Lorac Pro 3 Review and Swatches

Lorac Pro 3

Lorac Pro 3

I am so excited about today’s post where I get to show you the brand new Lorac Pro 3 palette.  It’s no secret that I love Lorac shadows.  I have both the previous Lorac Pro palettes and the Mega Pro 2.  In fact, the Lorac Pro 2 is my all time favorite eyeshadow palette.  So, when I saw that Lorac had released another Pro palette, I had to get my hands on it.  The Lorac Pro 3 will be available online on Sunday 6/12 at ulta.com and in stores on 6/26.  Ulta did a pre-release for Platinum members, so I got my palette in the mail last Saturday.  I’ve been playing with it all week and have done several looks with it, so I am ready for a review.

Lorac Pro 3

Lorac Pro 3

The Lorac Pro 3 comes in similar packaging to the previous two Lorac Pro palettes.  I am not a fan of the fleshy greige color this time around, to be honest.  The black and the gray packaging was much more attractive than this one, in my opinion.  But, the palette is still sleek and easy to store, and comes with a full mirror.  All of the Lorac Pro palettes come with that NARS-like rubberized exterior, so they do tend to collect fingerprints and powder.  They wipe down easily enough, though, so if that bothers you it is an easy fix.

Lorac Pro 3

Lorac Pro 3

If you have the previous Lorac Pro palettes, then you know the drill here with the Lorac Pro 3.  There are 16 shadows total, the top row are all matte and the bottom row is all shimmer.  I really like the Lorac Pro formula.  The shadows are buttery and smooth, have great pigmentation, and blend like a dream.  The soft shadows do kick up a lot of powder, and that is a big complaint for some, but I don’t mind it.  As long as you don’t dig in with your brush and you tap off the excess you should have no problem.  I think the shadows in the Lorac Pro 3 live up to the quality that I expect from the brand with one huge disappointment.  The third shadow in on the bottom, Medallion, is a terrible shadow.  It is gritty with chunky glitter that gets everywhere.  When I tried to apply it the first time I could feel the fall out dropping on my cheek and I had glitter all over my face.  I don’t know what happened with that shadow, because I’ve never had that issue with any of the other Lorac Pro palettes, but it is a major dud.  Otherwise, if you loved the formula of previous Lorac Pro palettes, then you will love the Lorac Pro 3.  All of the Pro palettes are neutral, and the Lorac Pro 3 is the most neutral and natural palette of the bunch.  The first two Lorac Pro palettes had pops of color, but all 16 shades are neutral in the Pro 3.  The shades are lighter than the previous two, so if you thought that the original Pro and the Pro 2 were just too dark for you, then the Pro 3 will be perfect.  The shades are lovely, with a good mix of warm and cool tones.

Lorac Pro 3

Lorac Pro 3

  • Blanc– Off-white matte with slightly yellow tones.
  • Canvas– Light cool-toned beige, and a perfect shade to dust over the whole eye to give you a blank canvas.
  • Cool Taupe– Medium-dark taupe brown.
  • Pink Nude– Light beige with strong pink tones.
  • Lt. Gold– Very light peachy gold with a pearl finish.
  • Almond Pearl– Shimmery champagne with a touch of mauve undertones.
  • Medallion– Warm bronze with chunky glitter.  As I said above, Medallion is gritty, and the worst shadow in the palette.
  • Lt. Pewter– Light-medium shimmery taupe.
Lorac Pro 3

Lorac Pro 3

  • Clay– Light mauvey-brown with red undertones.  This is a great transition shade.
  • Terracotta– Medium brown with very strong orange tones.  This is a great transition shade if you have neutral or warm skin.
  • Dk. Brown– Dark brown with neutral tones.
  • Jet Black– Matte black.  This shade is in every Pro palette.
  • Amethyst– Deep plum with a satin finish, a really beautiful shade.
  • Rose Bronze– Aptly named rose toned medium bronze.
  • Dk. Mocha– Deep, rich shimmery brown.
  • Truffle– Deep blackened plum with subtle micro-glitter.

And there you have it.  The Lorac Pro 3 is $44 and comes with a mini of the Behind the Scenes Eye Primer.  It may not be the most unique or inventive palette, but it is solid and can be used by almost anyone.  Do you already have these shades?  Possibly.  But it is a lovely palette and I am glad that I own it.  It has been compared to the UD Naked 3 and the Lorac Unzipped palettes.  I don’t have Unzipped, so I can’t really compare, but I do have Naked 3 and can say that they are not similar.  Though there are a couple rosy shades, Lorac Pro 3 is not a rose toned palette.  If you like lighter neutral shades that are appropriate for any occasion, then you will love this palette.  And of course, if you are a Lorac fan, you will probably feel the need to buy this palette to complete the set.  (Gotta catch ’em all!)  You can find the palette at Ulta later this month.  The Lorac Pro 3 is not limited edition, so don’t feel like you need to stalk the internet to be the first to get it.  They hype over LE palettes selling out has been crazy lately, but rest assured that Lorac Pro 3 is part of the permanent collection, so you can take your time.


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  1. I, too, picked this up the other week when it was available to Ulta Platinum members for one day. I still need to play with it a bit more, but I really like it so far! I was super disappointed by the quality of Medallion, though; I’ve never encountered a dud in a Lorac Pro palette before! And I don’t know about you, but I have found that the shade Amethyst really doesn’t show up with any reddish tones when I put it on my lids; it just looks…brown. I’ve been really happy with every look I’ve done with this palette so far, though, and I think there are some interesting shades (like Almond Pearl). Overall, I’m happy with the purchase! 🙂

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