New from Maybelline and CoverGirl Spring 2015

Spring 2015

Spring 2015

I stole my husband’s iPad, and went off to CVS yesterday to see what is new in the drugstore for Spring 2015.  Boy howdy, are there a lot of new products to play with!  So many, in fact, that I am going to have to break them up into a couple different posts, as not to be completely overwhelming.  So, today’s post will focus on Maybelline and CoverGirl.  Stay tuned for subsequent posts showing you even more new displays featuring Spring 2015 releases from your favorite drugstore brands.

Maybelline Spring 2015 for Eyes

Maybelline Spring 2015 for Eyes

Fist up from Maybelline is a large display that shows their new Spring line for the eyes.  The new products contained in this display are:

  • Maybelline Brow Drama Tinted Brow Gel
  • Maybelline Brow Precise Pencils for shaping and defining brows
  • Maybelline Master Graphic Eyeliner
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
  • Maybelline Color Molten Cream Powder Shadow

I am interested to see how the Master Graphic Eyeliner works out, which is a chubby felt liner with a slanted point like a marker.  I hope that is isn’t too thick for a precise line.  The Lash Sensational Mascara has a “full fan effect” thanks to the curved brush head that has long bristles on one side and short bristles on the other.  It is supposed to “reveal layers and layers” of lashes.  I really liked the Mabelline Rocket mascara, so I may give Lash Sensational a try.

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Molten Cream Powder Eyeshadow

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Molten Cream Powder Eyeshadow

Here is a closer look at the Maybelline EyeStudio Color Molten Cream Powder Eyeshadow. There are eight shades in this new line.  Each duo is supposed to be “a lustrous, dimensional cream shadow that melts to a new molten luster.”  They look beautiful, and I can’t wait to see how they perform.  The eight shades in this line are:

  • 300 Nude Rush
  • 301 Taupe Craze
  • 302 Endless Mocha
  • 303 Midnight
  • 304 Sapphire Mist
  • 305 Plum Fusion
  • 306 Rose Haze
  • 307 Teal Twist
Maybelline Master prime and Master Concealer

Maybelline Master prime and Master Concealer

The next display, which you can see has been pretty picked over, contains two new products from Maybelline FaceStudio.  These are the Master Prime face primer and the Master Conceal camouflaging concealer.  There are three shades of Master Prime available: 100 Blur + Smooth, 200 Blur + Redness Control (not pictured), and 300 Blur + Illuminate.  Oddly, the 300 Blur + Illuminate shade is the only one of these primers that also has SPF 30.  All three are supposed to “blur away your skin concerns.”  The Master Conceal is supposed to be a full coverage camouflaging concealer to cover any issues, yet it also claims to be light weight.  There are five shades of Master Conceal, ranging from Fair to Medium/Deep.  It should be noted that the “Fair” shade has pink/peach undertones rather than yellow or beige undertones.  I am very curious about both of these products.

CoverGirl Spring 2015

CoverGirl Spring 2015

This gigantic Spring collection from CoverGirl has new items for lips, face, and eyes.  Let’s jump in with the new foundation, the new CoverGirl Ultra Smooth Hair Smoothing Foundation + Applicator.  I really don’t know what to say about this products, so instead I’ll just give you all the claims straight from CoverGirl.  “Smooth is sexy and always in style.  Smooth-looking skin starts with even tone and texture, and although nobody particularly likes to admit to imperfections such as redness, blemishes and even fine facial hair, everyone loves the appearance of gorgeous skin.  Infused with Olay smoothing serum in a silky base to soften the look of skin and fine facial hair for easy lay-down.  Optical concealers camouflage, perfect for eliminating redness and covering imperfections, Smoothing polymer holds the look in place.  Unlike a sponge, the applicator won’t soak up foundation – it easily comes off and smoothes right onto the skin – plus, you end up using less product.

Moving on to eyes, in this display we see:

  • CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara- Soft, full lashes that are never stiff or brittle. New petal shaped brush and soft, mousse formula, with natural beeswax, brings out every lash.
  • CoverGirl Bombshell Intensity Liner- Expert precision application for a little or lot of sexy. With the smooth glide formula and tapered tip, easily create your own dramatic look for intensity that lasts all night. Longwear liner for 24 hours. Super sexy effects for eyes.
  • CoverGirl Bombshell Pow-der Brow + Liner- Cover Girl Bombshell POW-der Brow & Liner – Soft powder adheres to brows and defines eyes. 2-in-1 brow & liner powder.
  • CoverGirl Eyeshadow Quads- Cover Girl Eyeshadow Quads have pure luminous colors that are made to be played with. Quads of luminous color designed to be as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4  all-over, lid, crease, and liner. Enriched with skin conditioners for smooth, even application. Subtle to dramatic in seconds with buildable rich color pigments.  Three new shades.

Finally, for lips we have the new Covergirl Colorlicious Lipstick.  These are replacing the now discontinued CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks.  There is a large range of shades broken up into Rich Reds, Luscious Pinks, Smooth Nudes, and Yummy Plums.  This deliciously rich lipstick is infused with shea butter for lasting color and comes in 36 shades you can’t help but crave.

CoverGirl Lip Lava lipgloss

CoverGirl Lip Lava lipgloss

Speaking of lips, also from CoverGirl are these new Lip Lava lip glosses.  “Bold color, lacquer shine. Rich color of a lipstick, high shine of a gloss. Highly pigmented colors.”  There are nine high shimmer shades in the Lip Lava line:

  • Lava Luster
  • Lychee Lava
  • Mango Lava
  • Live, Love, Lava
  • Ooh La Lava
  • Look it’s Lava
  • Lava-nder
  • Muava Lava
  • Lava Glow

These glosses are intense, fun colors that are extremely eye catching and very cute.  There are also three new shades of Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss.  Sorry, I didn’t catch the shade names, but they are brilliant, shimmering jewel tones.  Very pretty,

And that is it for Maybelline and CoverGirl.  Did you see any products that you want to try, or have you already gotten some of the products mentioned?  Let me know in the comments below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Be sure to stay tuned for more new items from the drugstore over the next few days.  I still have Physicians Formula, Rimmel, L’Oreal, and more to come, so keep watching this space.


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