New NYX Go-To Palettes for Summer 2015

NYX Go-To Palettes

NYX Go-To Palettes

Right on the heels of their new Avant Pop Eyeshadow Palettes, NYX has two new palettes that are releasing for Summer 2015.  Get ready to travel with the new NYX Go-To Palettes.  Hey jet-setter, “Travel light with palettes customized for creating both subtle and striking looks” all on the go.  With six eyeshadows and three face products (highlight, blush, and bronzer), these Go-To palettes are designed to be all you need for lovely looks.  There are two versions of the NYX Go-To Palettes available, Wanderlust and BonVoyage.  Let’s take a closer look.

NYX Go-To Palettes

NYX Go-To Palettes

Here is what NYX has to say about the new Go-To Palettes: “Grab the ultimate Go-To Palette and jet! Each set includes six vibrant shadows in addition an illuminator, blusher and bronzer. Travel light and effortlessly chic with collections customized for achieving subtle or striking looks tucked into your makeup bag.”  The palettes look great, except for one tiny thing.  For palettes that are designed for travel, there really should have been a mirror included in the packaging.  I like that you can actually see the shades at a glance, but I would have rather had a mirror in the lid for true jet-setting practicality.  Otherwise, I think the size of the palettes are good for travel, and from the promo shots it looks like you could get a complete look without having to go outside the palette.  Now let’s talk about each palette individually.

NYX Go-To Palette in Wanderlust

NYX Go-To Palette in Wanderlust

The first of the two Go-To palettes is Wanderlust, which is a neutral palette.  The promo material makes it look like a pretty warm-toned palette, so keep that in mind.  The six shadows in the Wanderlust palette are: Cream (pearl finish), Pink Rust (shimmer finish), Warm Bronze (light pearl finish), Champagne (pearl finish), Warm Medium Beige (light glitter finish), and Bronze Plum (light pearl finish).  No matte shadows in this palette.  The face products include a highlight in Champagne, with a luminous finish.  For blush we have Pink Coral with a golden shimmer.  The only matte product in the Wanderlust palette is the bronzer, Warm Taupe.  I think that the Wanderlust palette is lovely, and perfect for someone who doesn’t already own a lot of makeup.  If you already have a large collection of neutrals, however, you may feel like you don’t need yet another neutral palette.  You probably already have all of these shades in your collection.
NYX Go-To Palette in Bon Voyage

NYX Go-To Palette in Bon Voyage

The second Go-To palette, Bon Voyage, holds all of the color.  The eyeshadow shades include: Deep Purple (satin finish), Emerald Green (shimmer finish), Tan (satin finish), Light Pink (pearl finish), Purple Taupe (shimmer finish), and Graphite (multi-color glitter finish).  Again, no mattes, though the satin finishes make the palette a little less shimmery than Wanderlust.  For face, we have the same luminous finish Champagne highlight that was in the other palette. The blush in the Bon Voyage palette is Coral and it has a satin finish.  Again we have a matte bronzer, this time it is in Warm Brown.  Bon Voyage looks like it has both warm and cool tones, so it may actually be more versatile than Wanderlust.  The rich jewel tones make the Bon Voyage palette a lovely choice, especially for nights on the town while at home or on vacation.

The new NYX Go-To Palettes are not yet available at, but there are some reports that they have been spotted in-store, so check with you local Ulta location before you go.  They are available at and retail for $17.  That is a bit steep, but when they eventually do land at Ulta, at least you can take advantage of the $3.50 off of $10 coupon that is always available.  NYX is also often on sale BOGO 50% off, so that may help mitigate the cost.  The Go-To palettes look great, and I can’t wait to see them in real life.  What do you think of the new NYX Go-To Palettes?  Will you be hauling?  Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. These sure do look fun, but I’ve decided to hold off on buying any more NYX palettes because I feel like they always end up being a disappointment. I wish the quality of their shadows were more consistent! These do seem like a nice idea, though, and would be good for travel (well, except for their lack of a mirror!).

    • Really? That’s unfortunate. I do like their single shadows better than the palettes, but I wouldn’t say that I’ve been disappointed. I don’t have a ton of NYX palettes, though, so maybe I just got lucky with the ones that I chose.

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