E.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush Travel Set

e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush Travel Set

e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush Travel Set

Today I want to talk about the e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush Travel Set.  The four brushes included in the set are just over five inches long, making them compact and perfect for travel.  I was already a fan of the Stipple Brush and the Small Stipple Brush from e.l.f.’s Studio line, so I decided to pick up the travel set to see if there was any difference between these brushes and the regular line, and also to try the two eye brushes that are exclusive brushes to this set.  Here is what e.l.f. says about the set: “This Brush Set is perfect for the girl on the go who wants professional-looking makeup. This sleek case securely holds 4 must-have brushes and includes a zipper compartment for storing your makeup essentials. The antibacterial, synthetic-haired Taklon brushes are softer, more absorbent, and can be used with powder or liquid products. The unique bristle picks up two layers of product to disperse on skin for buildable coverage and an airbrushed effect. Be a professional makeup artist and create a flawless look with these e.l.f. Studio brushes!

e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush Travel Set

e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush Travel Set

The e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush Travel Set comes in a textured black travel case that folds in half.  One side is a zippered makeup bag, and the other side has brush loops to hold the four Stipple Brushes.  The bag secures with a velcro tab.  The makeup bag is a decent size.  You aren’t ging to be able to fit a full face of makeup in there, but it is perfect to hold what you would need for touch ups throughout the day.  Though this set is a little big for small purses, it will fit perfectly in medium and large purses, and is actually quite handy.

e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush Travel Set

e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush Travel Set

The e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush Travel Set comes with four brushes.

  • e.l.f. Stipple Brush
  • e.l.f. Small Stipple Brush
  • e.l.f. Eyeshadow Stipple Brush
  • e.l.f. Tapered Stipple Brush

I have had good luck with the e.l.f. Studio brushes in the past.  They are good quality brushes that wash well and are well made.  These brushes are no different in the quality of bristles as far as softness and durability.  It is a well-made set.  E.l.f. claims that the four brushes in the travel set are all you need to do your whole makeup routine.  I want to talk about each brush individually, and discuss what e.l.f says it can be used for versus what I think the brush is best suited for.  I think that this is a great set, and the brushes are very useful, but I do not necessarily agree with e.l.f. on how to use these brushes.  So, let’s start with the face brushes that are available individually in the regular e.l.f. Studio line.

e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush

e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush

The e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush is my go-to blush brush.  I use it everyday, and I really wanted to know if the travel version that is available in this set was any different than the regular version.  I am happy to report that the only difference between the travel brush and the regular brush is the length of the handle.  The travel Stipple Brush is a couple inches shorter than the regular Stipple Brush, but the brush head is exactly the same.  The bristles are the same length and they are just as densely packed, which is to say medium density.  It is not so flimsy as to be useless, but it is not so firmly packed that it can stand in for a foundation brush.  Which brings me to e.l.f.’s claims.  They say that you can use the Stipple Brush to apply and blend your foundation, but I highly disagree.  A foundation application would take forever to apply and blend with this brush and it could still give you a pretty streaky look.  It can be done, but it is not the best use for the Stipple Brush.  I think the Stipple Brush is best used for face powder and for powder blush, highlight, and bronzer.  It is perfect for powder products with a lot of pigmentation because it is so easy to go in with a light hand and build the product up as needed.  The Studio Stipple Brush is essential in my collection, and perfect for this set.

e.l.f. Studio Small Stipple Brush

e.l.f. Studio Small Stipple Brush

Next up, we have the e.l.f. Studio Small Stipple Brush.  Just like the larger version, the travel brush differs in size only at the handle.  The brush itself is the same size as the full size Small Stipple Brush.  Unlike the larger Stipple Bush, the Small Stipple Brush is pretty densely packed, and therefore great for liquid and cream products.  In fact, the bristles on the travel size Small Stipple Brush may be just a tad more dense than the full size Small Stipple Brush.  This brush is perfect for cream products.  I use it mainly for cream blushes and cream or liquid highlight, but you can also use it for powder highlight.  It’s also a great blush for blending out foundation in hard to reach places like around the nose and under the eyes.  E.l.f. is right on with it’s description of this brush, and I also think that it is an essential brush to have.

e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow and Tapered Stipple Brushes

e.l.f. Studio Tapered and Eyeshadow Stipple Brushes

Both of the two face brushes in the e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush Travel Set are available for $3 at eyeslipsface.com or at Target stores.  The next two brushes are exclusive to the set, and are designed to be used on the eyes.  They are the e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow Stipple Brush and the e.l.f. Studio Tapered Stipple Brush.  I had never used a duo fiber brush for my eye makeup before, so I was curious about how these brushes would work.  I will start with the eyeshadow brush.

e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow Stipple Brush

e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow Stipple Brush

Of its Studio Eyeshadow Stipple Brush, e.l.f. claims that “The short rounded shape is ideal for an effortless smooth application and concentrated color.”  I have to say that this is my least favorite brush in the set, and the one that I think was a bit ill-conceived.  The Eyeshadow Stipple Brush is a large, flat, tapered duo-fiber brush.  If you think about the purpose of a duo-fiber stipple brush and how it is typically used (in a “stippling” motion), and then you compare that to how a flat shader brush is typically used, you can easily see what the problem is.  The Eyeshadow Stipple Brush does not pick up very much product, and the shadow it does manage to grab on to applies very sheer with a lot of fall-out.  It is a very wide brush, almost as wide as the Small Stipple face brush, which is an issue for someone with smaller eyes.  It is good for applying an under the brow highlight, but that’s about it.  In general, I think it’s a terrible eyeshadow brush.  However, that being said, I think the Eyeshadow Stipple Brush makes a fantastic concealer brush.  It’s also absolutely perfect for setting your under eye concealer with powder, without it going on too heavy and accentuating fine lines.  While I do not think that is essential, and in fact is pretty terrible for the job it was designed for, I think the Eyeshadow Stipple Brush is still a decent brush if you can think outside the box.  Though my least favorite brush in the set, the Eyeshadow Stipple Brush does have its uses.

e.l.f. Studio Tapered Stipple Brush

e.l.f. Studio Tapered Stipple Brush

The final brush in the set is the e.l.f. Studio Tapered Stipple Brush.  The width of the Tapered Stipple Brush is somewhere between a half and three quarters of the Eyeshadow Stipple Brush, so it is a much more appropriate size for the eye.  The bristles are long and stiff, so it does a pretty good job at precise blending.  This isn’t a large fluffy brush, so it is great for using on the outer V and blending into the crease.  I think it’s a good brush, but just like the other eye brush in this set, I am understanding why there aren’t more duo-fiber brushes for the eyes.  It is really only the tall white bristles on the Tapered Stipple Brush that get any product.  It looks cool, but the shorter black bristles don’t really do anything.  The Tapered Stipple Brush is a good brush for on-the-go blending and deepening the crease shade to take your look from day to night for after work drinks with the girls or a date night.

I hope that run down gave you a good idea of what to expect from the e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush Travel Set.  I do think that it is a good travel set.  It is a convenient shape and size, and the brushes are wonderful for touch ups.  I do not think that you can do your whole face of makeup with just this set, though.  I think that you will need to look elsewhere for a foundation brush, and I’d recommend using a different flat shader brush for your eyeshadow.  Still, the set is worth considering, especially if you find yourself frequently doing your makeup on the run. The e.l.f. Studio Stipple Brush Travel Set retails for $15 on eyeslipsface.com, but there is always a sale going on to cut that price down.  For instance, I purchased my set for $7.50 during one of e.l.f.’s frequent 50% off sales.  Also, it should be noted that the set is listed as Limited Edition, but I purchased mine last March and it is still available, so I don’t know how “limited” the set really is.  I think it is a good little set with some issues, but that can definitely fit your needs.


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  1. I had not seen this set before! I might have to check it out. I love the Stipple Brush and the Small Stipple Brush, but I totally agree with your assessment that the Stipple Brush shouldn’t be used for foundation. I tried that once and it was a disaster! But it works great for powder products. And of course, I have like 4 of the Small Stipple Brushes because I love them so much for cream products! Totally indispensable.

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