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Ulta Haul and New LE Color Whisper Shades


Ulta Haul

It’s my Birthday this month, and Ulta sent me a couple coupons to celebrate with that I couldn’t pass up.  I figured that I’d share my haul with you.  (The LE products are at the end.)  This will probably be one of my last hauls for awhile.  Once birthday month is over, I plan to go back to limiting my spending (not quite a no-buy, but extremely limited).  I have so many products to review and am so behind that I can stand to ease off a bit.  We are going to Disney World for our anniversary in October, so I want to save up so that I can really enjoy myself when I am there.  Anyway, back to my haul.


Conair Xtreme Big Curls Hot Rollers

The main thing that I wanted to get was actually a set of hot rollers.  I would love to have my hair curled every now and again, but my super straight hair does not like to cooperate.  Curling irons are no match for my stubborn tresses, so I’ve been wanting to get myself a set of hot rollers for ages now.  Hopefully, with practice, I can achieve the desired effect without the frustration and hassle of fighting with my curling iron.


Garnier Olia Oil Powered Permanent Color in 6.60 Light Intense Auburn

Speaking of hair, it’s time to get rid of the gray and I figured that I’d go back to red, or in this case auburn.  I’ve had my dark brown hair since December, so It’s time to change it up.  I usually use L’Oreal Feria, but I really wanted to try this new(ish) Garnier Olia.  It uses a 60% oil blend in the colorant.  I have very healthy hair, despite it being color-treated, so I’m hoping the Olia dye will be gentler on my hair so that it stays happy and healthy.



I needed a new spongeables.  If you haven’t tried these, you are missing out because they are the bomb.


Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit

This is another new product.  I have very thin eyebrows, so I usually just tweeze them.  I don’t have an issue keeping up with new growth.  The problem is that I do have a lot of blond baby hairs in my eyebrow area that are hard to tweeze.  I saw a video by one of my favorite youtubers using these Sally Hansen wax strips for just that very purpose.  You just warm the strips in your hand, so there is no mess from trying to heat up a jar of wax or anything.  She made it look really easy in the video, so I’m going to give it a try.  Wish me luck.


NYX Nude Matte shadow in Underneath it All

I usually fill in my brows with eyeshadow.  I use a medium-dark taupe shade from my Coastal Scents 88-Warm palette, but I am almost out of it.  I wanted to find a replacement, so I grabbed this NYX Nude Matte shadow in Underneath it All.  This picture makes it look really warm, but in real life it is definitely more taupe.


Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey

I’ve been wanting to get the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey for a while now, so I took this opportunity to pick it up.  I don’t know why I waited so long.  It’s such a “me” color, a MLBB muted rose shade.  Love it!


Maybelline LE Summer 2013 display

Finally, I came across this thoroughly picked over Maybelline LE Summer 2013 display that contained some new Color Whisper shades.  I grabbed I Crave Coral and think it’s lovely.  There are four new, limited edition Summer 2013 shades of Color Whispers, though this display only had three (Sienna Sands was there twice).


Maybelline LE Summer 2013 display

The new shades are: Nude Shimmer, Ravishing Pink, I Crave Coral and Sienna Sands.


Maybelline LE Color Whisper in I Crave Coral

I Crave Coral is a sheer peachy coral that is much easier to wear for those that can’t pull off orange lip products.  It’s not too pink, but it is forgiving.  I love the Color Whisper formula.  They are so comfortable to wear.


L-R: Maybelline I Crave Coral, Revlon Honey, NYX Underneath it All

Here is a swatch of the color cosmetics.  The lighting is not the best, but you can get the general idea.

I hope that you enjoyed my Ulta haul.  I am going to be making an Inglot purchase for my birthday, which I am extremely excited about.  I can hardly call myself a true eyeshadow junkie without any Inglot products, now can I?  Those will definitely be up for a review when I get them.  If there is anything else that you want reviewed, let me know in the comments below.