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e.l.f. Baked Bronzer in Maui


e.l.f. Baked Bronzer in Maui

Today is my last review of the new e.l.f. Baked product line.  To see my reviews of the Baked Blushes click here and the Baked Eyeshadows click here.  If you read my reviews, you already know that I loved both the blushes and the eyeshadows.  So let’s see if the bronzers live up to expectations.  Of the three shades offered, I only have Maui, so my review is based solely on my experience with just this shade.

Like the other Baked products, e.l.f. Baked Bronzer is part of the Studio line and comes boxed in the traditional Studio line black boxes.  The packaging of the product itself is exactly like the baked blushes and eyeshadows:  simple and functional with no frills, and kind of cheap looking.  It is sturdy enough to be thrown in your purse or makeup bag, but if you drop the bronzer it can shatter, so be careful not to be too hard on it.  The lids are easy to open (yay, no chipped nail polish) but still secure.  E.l.f. Baked Bronzers, just like the blushes, contain 6 g of product.

e.l.f. Baked Bronzer in Maui

Unfortunately, I did not think that the e.l.f. Baked Bronzer in Maui stacked up to the Baked Blushes and Baked Eyeshadows.  I’m not sure what happened.  I would think that the bronzers would have the same formula as the blushes, only in bronzey colors, but not so.  While the Baked Blushes felt soft and velvety, the Baked Bronzers are harder, and don’t apply as well.  There is a serious lack of pigmentation and a lot of shimmer.  I don’t mind shimmery bronzers, but I want to be able to see the color without having to apply a ton of sparkle and Maui, at least, makes that a challenge.  You can still absolutely make it work, but Maui is finicky and requires some effort on your part.  In the swatch below, I applied a heavy layer to get the shade to show up and buffed away a lot of the sparkle, as I would if I was wearing it.

e.l.f. Baked Bronzer in Maui

As you can see, although Maui looks like a decent bronzer in the pan, it applies much lighter on the skin.  This bronzer would only work for those with fair to light skin, but anyone much darker than me will find Maui too light.  E.l.f. offers only three shades in their Baked Bronzer line.  The lightest, St. Lucia, is super light and only appropriate for the fairest of skin-tones.  It would make a good highlighter on darker skin, though.  Maui is the middle shade.  The darkest shade is Los Cabos, which has a cool brown tone instead of a warm bronze like Maui.  These bronzers can be applied wet, which would bump up the color intensity, but I am hesitant to do so.  Although I don’t mind a wet application of eyeshadow, I don’t really want that on my cheek.  I wouldn’t want to mess up my foundation.

So, overall, I was disappointed in the e.l.f. Baked Bronzer in Maui.  After loving the Baked Eyeshadows and Baked Blushes, I expected to love the Baked Bronzer too.  I did not.  I think some of you, especially those with lighter skin, would like the e.l.f. Baked Bronzers, but they do not have the universal appeal or accessibility of the other baked products e.l.f. has to offer.  My advice is to skip them.  You can easily find better bronzers in the drugstore, so put your $3 toward those instead.  Sorry e.l.f., but you let me down this time.  All of e.l.f.’s Baked products are available on the website only, so head on over to eyeslipsface.com for more info.