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Best One and Done Shadows for Single Shade Looks

Best One and Done Shades

Best One and Done Shades

I am really excited about today’s post.  There is a tag doing around Youtube about the best shadows for one shade looks.  I think that’s great because, let’s face it, sometimes we simply don’t have the time or the inclination to do a complicated shadow look with six different shades.  Sometimes we need to rush out the door and only have five minutes to throw on our makeup.  Or maybe you just want to do a simple look to liven up your face as you run a couple errands on a Saturday.  I have seven one-and-done shadows, all from the drugstore, that will give you a beautiful eye look with just one shade.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze

One of the easiest shadows to apply when you need to rush out the door are cream shadows.  My first one-and-done offering is Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze.  I find that the Color Tattoos work very well for me without creasing or fading and don’t need to be set by a powder.  I don’t even need a brush.  I simply apply the Color Tattoo and blend it out with my fingers, easy peasy.  Bad to the Bronze is a deep metallic bronze shade.  The intense metallic finish gives it a multi-dimensional look when the light catches it, making it look like you have more things happening on your eye than you actually do.

e.l.f. Smudge Pot in Cruisin' Chic

e.l.f. Smudge Pot in Cruisin’ Chic

Another cream shadow that I have spoken of often is the e.l.f. Smudge Pot in Cruisin’ Chic.  It is a gorgeous brown-based metallic taupe, and a lighter shade than Bad to the Bronze.  The Smudge Pots are so lightweight and creamy, they blend like a dream.  When they dry down they have great lasting power with no creasing or fading.  I really love Cruisin’ Chic.  It couldn’t be easier to apply with either a brush or your fingers.  It is a great everyday option that all by itself looks like I put way more effort into my eye look than I really did.

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush

L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush

Moving away from the cream shadows, let’s talk about L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush.  First of all, if you don’t already have this shade in your collection, run out and get it immediately because it is gorgeous.  Amber Rush is a metallic rose gold color that is to-die-for.  It is so beautiful!  The Infallible Eyeshadows are pressed pigments that seem to “melt” onto the skin during application.  The soft, velvety texture glides on beautifully and is extremely lightweight.  You can use either a brush or your fingers to apply.  I like to use both, actually.  I use my fingers to pack the shade onto my lid, and then diffuse it up through the crease with a fluffy brush.  One shadow look or not, Amber Rush is a must-have.  Another Infallible Eyeshadow option for a one shadow look is Bronzed Taupe, but that one is quite a bit darker.

Ulta Brilliant Color Eye Shadow in Taupe

Ulta Brilliant Color Eye Shadow in Taupe

A similar style to the L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows is the Ulta Brilliant Color Eye Shadow in Taupe.  It is also a pressed pigment and performs just as well as the L’Oreal Infallibles.  Taupe is a warm brown based, metallic taupe shade.  It is a great neutral, but with some drama and intensity. It is a little bit lighter than Bad to the Bronze, and a little darker than Cruisin’ Chic.  For those of you who aren’t a fan of cream shadows, this type of shadow may be a better option.  You can apply Ulta Brilliant Color Eye Shadow in Taupe with fingers, or use a synthetic brush for great results.

Wet n Wild Coloricon Single Eyeshadow in Nutty

Wet n Wild Coloricon Single Eyeshadow in Nutty

I can’t do a one-and-done post without mentioning the quintessential Wet n Wild Coloricon Single Eyeshadow in Nutty.  It is a metallic taupe that works for any occasion.  It can be built up for a darker look, or sheered out to look more natural.  Nutty is a standard powder eyeshadow, so those who may not know how to use other formulas will be able to apply it with ease.  It is the least expensive shadow on the list at only $0.99.  Wet n Wild Coloricon Single Eyeshadows are intensely pigmented, have excellent lasting power and an overall fantastic formula.  You need Nutty in your life.

Jesse's Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust in Sunlit Cactus

Jesse’s Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust in Sunlit Cactus

A somewhat daring one shadow option is the Jesse’s Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust in Sunlit Cactus.  I mentioned this in my April favorites post and can not get enough of it.  There are orange, gold, and green pigments in the shadow, and they create all of these fantastic dimensions to the eye.  Loose shadows can be a little messy at times, but I definitely think that Sunlit Cactus is worth the trouble.  The shade is so eye catching, and interesting without much effort on your part.  It has so much drama and intensity, it can absolutely stand alone.

e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow in Golden

e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow in Golden

The last shade that I have is e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow in Golden.  It is a warm, brassy gold shade that is lighter than many of the shadows on this list for those who don’t like dark eye looks.  I really like the e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow formula.  It blends extremely easily and evenly.  The shades offer great pigmentation, but can be applied lightly and sheered out for a subtle wash of color.  For a one color look, I would pack Golden on the lid, and then gradually blend it up to nothingness with a fluffy brush.  It is beautiful.

Best One and Done Shade Swatches

Best One and Done Shade Swatches

Here is a swatch of all the shades mentioned, side-by-side and in the order they were mentioned, so that you can easily compare them to each other.  By now you may be noticing a trend in all of these shades.  They are all shimmer or metallic finish and they are mid-tone shades in the taupe, bronze, and gold families.  My personal opinion is that those are the best shadows for single shade looks.  They are universally flattering, go with everything, and the finish catches the light in such a way that the shadows look darker or lighter with the contours of your eye.  You can certainly do one shadow looks with other shades families like grays or plums, but these shades are the ones that I thought would appeal to the most people, and that most of you may already own.  You can achieve different looks with only a single shade depending on the tools you use to apply them.  For most of these shades I would recommend a flat shader brush for the lid and a fluffy brush for the crease to alter the way the shadow looks slightly.  You don’t have to make it too complicated; the whole point is that these are for easy looks to get you out the door quickly.  I hope that you saw some shades you like and that you try some one shadow looks the next time you are pressed for time.  What are your favorite one-and-done shades?  Let me know in the comments below.

Monthly Favorites and Fails, April 2015

Monthly Favorites April 2015

Monthly Favorites April 2015

It’s time for my April 2015 Monthly Favorites and Fails.  Didn’t I just do one of these?  (haha)  For anyone new to the blog, Monthly Favorites are those products that particularly stood out to me, and ones that I reached for over and over throughout the month.  Fails are products that simply did not work out and I do not recommend, because it is just as important to know what products to avoid as it is to know which ones to get.  April was a horrible month for me.  I was sick for 60-70% of the month.  First I had a monster stomach flu that knocked me out for the first half of the month.  Then, once I recovered from that, my husband got a head cold that he unfortunately passed on to me and my weakened immune system.  I didn’t leave my house that much in April, so I didn’t wear a ton of makeup.  When I was sick as a dog with stomach flu I pretty much ignored my skin care regimen, so the second half of the months was spent trying to repair the damage.  All of this means that my Favorites are a little different than normal.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

The one thing that I did manage to use all month long, even when I was at my sickest, was moisturizer.  The one that I chose First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream.  You can see a full review of the Ultra Repair Cream as well as some other FAB products here.  If you have dry skin, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream is amazing.  I can put this on at night and wake up with it still on and moisturizing my face almost as well as when freshly applied.  Though it isn’t the best cream for anti-aging, and it doesn’t have a ton of super charged ingredients, it moisturizes like no other and does a great job of healing dry and flaky skin.  I use it on my eyes as well, and my skin feels supple and smooth.  Though First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream isn’t my all-time favorite moisturizer, it was a life saver for me all through April and I do recommend it for those with dry skin issues.

Perfectly Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Perfectly Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum

One I got well enough to start caring about my skin again, I turned to Perfectly Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum.  My biggest skin care issue this month was dry, dull, lifeless skin and this Hyaluronic Acid Serum did the trick to restore it.  Hyaluronic Acid is wonderful for the skin, especially in terms of moisture and younger looking skin.  Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that is naturally found within our bodies.  It is a protein that is found in the deeper layers of our skin.  As we age, our skin’s natural Hyaluronic Acid content can decrease, so the serum helps bring back vibrancy and radiance.  Perfectly Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a vegetarian product that is free of things like Parabens, Petroleum, SLS, Artificial Color and Fragrance.  Full transparency: this product was sent to me for free, but regardless, it is a great product.

Derma MD Soy Moisturizer Healing Intense Creme

Derma MD Soy Moisturizer Healing Intense Creme

Not only did my face need some TLC, but so did my body.  I turned to my Derma MD Soy Moisturizer Healing Intense Creme.  I have been taking a break from Derma MD skin care lately, but I have to say that I really like this Soy Moisturizer a lot.  It is so lightweight and dries down so quickly that you wouldn’t think that it would be all that moisturizing.  But oh my gosh, it is so wonderful for the skin.  It really is healing and feels silky soft.  I absolutely recommend using it, especially if you have skin issues like eczema or psoriasis.  But even if you don’t have those specific issues, it is great on elbows and knees, or any other dry spots.  Full transparency: this product was also sent to me for free.  Derma MD can be a little pricey if you order directly from them, but they are frequently featured on sites like Rue La La and Hautelook, so you can get their products for a fraction of the cost.

Jesse's Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust in Sunlit Cactus

Jesse’s Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust in Sunlit Cactus

I did have a couple of makeup favorites this month, and one of them is a rediscovered product.  This is Jesse’s Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust in Sunlit Cactus.  I don’t even remember how long I have had it in my collection.  I don’t know about you, but I tend to get caught up in my palettes (Naked 2, Lorac Pro, Wet n Wild palettes, etc.) and my single shadows get neglected.  But that is a real shame.  Just LOOK at Sunlit cactus.  It is so gorgeous.  It shifts from fiery orange, to vibrant gold, to fairy green.  It is magical.  I know that some Rite-Aids carry Jesse’s Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust, but if you can’t find it, Sunlit Cactus is available in the Jesse’s Girl website.

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Honey

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Honey

And my final Favorite for April is Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Honey.  I wasn’t in the mood to do much of anything with my lips this month, and Honey fit the bill for no fuss no muss.  You all know by now how much I love Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments.  They are one of my favorite lip products on the market, and the only complaint I have for them is their ridiculous price.  Honey came in a holiday set.  It is a sheer warm nude.  The formula is moisturizing and truly lovely.

Now onto this month’s Fails.  Always keep in mind that my reviews are based on my specific experience with these products, and good or bad, you may have different results.  So, just because I give a product a bad review, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a bad product.  It just means that it did not work for me.

Perfectly Pure Rose & Witch Hazel Toner

Perfectly Pure Rose & Witch Hazel Toner

Along with the Hyaluronic Acid Serum, I also received  Perfectly Pure Rose & Witch Hazel Toner for free.  Unfortunately, this did not work for me.  The formula isn’t bad, and it is just as natural and free from harmful products as the Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which is great.  But I could not stand the smell.  It smell like roses, and not good roses.  Grandma’s attic roses.  It is so gross.  The smell lingers on the skin, even when I use other products with it, all I can smell is roses and moth balls.  I used the toner three times and then gave up.  I just couldn’t handle it.  Big fail!

Derma MDGlamur LIP Plumpers Trio

Derma MDGlamur LIP Plumpers Trio

The final product that I want to talk about is another Derma MD product.  I should have known that this was going to be a fail before I even tried it.  This is the Derma MD Glamur LIP plumpers Trio in Hot & Sexy.  I don’t like lip plumpers.  I don’t like products with a minty tingle, or any tingle for that matter.  I just got seduced by Derma MD’s excellent skin care, so when they offered to send them to me I thought “why not”.  Well, I’ll tell you why.  Holy crap those things sting!  No.  Nope.  No thank you.  The shades are beautiful and pigmented, but I couldn’t keep them on my lips for more than a minute.  I’m actually a little surprised that Derma MD even offers lip plumpers because they are so bad for your lips.  Anyway, in my book lip plumpers are bad news and total fails.

And that is it for my Favorites and Fails for April.  I hope that you saw something that you liked.  I am hoping that May will bring me much better health.  I will be traveling back to North Carolina next week, so I need to be healthy for my trip.  Which reminds me, posting may be a little spotty next week.  I am hoping to have a couple guest posts up.  Fingers crossed.  I hope that April has treated you well, and that you are enjoying springtime.

Spotted: NYC, L’Oreal, Revlon and More


I went to Rite-Aid and Ulta this weekend and saw a bunch of new displays.  Here is what I found.

NYC Limited Edition Summer In The City Collection

First up is the Limited Edition NYC Summer In The City Collection  This collection features primer and mascara that are part of the core collection, but the bronzers, lipgloss, eyedusts and nail polishes are all limited edition shades.

NYC Limited Edition Color Rush! Collection

The other Limited Edition Collection that I saw was the NYC Color Rush! Collection.  This display features several Expert Last Nail Colors and two LE palettes.  The palettes include four eyeshadows, a primer base, and an illuminator.  The display also features a tear-away coupon for $0.50 off any NYC product.

L’Oreal LE London Fall Nail Polish Collection

New for nails, I spotted the L’Oreal Limited Edition London Fall Nail Polish Collection.  The new Colour Riche shades are from left to right: Tea and Crumpets, The Perfect Trench, Hyde Park, Rainy Picadilly, Notting Hill Blues, Brit Invasion.  Are those the cutest names, or what?

Nicole by OPI Kardashian Collection

You’ve probably seen the display of full sized bottled from the Nicole by OPI Kardashian Collection.  But have you seen these boxes of minis (pictured below)?  The “Pretty Petites” come in two boxes, “Celeb-Bitties” and “Sophisti-cuties”.  I love it when polish collections offer minis.  I have so much polish that I never finish full sized bottles, so minis allow me to have  a taste of the collection without spending the money or the storage space that full sized bottles would cost me.

Nicole by OPI Kardashian Collection Pretty Petites

Jesse’s Girl Rock Star Collection

This is the Jesse’s Girl Rock Star Collection.  In addition to nail polish, this display features three shades of Glow Stix lipgloss.  At the back of the display are three patterns of mirrored compacts, and on the left hand side are 6-Piece Manicure Kits.  The kits contain a cuticle pusher, nail file, manicure scissors, nail clipper and tweezers in those cute little cases.

SensatioNail™ Starter Kit and Color Gel Polish

I was a little surprised to see this gel polish kit complete with LED lamp at Rite-Aid.  According to the website, “Your SensatioNail™ Starter Kit includes everything you need for 10 perfect applications! Kit includes the exclusive Pro 3060 LED Lamp – designed to safely and quickly flash- cure your favorite Gel Polish, sealing in the color to a glossy, damage-proof, mirror-like finish. After 10 manicures simply purchase the Essentials Kit and the color of your choice and you’re good to go again.”  The starter kit is $59.99 and the Gel polish is $11.99.

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy 3D Cosmic Effects Collection

I was super excited to finally find the Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy 3D Cosmic Effects Collection.  I’ve been waiting for this collection to hit stores since seeing it first previewed back in April.  Like the other Revlon Nail Art duos that have been introduced recently, these are dual sided nail polish tubes.  One side is a solid polish and the other side is a flakie polish.  I love flakies, so I had to grab a couple of these.  I spotted the collection at Ulta and my Rite-Aid didn’t have them in yet.  If they aren’t available in your area yet, they should be popping up soon.

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy 3D Cosmic Effects Collection

Here is a closer (though blurry) look at the 8 shades.  There will definitely be a review coming soon on the two shades that I got.  There is one thing to note if you are interested in buying these polishes yourself.  Although the flakie sides all look like they are suspended in tinted polish, the tint is so sheer as to be almost negligible.  Choose your shade based on the actual flake colors, not the gel surrounding the flakes.

I hope that you saw something interesting in this post.  I can’t wait to play with my new Revlon polishes.  My sister ended up getting one of the NYC bronzers and eyeshadow palettes for me to review, so keep an eye out for those as well.  What about you, will you be hauling any of these products?  Let me know in the comments below.

2011 Favorites: All About Eyes


2011 Favorites: Eyes

This is my second installment of “2011 Favorites” series and the largest category, Eyes.  I love eye makeup, so it was extremely difficult for me to narrow these categories down to just 2 items.  Just like last time, when I say “favorites of 2011,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that the product came out in 2011, but that it has been a favorite of mine this last year.  I chose one favorite and one honorable mention in each category.  My favorites are all drugstore items (I’m including e.l.f., NYX, and Coastal Scents in that description) and I’ve included the retail price, but my honorable mentions may include high-end items.  I also limited my selection to items that I had time to enjoy during the year, so anything I got in November or December is not going to be included.  Just because a product isn’t listed, doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it.  These products are the ones that really stood out to me this last year.  I’ve reviewed many of these products, so be sure to click the provided links for more info and swatches.


FavoriteE.l.f. $1 Eyelid Primer.  E.l.f.’s Eyelid primer is a must-try item. For those unfamiliar with eye primers, the point is to prep your eyelid to make your eyeshadow last longer and avoid creasing. This primer is a sheer liquid consistency, and it gives shadow vibrancy and longevity that rivals primers several times the price.  I have heard that those with really oily eyelids have some trouble with the slick formula, but it works perfectly for me.  This product is available at Target and for only $1.

Honorable mentionToo Faced Shadow Insurance.  For those of you who do have to deal with oily lids, Too Faced Shadow Insurance may become your Holy Grail primer.  In a word, it’s fantastic.  I prefer this creamy, slightly tacky formula when I use loose shadows because it helps them to stick to the lid.  $18 is pretty steep for a primer, but a little goes a long way and the tube should last you a good long while.


Favorite- Cover Girl Lashblast Volume (Orange tube).  Covergirl Lashblast was featured in my September Favorites post.  It’s the best mascara that I’ve found in the drugstore.  LashBlast’s big brush is designed to max-out each and every lash, giving my wimpy lashes the helping hand they need.  Lashblast delivers big damn lashes, straight up.  This retails for around $8.00 regular price.

Honorable mentionAvon Supershock.  Another big brush that provides a lot of volume.  If you are a regular Avon shopper, this is a good option.

Honorable mention #2Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes!  I shouldn’t include Lights, Camera, Lashes! In my 2011 favorites because I only discovered it after Thanksgiving, but it’s just too good not to mention.  Read my review in my December favorites post and you’ll know why this mascara is already a favorite.

Pressed Eyeshadow:

Favorite- Wet n Wild ColorIcon Eyeshadows.  Was this a surprise to anyone?  Probably not because these shadows are peppered all over my blog.  Wet n Wild shadows are hands down the most pigmented, long-lasting, blendable shadows in the drugstore.  If you have been living under a rock and have for some reason not tried these inexpensive and truly fabulous shadows that have become a huge cult favorite then you need to run out and get some right this very minute.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  8-pan, trios, singles- they are all good.  Some of my favorite palettes and shades include the 8-pan palette in “Comfort Zone”, Trios in “Cool as a Cucumber” and “Silent Treatment”, and the single in “Nutty”.  Prices vary based on product size, but even the 8-pan palettes are $5 or less.

Honorable mentionCoastal Scents Eyeshadow palettes. I featured my Fall Festival palette in my October Favorites post and my 88 Warm palette in my December Favorites post (linked above).  Coastal Scents eyeshadows are highly pigmented, easily blendable, and super inexpensive, my favorite combo.

Loose Eyeshadow

Favorite- E.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadows. These eyeshadows have a soft, smooth texture that blends very well and is absolutely packed with pigmentation. E.l.f. offers 27 gorgeous shades including matte, shimmer, and metallic finishes.   Rich with vitamins, the mineral eyeshadow is 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes.  As with all loose shadows, these are pretty messy, but they are so worth the hassle.  $3 at

Honorable mentionJesse’s Girl Pure Pigment Eye Dust.  These are so beautiful and there are several duo chromes in the collection.  I only have two shades at this point, but I definitely want more.

Baked Eyeshadow:

FavoriteMilani Marbleized Baked Eyeshadows.  I did a full review of these, so be sure to check it out for more info and swatches. Milani Marbleized Baked Eyeshadows are super soft, buildable, and simply stunning wet. Dry, they give off more of a softer, subtle look.  They are loaded with shimmer and like the rest of the Milani baked line, exceptional quality.  They are regularly $7.49.

Honorable mentionJesses’s Girl Mineralized Baked Powder Eyeshadow and the nine shade Baked Powder Eyeshadow Collection.  Check out my review of these inexpensive shadows with surprisingly good quality.

Cream Eyeshadow/cream color base:

Favorite- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils.  Most of you probably know about these and love them as much as I do.  NYX Jumbo Pencils are a great cream color base and so easy to apply because of their pencil form.  There are so many shades to choose from, and they are really versatile.  NYX is available online or at Ulta and the Jumbo pencils are regularly around $4.

Honorable mentionE.l.f. Duo Eyeshadow Cream.  Again, don’t underestimate e.l.f.’s Essential line of products.  I’ve never had any creasing issues from these shadows and they are great bases for powder shadows.

Eyeliner (pencil):

FavoriteAvon Glimmersticks Eyeliner.  I’m not the biggest fan of Avon, but the glimmersticks are fantastic.  The retractable, self-sharpening point delivers a precise line every time.  They glide on smoothly, are very dark, and are extremely long-wearing.  These babies don’t budge an inch, and take serious makeup remover to get off.  They retail for $7.

Honorable mentionStila Smudge Sticks Waterproof EyelinerI’ve reviewed them, so check that out and see why I am loving these eyeliners, despite the high-end price tag.

Eyeliner (gel/cream):

Favorite- E.l.f. Cream Eyeliner.  I don’t often use cream or gel liners, so I don’t have a huge selection, though that shouldn’t take away from how good e.l.f.’s cream liners are. I featured the shade Metallic Olive in my October favorites post (linked above).  This liner couldn’t be easier to apply, even for someone who isn’t used to applying cream eyeliner with a brush.  There is no dragging or pulling, just a smooth solid line in one swipe. E.l.f. Cream Eyeliners are $3 at

Honorable mentionNone for this category.

Eyeliner (liquid/marker):

FavoriteJordana INCOLOR Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner Pen. This liner is a felt-tip marker style liner.  The applicator is firm and fine, and the liner glides on easily in one swipe. It applies evenly over all kinds of shadows without skipping, and stays super dark all day long.  The only negative is that it is not waterproof, but I’m fine with that.  You can find this at Walgreens for $2.99.

Honorable mentionE.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen.  You saw this product if you read my December favorites post (linked above), so be sure check it out if you haven’t yet.

And that does it for the eyes.  Stay tuned for more 2011 favorites coming at you soon.  I believe there will be two additional posts, so keep an eye out for my favorites in lips, nails, skin care, and more.

Jesse’s Girl Stiletto VS Sinful Colors Nirvana


Jesse's Girl Stiletto

I finally got around to picking up Jesse’s Girl “Stiletto” from the Julie G collection.  This is the first Jesse’s Girl polish that I’ve ever tried.  I’ve been really drawn to taupe-y polishes lately, so I’ve been eying Stiletto for a while.  I also wanted to see how it would hold up to Sinful Colors “Nirvana,” which, though darker, is in the same color family and my current favorite taupe.

I really love the grayish-taupe color of Stiletto.  It has a subtle silver shimmer that is just barely noticeable on the nail.  However, I was not impressed with the way it applied.  I’m a two-coat girl, so I usually apply medium thick coats of polish.  I found that Stiletto applied really unevenly and kind of streaky.  Even the husband noticed that something was  “not right” with the application.  I ended up having to top my nails with Seche Vite (which will smooth out anything) in order to make it look nice.  I could have applied thin coats, but Stiletto is a bit sheer.  If you apply it thinly, you will have to apply three coats to get the opacity.  I do not know if this is unique to Stiletto, or if all Jesse’s Girl polishes are the same way.  I’ll be hesitant to purchase another one with so many better options at the same price point.

For me, there is no contest between Nirvana and Stiletto.  Not only does Sinful Colors have a better application than Jesse’s Girl, but I like the darker color that Nirvana provides.  For an added plus, Nirvana is two dollars cheaper than Stiletto.  Nirvana is the clear winner, and still my favorite taupe.  However, if Nirvana is too dark for you, you may want to consider Stiletto.  It is a very pretty taupe, and completely office appropriate.  It’s a sophisticated hue that will work well with a wide range of skin tones.  If you don’t mind doing three coats, Stiletto can be a great fall shade.  Stiletto is available at Rite-Aid, and retails for $3.99.  What do you think?  Will you be hauling?  Do any of you have a Jesse’s Girl polish?  Let me know in the comments how it applies.  I’ve been really impressed with Jesse’s Girl up until now.  Maybe I just got a dud.

Speed Read: Jesse’s Girl “Stiletto” is a very pretty silvery taupe, but the application is finicky.  It’s best to use three thin coats to avoid streaks and uneven application.

Best for: Those searching for a light, modest taupe and don’t mind having to apply three careful coats.

Keep walking: If you can’t be bothered with finicky nail polish.  Try Sinful Colors instead.

Haul, New Items Spotted, and e.l.f. at Walgreens!


It’s been a few days since my last post, but I haven’t neglected the blog in my time away.  I’ve been out shopping and spying new items to post about.  I went a little nail polish crazy this weekend, and while I was out, I picked up a couple other items as well.

  • 4 new polishes out of the limited edition China Glaze Let it Snow Collection for Holiday 2011
  • Jesse’s Girl “Stiletto” from the Julie G Collection
  • Jesse’s Girl Eyedust in “Sunlit Cactus”
  • Sinful Colors Extra Shiny lipgloss in “Sultry Flame”

You will definitely be seeing these items again in more depth.

In addition to my haul, I spotted some great displays while at Walgreens.

Sinful Colors has a new display that includes, not only nail polish and nail stripers, but lipgloss as well.  I knew that Sinful Colors made makeup, but I have never seen it in store before, so I am not sure if these glosses are new.  I had to pick one up, so keep your eye out for a review.

Profusion and Color Works have some great Holiday value sets available.  I have not used these brands before so I can’t speak to how good or bad they are, but for these prices it can’t hurt to experiment.

Last but not least, I spotted e.l.f. Holiday Beauty Books at Walgreens!  Can you believe it!!!  These look to be the same $5.00 Beauty Books offered at Target, but the packaging is a little different (and they are $4.99).  At Target the packaging was silver and these are black.  I’m not sure what that means, but I’m very excited to see e.l.f. in the drugstore.

I have some great reviews coming up, so keep watching this space.  Christmas is in 7 weeks, and the Holiday Collections are out in force, so keep you eyes peeled and let me know in the comments what Holiday sets you are the most excited for.

Jesse’s Girl Julie G Collection


Jesse's Girl Julie G Collection

Jesse’s Girl teamed up with youtube beauty guru Julie G to create a nail polish collection inspired by her youtube channel.  I’ve been hearing about these for awhile now, but hadn’t seen them.  Until now.  I spotted these at my local Rite-Aid.

The 8 shade collection includes:

  • Stiletto, a taupe brown with a subtle silver shimmer.
  • All Things Girly, a pink toned peach.
  • Mermaids Lagoon, a teal/turquoise with a slight golden shimmer.
  • Party Dress, an orange-based red creme.
  • Beauty Guru, a dusty orange.
  • Girls Night Out, a bright medium blue.
  • Cupcake Frosting, a bright, bold pink.
  • Fashion Friday, a pink-toned medium purple.

The polishes retail at my Rite-Aid for $3.99 and the entire collection can also be found at the Jesse’s Girl website.  What do you think?  Will you be adding any of these shades to your collection?