
  • Mediterranean Lemon- Scented with Seaside lemon blended with Kaffir lime and wild verbena leaves.
  • Mandarin Citron- Scented with Provencal lemon and juicy mandarin sprinkled with cyclamen petals.
  • Rain Kissed Leaves- A crisp scent of lush green leaves refreshed by cool summer rain.
  • White Pear and Fig- A cold-weather delight of crisp white pear layered with frosted fig.
  • 2 bottles of Wild Honeysuckle- An alluring blend of bright flowers dancing in spring rain.

There you go, that is my Bath & Body Works haul.  Did you take advantage of the Semi-Annul sale?  If so, let me know what you picked up.  There is still a little bit of time left if you want to shop the sale, but not very much.  I believe that this is the last week, so don’t wait too long if you are going to get anything.  Also, don’t forget to sign up for Ebates if you haven’t already done to get cash back for shopping online.  I have a referral link on the right hand side of the blog page, and a post about Ebates explaining what it is about if you are interested.



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