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NOTD: Halloween Manicures


Halloween nail creations

Here are four simple options to get your nails in the Halloween spirit too.  I wanted to be a little unconventional and try something other than a black base, but still keep it cheap and simple.  I’m trying to learn the guitar, so I had to chop my nails down, so I know that they aren’t in the best shape at the moment, but you can still get the idea.

Sinful Colors "Snow Me White", Sally Hansen HD "Lite", and L.A. Colors "Tahiti Sunsrise"

This mani is inspired  by candy corn with the traditional white, yellow, and orange stripes.  I free-handed the stripes (which is why they are crooked) but you can get neat straight lines by taping off your nails for each layer.  Just make sure that the polish is completely dry before you tape them off, or the tape will pull up the polish underneath.  First I laid down Sinful Colors “Snow Me White” for my white color base.  Then a third of the way up the nail, I carefully laid down my yellow of choice, Sally Hansen HD “Lite”.  When that layer was dry, I finished off the last third with L.A.Colors Color Craze BCC 589, which I *think* is “Tahitian Sunrise”.  Please pardon the messy cuticles!  I didn’t realize that they were that bad until I saw this picture.

Ulta "Tail of Two Cities" under Sally Hansen Crackle Topcoat in "Ink Splatter"

I went a little different with the traditional orange and black mani here.  My “orange” is actually a glitter polish that is a peachy salmon color.  It’s Ulta’s “Tail of Two Cities” from the Under the Sea collection.  I topped it off with Sally Hansen’s black crackle polish which gave my nails an almost animal print look.  I really liked the way it came out.

Sally Hansen HD "Lite" under Rite-Aid Pumkin polish black and orange bar glitter

Next, I wanted to spotlight my Rite-Aid pumpkin polish with the black and orange bar glitter.  I didn’t want to put it over black or orange polish because the glitter would disappear, so I chose yellow.  I opted for Sally Hansen “Lite” again because it’s the only bright yellow that I own, but I think the pumkin polish would look better over a less holographic color.  This glitter was a pain to work with, so be warned.

Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" under Rite-Aid Pumkin polish orange glitter

I really like this other Rite-Aid Pumpkin polish.  There is just scores of glitter in the polish, so you don’t have to paint a million coats to get the effect.  I put it over black when I first got it and it looked fantastic, but that’s not hard to imagine.  I wanted to see how it looked over white, so I grabbed my Sinful Colors “Snow Me White” and got to work.  I think the white gives the glitter a softer look without the sharp contrast that a black polish would provide.  After seeing how good the glitter looks over white, I want to try it over a bunch of other colors.  Maybe I’ll try purple next.

I wanted to spotlight some Halloween color alternatives for people who don’t like super dark polishes.  You can enjoy glitter or fun patterns without having to use black.  Purple or green are also great Halloween colors, and of course there’s always a nice vampy red.  Do you have any ideas for fun Halloween manicures?  Let me know in the comments below.

LA Colors Baked Eyeshadow in Titan


LA Colors Baked Eyeshadow in Titan

I’ve been intrigued by the L.A. Colors Baked Eyeshadow palettes ever since I first saw them.  I’ve been on a big baked eyeshadow kick, but I wondered how good these shadows could be.  After all, L.A. Colors can be found at the Dollar Store.  Still, they are so pretty, that when I made my Cherry Culture purchase last month, I just had to get one to try it out.  After deliberating for what seemed like forever over which of the many beautiful palettes to get, I finally decided on Titan.

According to Cherry Culture: “This chic compact of four color coordinated shades contour and highlight eyes, with intense yet wearable color. Eyeshadows are baked for an extra staying power and can be applied dry for sheer application or wet for a dramatic look.”  Titan contains four shimmery metallic shades; a light copper, a bright brassy yellow gold, a pinky peach, and a coppery medium brown.  There are several pluses and minuses to this palette, so let me break it down for you.  I’ll start with the negative,

The number one complaint that I have with this palette is that it is impossible to open.  I’ve chipped polish and broken nails trying to open this stupid thing.  It’s ridiculously hard to open, which means you have to be kind of hard on the palette, which brings me to my next point; it’s a bit fragile.  In one of my struggles to open the palette, it slipped from my grasp and flung itself onto my desk.  One of the shadows popped out of it’s pan.  Let me be specific, the pan didn’t pop out of the palette, the shadow popped out of the pan.  The baked shadow is molded to the pan shape, but the shadow itself came out, so I can’t glue it back in because it’s product.  It didn’t crack, so I can still use it, but it’s loose and will probably repeatedly fall out until it breaks.  Be careful with yours if you get one of these L.A. Colors Baked Eyeshadow palettes.  As far as wear and use of the product, overall I’m pleased, but there is a lot of fallout.  I am okay with fallout because I’m used to shimmery shadows and know how to deal with it, but it is worth mentioning.

On the plus side, L.A. Colors Baked Eyeshadows are highly pigmented and easy to use.  I found that, although you can use them wet, you do not have to.  They are totally buildable, and pack some good color payoff dry.  They give adequate wear-time and don’t really fade as long as you use a primer underneath.  Not everyone wants to apply their makeup wet, so since these are so pigmented dry, they are a good intro into baked shadows because they work for either technique.  Prices for L.A. Colors Baked Eyeshadow vary by location, but it’s definitely under $5.00.  Cherry Culture has all 15 palettes available now for $3.50 each.  With the additional 20% off mentioned here, now would be a great time to pick up a couple of these palettes and give them a try.

LA Colors Baked Eyeshadow in Titan swatched dry over e.l.f. primer

Speed Read:  L.A. Colors Baked Eyeshadows are pigmented and buildable, good wet or dry, but come with some fall out and serious packaging issues.

Best For: Those who like shimmery shadows and don’t mind fall out, and those wanting to try baked shadows for a few dollars.

Keep walking:  If you prefer matte shadows (L.A. Colors Baked Eyeshadows are all shimmer) or don’t like baked shadows.  Also, if packaging is important to you or you get impatient with hard to open lids, stay far away.