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E.l.f. Disney Villain Palettes: Swatches


E.l.f. Disney Villain Palettes

I was able to find the E.l.f. Disney Villain Palettes at my local Walgreens, so I can show you some swatches.  You may remember this post from the end of August where I first mentioned these palettes.  E.l.f. released three limited edition Disney Villain beauty books featuring the Evil Queen, Cruella DeVil, and Maleficent, exclusive to Walgreens.  “A makeup book for the villainous beauty in you.”  I was tempted to get all three, but the Cruella DeVil book looked like it was all neutrals and I have too many nude/neutral palettes as it is.  Instead, I chose the beauty books inspired by Snow White’s Evil Queen and the best villain ever, Maleficent.  I haven’t had a chance to use any of the products yet because I literally just got the books, but at least I can swatch them for you and tell you what comes inside.  (You can click on all of my photos to enlarge.)

E.l.f. Disney Villain Palettes, inside

When you open the book, which is secured at the corners by elastic bands to keep them closed, you find a mirrored flap on the left hand side.  The right side of the palette, where the makeup lives, is protected by a plastic cover that was taped down so it is tamper-proof in the store.  The plastic cover remains attached to the “spine” of the book, so you can leave it on to keep powder products from messing up the mirror or the guide.

E.l.f. Disney Villain Palettes, step-by-step look guide for Day and Night

The mirrored flap lifts open to reveal two step-by-step look guides, one for Day and one for Night, separated by a transparency of the themed character.  All of the directions and captions are character related, so they are different for all three books.  All of the books contain 8 eyeshadow colors, 2 lip & cheek color pencils, 1 eyeshadow primer, 1 liquid eyeliner, and 1 set of false lashes with the glue.

Evil Queen Palette

The Evil Queen- Deviously Dramatic Eyes:

Evil Queen Palette, Day Evil

The four Day Evil shades in the Evil Queen book include:

  • One Bite: a shimmery light yellow gold
  • Vanity: a matte flesh tone shade
  • Narcissistic: a shimmery light mauvey-pink
  • Potion: a shimmery brown toned plum

Based simply on the swatches, I’m not terribly impressed with this day look.  The only shade that really stands out is Potion, which is really lovely.  Vanity can be a useful highlight, and I appreciate that it is matte, but the other two shades… meh.

Evil Queen Palette, Night Villain

The four Night Villain shades in the Evil Queen book include:

  • Fairest of the Land- a pearly white shimmer
  • Majesty- a purple matte/satin finish.  This is almost matte, but has just the most subtle bit of sheen.
  • Peddler’s Cloak- a shimmery brown
  • Poison Apple- a matte black

These shades are more like it.  Again based only on swatches, the four night shades are pigmented and look like they can produce a dramatic look.  Poison Apple isn’t the darkest black ever, but the other three shades are nice, especially Majesty.  Semi-matte/matte purples are hard to do well, but this one looks good.

Evil Queen Lip/Cheek Colors and Eye Liner

Here is what he two lip/cheek colors look like in the Evil Queen book.  They are pretty soft and went on my hand smoothly.  I probably wouldn’t use them on my cheeks, but they would look great on the lip.  Neither one has a shade name.  The eye liner is a standard black liquid liner with a brush applicator.

Maleficent Palette

Maleficent- Sinister Smokey Eyes:

Maleficent Palette, Day Evil

The four Day Evil shades in the Maleficent book include:

  • Spindle- a peachy champagne shimmer
  • Sceptre- a brassy copper shimmer
  • Fog of Doom- a matte dark blue with slightly violet undertones
  • Fauna- a green based teal, satin finish

Unlike the four day shades in the Evil Queen book, these shades are pretty good.  E.l.f. always excells with shimmer shades, so both Spindle and Sceptre are great.  Fog of Doom is a bit patchy, though workable.  Fauna applies a lot lighter on the skin than I expected, but the shade is gorgeous, so I don’t mind too much.

Maleficent Palette, Night Villain

The four Night Villain shades in the Maleficent book include:

  • Misfortune- a metallic silver that is so velvety it almost feels like a cream
  • Forest of Thorns- a blackened green that is loaded with silver micro-glitter
  • Deep Sleep- a rich, deep plum that is matte/satin
  • Diablo- a blackened purple with sparse purple micro-glitter

What can I say about these four shades… that’s a lot of black.  I over-exposed the palette so you could actually see that the two “black” shades aren’t actually black, though it is still hard to pick up in a photo.  Frankly, they are hard to see as anything but black on the skin.  I think I get where e.l.f. was going with this, but the color is so hard to pick up that I think they missed on this one.  Either of the blackened shades would have been fine, but both seems like too much.  At least for me.  The other two shades of this foursome are fantastic, though.  Misfortune may have the best formula of all 16 shades I swatched for this post.

Maleficent Lip/Cheek Colors and Eye Liner

The two lip/cheek colors for the Maleficent book are both pretty dark.  Again, I wouldn’t use them on my cheeks, but I can’t wait to use them on my lips.  The liquid eyeliner in this book is a bit unexpected.  Perhaps because they have two “black” shadows, e.l.f. decided to let you use one of them as a liner and then included this glitter liner for added fun.  The liner is clear with holographic glitter.

Overall, I am glad that I got the Disney Villain Palettes.  If I had to choose just one, I’d choose the Maleficent Beauty Book, but I am admittedly biased.  I did think the shadows in the Maleficent palette outshone the ones in the Evil Queen palette, but I like the lip pencils and eye liner better in the Evil Queen palette.  In general, e.l.f. shimmer shadows are great, and their mattes leave a bit to be desired.  That’s a well established pattern in their palettes.  The Disney Villain Collection goes for $10 each and are exclusive to select Walgreens.  They are not available online, so if you want to find them you should call your local store to see if they are in stock.  There has been quite the buzz on these palettes and a lot of people want them, so if you are interested, I wouldn’t wait.