My name is Teresa and I love makeup.  I also love a bargain.

About Me:

I am a self proclaimed eyeshadow junkie whose main hobbies include shopping, reading, singing, and mainlining caffeine while hanging out with my friends.  I love interesting socks and have amassed quite a collection.  The place that I want to visit before I die would be Greece.  I like to read all seven Harry Potter books once a year the way some people read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  (Sorry JRRT, but JKR kicks butt in my book.)  I love art, and use my creativity in many different ways through painting, crafts, and makeup.  I love to cook and try new things, and I especially love to eat.  My favorite “date” is to go wine tasting, and do so with my husband once or twice a year.  I love musical theater and think the world would be much better off if we all just watched more musicals.  I am 100% a cat person and, although I think dogs can be really cute and sweet, they make me sneeze so cats will always rule.  I love faeries and magic, mythology, theology, philosophy, and psychology.  I regularly do logic puzzles and sometimes crosswords.  I adore Bette Midler, Betty White, and Carol Burnett.  I am not ashamed to admit that I watch Glee.  I would like to start making some of my own clothes because I can’t stop myself from buying fabric.

About this blog:

My goal with this blog is to help you find awesome products that are also reasonably priced.  I like luxury products as much as the next girl, but not all of us are either willing or able to spend major bucks on our beauty items and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.  There have been huge advances in what is available in drugstores and online over the last few years, and the products are often comparable to items many times their price.  I hope that this blog serves as proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks.

FTC Disclaimer: All products featured in this blog were bought by me with my own money or personal gifts from family or friends, unless otherwise noted.  I am not paid by or affiliated with any companies or organizations and do not make any money off this blog.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Beauty deals under $3
    Walgreens makes a fantastic lipliner and eyeliner in many VIBRANT colors. Jordana is the lip liner brand name. Try the eye liner pencil “glitter rocks” on your lips. It has metallic pieces and looks
    great on esp for evening. Easyliner for lips is Tara for browns and nudes or Plum for berry and pinks. The eyeliner has a brush for easy application nice and thick if you like an eyeliner that
    looks beautiful. All for under $3.
    P the Glitter Rocks is not easy to find. Happy shopping
    Blue eyes in Weston Floirda

  2. JUST found your blog today at 3 a.m.. it’s now nearly 5 and I can’t stop reading!! This is completely up my alley, minus the fact that 99% of eyeshadows look terrrrrible on me!

      • Thanks!! I’m actually amazed there aren’t more people following your blog! also, how long did you have to wait until birchbox gave you the O.K. to sign up?

        • Thanks! My blog has only been around since 8/11, so it hasn’t been a full year yet. Hopefully more people will find me and follow as time goes on, but either way, I will still keep doing what I do. 🙂 I don’t understand the question about Birchbox. I just went to the website and signed up on the same day. Birchbox just updated their website and they’ve been having some technical difficulties, so if you are having trouble signing up, try again later, or email their customer service team and they will straighten things out for you. HTH

  3. Haha, I guess the question doesn’t make much sense.. On their website right now you have to sign up to “reserve” a spot and they will let you know when it’s “your turn” to sign up, I’m guessing you didn’t have that! Thanks though!!
    ALSO, I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of Julep Maven BUT if you go to (my link) and take the profile quiz, then go to “purchase my box” Enter code = COLOR2012 and your first box will only be a penny, another one for you to test out!
    Julep is a higher end nail polish brand that I LOVE and it is very VERY easy to cancel your subscription if you aren’t up to paying 20 dollars a month (understandable)

  4. How have I missed this gem of a blog?!??! As a mom who (unwilling) shares her cosmetics, bathroom and personal space with my 2 and 9 year old daughters, I CAN NOT WAIT to read more. I’m already hooked!!

  5. Hello. Im glad I found your blog as well. My assumption is your in the states? Birchbox is same thing. Samples 10$ a month. Woot. Thx.

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