September Favorites


It’s the end of the month, so I thought that I would do a monthly favorites post.  I’d like to make this a regular feature of the blog.  These are the products that have stood out in my mind and that I found myself reaching for over and over again.

The first item that I’ve been enjoying this month is my Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment.  This is a new product this month that I’ve been using for a little over three weeks.  I didn’t pick it up as an acne treatment so much as a chemical exfoliant.  I was looking at Paula’s Choice Beta Hydroxy Acid exfoliant and wasn’t thrilled with the price, when Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment was recommended to me.  The Neutrogena Treatment contains 2% salicylic acid, and is a good BHA lotion for all skin types.  I really like the way it makes my skin look and it has helped a lot with my Rosacea redness.



Another new item this month is my Wet n’ Wild color icon eight-pan eyeshadow palette in Comfort Zone.  Of course these palettes aren’t new, but I hadn’t picked one up yet.  I really love this palette and have reached for it over and over again.  I have a ton of eyeshadows, so for me to repeatedly reach for the same item really says a lot.  The shadows are highly pigmented, blend easily, and look fantastic even without a primer.  This is perfect for traveling because it provides many color combinations for several different looks in one compact palette.  Love it!  Added bonus: Wet n’ Wild is now available at Ulta.


The foundation that I’ve been liking in September is Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation SPF 18.  I’ve been on an epic drugstore foundation search for the last couple of years and, therefore, have several foundations that I cycle through.  I have yet to find the perfect foundation for me, but Revlon Age Defying Spa Foundation is a really good formulation.  It’s a medium coverage foundation with a dewy finish and is best for normal to dry skin.  There are a few downsides to this foundation.  First off, it has a pretty strong scent, so those sensitive to that should stay away.  Also, the brush applicator is ridiculous and it’s really hard to control the amount of foundation that comes out of the tube.  I would prefer it better if it came with a normal squeezy tube, but it’s still one of the better drugstore formulas that I’ve tried.


My favorite bronzer this month has been Milani’s Baked Bronzer in 05 Soleil.  I am loving Milani’s new line of baked products and plan on doing a more in depth review later, so I’ll be brief.  Soleil is a light to medium bronzer with a beautiful gold shimmer running though it.  It’s probably too shimmery for the fall, but it’s been perfect for the end of summer.

Probably the most underrated item on my list is Jordana’s INCOLOR Pretty Shine Luxury Gloss in Lovely.  This gloss feels so good on the lips because it contains jojoba oil.  It’s hydrating, pigmented, and long lasting.  It looks great by itself or over lipstick.  Lovely is a frosty rose pink and is truly beautiful.  I’ve got these Pretty Shine glosses in three colors and love them all.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that Jordana is making these anymore.  They have been replaced by the new Lip Out Loud glosses.  You may be able to still find the Pretty Shine glosses at Walgreens or at Cherry Culture.  I don’t remember how much they cost, but I want to say that it was only $2 or $3 each.  I highly recommend getting them if you see them.

I have found a new favorite mascara in Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume.  It’s probably the best mascara that I have ever used.  I have sad, wimpy lashes, but this actually gives me volume and length.  The best part is that I was able to purchase a two-pack from BJ’s (which is like a Sam’s Club or Costco) with a coupon, which made them super affordable.

I normally wouldn’t put such an expensive product in this blog, but I have to give a shout out to my Juicy Couture Peace Love & Juicy fragrance.  My husband (who is the best man in the whole entire world) bought it for me for my birthday and I have been wearing it over and over for the last two months.  I love the scent that’s fresh, earthy, fruity and floral all at the same time.



The last item on my list is Sinful Colors Rise and Shine.  For some reason it’s photo-ing a little green, but this is a beautiful bright teal cream polish that would fit right in with a box of crayolas.  I’ve been loving it on my toes.  It has a subtle shimmer in the bottle and dries semi-matte.  I can’t stop looking at it when it’s on, it’s so eye catching, and Sinful Colors are only $1.99.  It’s definitely been my favorite polish this month.


So, that’s it for my monthly favorites for September.  I highly recommend all of these items, and hopfully you’ve seen something that you may want to try out for yourself.


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  3. I have been using the 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment for about two months now along with the rest of the stress control line, and I really see a difference after two months. I didn’t see it right away not even after one month but now it’s like wow, love this stuff.

    I love WnW eyeshadow palettes in general, they really stepped up their game in the past years.

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