Ipsy July 2015

Ipsy July 2015

Ipsy July 2015

It’s Ipsy time again!  I finally received that big pink envelope carrying my July bag in the mail.  For those who are new to the blog and don’t know, Ipsy is a beauty subscription service.  For $10 a month (plus tax in some states), you will receive a makeup bag containing 4-5 deluxe beauty samples.  You often receive full size products, and the overall value of each bag will vary from month to month, but it is always well over the $10 subscription fee.  The theme for July is Summer Lovin’.  The bag this month is a multi-color abstract print in a canvas type material.  So let’s get into the products.

Crown Brush Professional Tweezers

Crown Brush Professional Tweezers

Crown Brush Professional Tweezers: “The stainless steel Professional Tweezers come complete with tips that are perfectly aligned, hand-filed at a 45 degree angle with carefully calculated tension.” This is a full size product retailing for $6.99 at crownbrush.us.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Vanilla Coconut Cream Lip Conditioner

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Vanilla Coconut Cream Lip Conditioner

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Vanilla Coconut Cream Lip Conditioner: “100% natural and USDA certified organic. This conditioner will leave your lips silky-smooth, luscious and hydrated! Mongongo oil has hydrating, regenerating and restructuring properties and offers a unique protection from UV and environmental pollutants in skin applications. Mongongo oil is rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc, cooper and anti-oxidants.”  This is a full size product retailing for $10.00 jerseyshoresun.com.

Jor'el Parker Classico Rollerball

Jor’el Parker Classico Rollerball

Jor’el Parker Classico Rollerbal: “Exotic, inspiring, and full of surprises, Classico whisks you away from the day-to-day. Indulge in the spicy seduction of Indian Tuberose, the striking and sweet sensation of Turkish Cyclamen and the purifying calm of Spanish Mandarin.”  This 8.8 ml / 0.29 oz rollerball of Classico retails for $21.00 at jorelparker.com (harveyprince.com/jorelparker).

Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer

Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer

Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess: “tarte’s best-selling, multi-tasking bronzer is formulated to blend and build your perfect level of uniform bronze. Available in the signature park ave princess radiant bronze shade, the waterproof formula adds instant warmth and dimension across a variety of skin tones as Amazonian clay helps improve skin clarity, texture and tone for an overall lit from within complexion.”  Full size is .32 oz, for $30 at tartecosmetics.com.  Sample size is .11 oz, worth $10.31.

Nicka K New York HQ Quad Eyeshadow

Nicka K New York HQ Quad Eyeshadow

Nicka K New York HQ Quad Eyeshadow in Sierra: “Experience radiant color and exceptional wear with the new HQ Quad Eyeshadows. Available in expertly curated, complementary color combinations, each quad features shades optimal for highlighting, contouring, and defining the eyes. They boast an incredible formula that seamlessly applies and blends with buttery smooth pigmentation.”  I believe that this is also a full size product, worth $4.99 at nicka.com.

The grand total worth of my July Ipsy bag is $53.29.  Not a bad total for my $10 subscription fee, except that I am not in love with my July bag.  I can’t really say that I am unhappy because there are some good products in here, but they just don’t wow me.  I will certainly use the tweezers and am happy to have them, but I can’t really get excited abut tweezers, you know?  I smelled the perfume, and while I am sure some people will love it, it is not a scent for me.  The Tarte bronzer is a great product, but I already have it in my collection.  That’s not Ipsy’s fault of course.  On the other hand, the Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Vanilla Coconut Cream Lip Conditioner is fantastic.  It smells so good and feels like buttah. 😉  I also really like the eyeshadow quad.  I haven’t tried it on my eyes yet, but it swatched beautifully and the shadows felt really smooth. I don’t know; I like some things but can pass on others.  There are no real dud products and most were full size, so I think this really just gets chalked up to personal preference.  I have liked other month’s bags better than this one.  If you still haven’t signed up for Ipsy, and would like to get your own Ipsy bag, go ahead and click on this referral link or click on the link under the “Check this out” heading on the right hand side of the page.  You can also click on the “Ipsy” tag under the category section to see my past Ipsy bags for a better idea of what you can expect.  If you are already a subscriber, what did you think of your July 2015 Ipsy bag?  Did we get the same things?  Were you happy, disappointed, or ambivalent?  Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. I was really excited about the tweezers. 🙂

    I got a nail polish in a pretty color, and I’d be happy to trade you for the bronzer. 🙂 If you’re interested…

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