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Spotted: Disney Villain Merchandise at Walgreens


I told you in my last “Spotted” post that this is the time of year when the market gets saturated with new products and the drugstore is no exception.  I popped into Rite-Aid and Walgreens to see if there was anything new in the last week or so, and sure enough, I hit pay dirt.  I found some of the new collections from Revlon and L’Oreal, as well as a lot of other fun stuff.  So much, in fact, that I need to split it up over two posts because otherwise this post would be ginormous.   Today I am going to start with Walgreens where the Disney Villains are taking over.  (Be sure to check back tomorrow to see the other displays I found.)  To my knowledge, all of the Disney Villain merchandise is exclusive to Walgreens.


E.l.f. Disney Villain Look Books

Two weeks ago, in this post, I showed you the new E.l.f. Disney Villain Look Books.  Here is a look at the display that I found at Walgreens.  Be sure to refer back to that post for more detailed photos of each set.  The look books retail for $9.99 each.  In addition to the e.l.f Look Books I also found some other pretty cool Disney Villain merchandise.


Ardell Disney Villain Lash sets

There are four Villain themed sets of false lashes from Ardell to represent the Evil Queen, Maleficent, Ursula and Cruella De Vil.  Each set contains three pairs of lashes inspired by each respective Villain and some lash glue for $7.99.


Kiss Disney Villain Nail Art Kits

Kiss got into the action with some nail art kits inspired by the Villains.  Each set includes: a Flat Brush (used to create unique designs or gather glitter to lay onto nails precisely), Foil Tape, Nail Art Sticker Sheets, Rhinestones, HD Glitters, and Caviar Beads.  These sets are $9.99 each and they look pretty great.


Scunci Disney Villain Ponytailers sets

The final Disney Villian product that I found (though I know that there are makeup bags from SOHO Beauty that weren’t at my Walgreens) were these 7-piece sets of “Ponytailers” from Scunci.  Four of the bands in the set are like Twistbands or any number of similar pony-tail holders that can also be worn on the wrist as a “fashion” accessory.  The other three are traditional bands but with a themed charm attached.  The sets are $7.99.

I hope that you liked this spotlight on the Disney Villains products that are taking over.  Come back tomorrow to see new displays from Revlon, L’Oreal, and more, including the Cover Girl Hunger Games Catching Fire display.

Spotted: New for Halloween 2013


The first day of Fall is right around the corner, so I guess it’s appropriate to show you the new Halloween displays that I saw at Rite-Aid.  Halloween is my second favorite holiday (behind Christmas) and I love the funky products that pop up this time of year.  Halloween is in six weeks, and I think it’s the perfect time of year to go really bold and experimental with your makeup.  Here are some products to help you on your way.


Rite-Aid Pumpkin Polishes

First up, since I was at Rite-Aid, I snapped a picture of the Blue cross Pumpkin Polishes that they put out every year.  The left hand display features all of the glow-in-the-dark polishes.  The right side contains the cream and glitter polishes.  Something that I believe is new this year are the “2-Way Nail Art Pen and Brush” polishes.  Those are the more traditionally shaped bottles.  Unscrew the cap for the normal nail brush, or pull off the cap to expose the pen.  Also in this display are Skull Lip Glosses.


Fright Night false lashes and temporary hair color

Next up, from Fright Night, there are several styles of false eye lashes and temporary hair color.  You can pick up colored hair spray or colored hair gel in a wide variety of shades.


Fright Night hair chalk

Or, if it’s more your speed, you can pick up some hair chalk, also by Fright Night.  A trick that I have heard to keep hair chalk in place without it transferring is to spray your hair with hairspray first, chalk it up, and then spray again.  That should hopefully keep your clothes chalk free.


Fright Night tattoos

Fright Night had a couple of displays of temporary tattoos.  In addition to the typical face and body tattoos (note the mustaches), there was an entire display of eye tattoos.  If you don’t feel confident enough in your skills, or simply don’t have time for an intricate design, you can always tattoo your eye makeup on.  From funky winged “liner” to full on “eye shadow” looks with designs, there are many different option to explore.


Kiss eye and lip tattoos

Speaking of tattooing makeup, Kiss had a display of eye and lip tattoos.  I’ve seen Violent Lips lip tattoos for years, and have been curios about them.  I didn’t want to shell out the money for such a gimmicky product that I had low expectations for, though.  For $2.99, I may have to pick up that Cheetah print lip tattoo for a cat look.  Hmmm… we’ll see.


Fantasy Makers 2013

This collection of smaller displays is mostly Fantasy Makers (by Wet n Wild).  Starting at the top left, is the Ghoulish Glitz collection.  this includes glitter gels, glitter liners, and Confetti (glitter) powders.  On the right are the painter palettes for bolder looks.  Skipping down to the bottom left, are the Fantasy Makers Wicked Look face Kits.  These include false lashes, an eyeshadow duo, nail polish, and a lipstick  for a complete look.  On the bottom right are the Fantasy Makers Hauntingly Hip Palettes.  These kits include a 6-pan cream shadow palette, a mini liner, and a sticker/stencil.  The idea is that you stick on the stencil wherever you want the design and than paint it using the cream shadows.  Then you pull off the reusable stencil, leaving behind an intricate design.  None of these products are new this year, but there are new shades and designs to choose from.

Sandwiched in between the Fantasy Makers displays are some nail products.  The middle left is a display of Halloween themed ImPress press-on nails by Broadway.  I’ve been meaning to try this brand, but haven’t gotten around to it.  I’ve heard that they aren’t bad, much better than the Lee Press-On Nails from days or yore.  The middle left display features Kiss Nail Dress stickers in various Halloween designs.  I have not had good luck with these in the past, but maybe they have improved.

I think that there are some really cool new additions to the Halloween lineup this year, as well as some old stand-bys.  I’m excited to see what else pops up.  I have seen picture of the new Fantasy Makers paper lashes, but have not seen them in store yet.  I’ll be in Disney World for Halloween this year, so I’m not really sure if we are dressing up.  It’s still pretty early, but do you have plans set for Halloween?  What are you dressing up as?  Let me know in the comments below.  🙂

New in Nails


I have a large collection of new nail displays to show you today.  Since I have so much, I’m going to jump right in.

China Glaze Bohemian Luster Chrome Collection

First up, If you haven’t grabbed any of the China Glaze Bohemian Luster Chrome Collection yet, Ulta still has them.  These duo-chrome polishes are gorgeous.

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Nail Color

Also on the duo-chrome bandwagon are the new Sally Hansen Lustre Shine polishes.  I was especially impressed by the shades “Firefly” and “Lava”, and of course it goes without saying, there is the obligatory Peridot dupe.  These were spied at Walgreens.

Sally Hansen Glitter Crackle Overcoat polishes

At Target, I saw the new Sally Hansen Glitter Crackle Overcoat polishes.  Although I’m not interested in expanding my crackle polish stash, these glitter crackles are super cute.

Sinful Colors Sinfully Magnetic polishes

Also at Target, I spotted the new Sinful Colors Sinfully Magnetic polishes.  It looks to me like they all have a star burst design for the magnet which is attached to the bottle.

Sally Hansen Snakeskin Salon Effects Nail Strips at Target

There are quite a few nail wrap/sticker/strip collections out, and the first I have to show are these Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips that are exclusive to Target.  The collection contains four designs that are all snake skin patterns.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips Halloween 2012

Speaking of Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips, I saw at Ulta that the Halloween collection is out.  Of the five patterns, two are repeats of last year (“Spun for You”- a spiderweb pattern, and “Numbskull”- a skull and crossbones pattern).  The three new patterns include candy corn, jack-o-lantern faces, and bats.

Kiss Nail Dress nail wraps Halloween 2012

Kiss has a new line of their Nail Dress stickers for Halloween.  I was not impressed with the bejeweled version of Kiss Nail Dress that I tried earlier this year, but for one night, they would probably suffice.

Fright Night Nail Wraps

Or, if you want another Halloween option, Ulta had these Fright Night Nail Wraps in six fabulous designs.  I was really interested in the super cool patterns offered, but you know me, I’m a SH Salon Effects girl.

Fantasy Makers RIP

If you aren’t into nail wraps, you can always go with the RIP headstone polishes that Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild makes every year.  For only $1.99, you can’t go too wrong.  That way you can forget about your nails and worry about the rest of your costume.

Nails are still the number one accessory, and that is obvious by how many new nail displays keep popping up.  These days, on nails, anything goes.  Have fun and express your creative side.  🙂

Kiss Nail Dress Strips- Product FAIL


Kiss Nail Dress Strips

My sister picked up these adorable jeweled nail strips from Kiss for me to test and see if they are at all like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.  You all probably know by now that I love the SH Salon Effects, so I was excited to try these out and see how they stacked up.  Kiss Nail Dress Strips are not nail polish like the Sally Hansen version, but are basically stickers.  The directions are essentially the same for the two versions, though you can simply peel the Kiss strips off to remove instead of having to use nail polish remover like with the SH strips.  The Kiss Nail Dress Strips are much cheaper than the SH strips.  Sally Hansen’s box of 16 strips retails for around $10 regular price, where as the Kiss Nail Dress Strips come in a box of 28 strips for fingers and toes, and retails for around $7.

Kiss Nail Dress Strips

Kiss Nail Dress Strips come in 18 different styles, and 10 of them are jeweled like these ones.  They do not have style names, just numbers.  This multi-colored jewel style is KDS07.  I was a little concerned about the jewels, which are plastic bubbles, as far as application is  concerned.  The strips are long, and you are supposed to fold the excess over the top of your nail and file it away.  I worried the jewels that fell on the tip of my nail would make the edge uneven by either sticking up over the edge or filing away and leaving a hole.  As it turns out, I was right to be concerned.  I just could not get the edge to file down evenly and had to use clippers to cut through the plastic bubble “jewels”.  The strips were not very flexible and my nails have a pretty defined dome, so I had a really hard time getting the strips to stay stuck down to the sides of my nails.  Perhaps the non-jeweled designs are easier to work with, but those darn jewels were giving me fits.

I found that the adhesive on the stickers was not sticky enough and I had a lot of lifting, even as I was still applying the rest of my nails.  Kiss claims that the Nail Dress Strips are supposed to last up to 10 days just like the SH strips, but there is no way that’s true.  When I use the SH Salon Effects, they adhere flat to my nail with no bubbles or lifting so nothing can get trapped between the nail and the strip.  Kiss Nail Dress Strips would not lie flat to my nail and so I couldn’t wash my hands or use lotion without it getting under the strip and loosening it even more from the nail.  I had to remove the strips within an hour of applying them because they kept lifting and peeling off.

Kiss Nail Dress Strips

If you enlarge the picture, you can see how jagged and uneven the edges are, and how they are starting to lift minutes after application.  Kiss Nail Dress Strips felt horrible on, basically like I was wearing thick stickers on my nails.  Because the edges weren’t even, they were a little sharp and scratchy in some places.  All in all, Kiss Nail Dress Strips were a complete FAIL.  Spend the extra few bucks and get the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips.  They really are worth it, in my opinion, and really do last a full week to 10 days.  Kiss Nail Dress Strips did not work  at all, and are a complete waste of money.