Derma MD Skincare Review and Giveaway

Derma MD Skincare

Derma MD Skincare

I am very excited about today’s post.  As you know, if you’ve been following along lately, I’ve been experimenting with skincare.  I have already reviewed brands like Michael Todd, Benefit, and First Aid Beauty, which aren’t found in the drugstores and aren’t necessarily budget beauty (just click the “skincare” category on the right to see those reviews).  I wholeheartedly believe that you can find wonderful beauty products at low prices, but if there is one area that I think may be splurge-worthy it’s skincare.  So, when the good people at Derma MD approached me to review some of their skincare products, I jumped at the chance despite the fact that they are pretty pricey.  Derma MD has been extremely generous, not just to me, but also to you.  They have activated a promo code specifically for my readers to save 50%, and sent me some items to give away to one lucky reader.  Details about the discount and the giveaway, and also some additional ways to save on Derma MD products will be at the end of my review, but first let’s talk about the company itself.

Derma MD offers an array of skincare products that use the newest techniques and most advanced ingredients to provide finished products with the highest concentration levels in the industry for optimal results that are easily seen and felt. Founder Sheila Malmanis, a licensed aesthetician who has been featured in multiple publications both domestically and internationally, brought together her training, knowledge of natural ingredients, and love of technology to create a line that will keep your skin fresh, clean, and renewed. Derma MD, founded in 2001, has been only professionally available to salons, spas, and physicians offices until recently. They have now entered the retail market and their luxury products are now available for purchase by the individual consumer.  For more information visit  Now, let’s get into the products.  I have dry skin, and my specific skincare needs are redness and anti-aging.  Most of the products sent to me are good for all skin types, but specifically target my personal needs.  I’ll start with the company’s description of the product and then share my thoughts.  Everything has been tested daily for six weeks.

Derma MD Enzyme Cleanser

Derma MD Enzyme Cleanser

Enzyme Cleanser with Pineapple and Papaya: “The mild enzymes of pineapple and papaya combined with chamomile and additional plant extracts, will gently digest dead skin cells leaving it soft, hydrated and feeling fresh. Enzymes are non-abrasive to the skin. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.”  The Enzyme cleanser is a thick, gel cleanser with no particles, so any exfoliation is on the chemical level.  I’ve used pineapple enzyme cleansers in the past and there is often a tingle sensation that can be too irritating for my skin.  That is not the case with Derma MD Enzyme Cleanser.  It is definitely gentle, and I believe the claim that it can be safely used by all skin types is accurate.  It does not dry the skin out at all, and leaves me feeling clean and fresh.  I also have to mention the heavenly pineapple scent that makes me want to laze on the beach sipping a piña colada or a mai tai.  It smells so good!  The 8oz bottle is regularly priced at $35.75.

Derma MD Organic Illuminating Serum

Derma MD Organic Illuminating Serum

Organic Illuminating Serum: “100% Organic serum with Ethyl Ascorbic Acid is a new vitamin C that is both water and lipid soluble which lightens and brightens texture of skin and uneven skin tone.  Herbal infusions, multiple vitamin C’s and multiple antioxidants, work synergistically to protect skin from collagen breakdown, thus skin appears firmer, tighter and more vibrant.”  Organic Illuminating Serum is a lightweight, but slightly sticky serum.  I definitely think that it is effective in brightening my complexion and evening my skintone.  I am not as in love with application of this formula as I am with some of the other products, but I do like its effectiveness.  The stickiness is only present at initial application and the serum does disappear into the skin as it dries down.  One pump is sufficient for the entire face, and the bottle is lasting a long time.  There is no noticeable scent, and it is recommended for all skin types.  The 1 oz bottle is regularly priced at $149.95.

Derma MD Pink Silk

Derma MD Pink Silk Face Firming Serum

Pink Silk Face Firming Serum: “An anti-inflammatory formulation of caviar and red algae (astaxanthin). Combination of anti-aging ingredients that work together to slow-down aging process and rejuvenate the skin giving it a more youthful and vibrant appearance, and helps reduce erythema (redness). Excellent for All Skin types including those with Rosacea . Can be used as a primer before application of makeup before sun protection.”  I really love the Pink Silk Serum.  It is appropriately named because it does feel like silk when applied.  There is no noticeable scent.  The large presence of Cyclometicone and Dimethicone in conjunction with the other ingredients make it a silicone primer and anti-aging serum in one.  Pink Silk gives the skin a little of that soft focus look that many people look for in a primer, but one that fights aging and inflammation at the same time.  A little goes a long way, and one pump is plenty for the entire face.  It spreads out and blends in smoothly and evenly.  I can’t say enough good things about the Pink Silk Serum.  The 1 oz bottle is regularly priced at $138.95.

Derma MD Copper Co-Q10 Moisturizer

Derma MD Copper Co-Q10 Moisturizer

Copper Co-Q10 Moisturizer: “A multi-task moisturizer will reduce appearance of distended capillaries, calm redness, reduce inflammation, and appearance of lines and wrinkles will be less noticeable. The copper peptide complex works to assists in tissue repair and provide collagen synthesis, combined with antioxidants such as red algae (astaxanthin), co-enzyme Q-10 and Idebenone. Additional ingredients such as ceramides 3;6;1; and panthenol (vitamin B5) will increase moisture retention, leaving skin hydrated, protected and supple.”  The Copper Co-Q10 Moisturizer is another product that I can’t get enough of.  It’s fantastic for me.  It has definitely helped to reduce my redness in a way that other anti-redness products have failed to do.  It is a fabulous moisturizer.  You may remember that I’ve been using the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream because its thick, emollient formula hung on my skin and made me feel just as moisturized when I woke up as when I applied it.  What’s great about the Copper Co-Q10 Moisturizer is that it does the same thing, but with a much lighter formula.  I can totally see all skin types enjoying this moisturizer because it is not greasy or oily in the slightest, is extremely lightweight, has no noticeable scent, and delivers a ton of hydration that stays put for hours and hours.  One pump spreads smoothly across the face and is all I need to tame my dry skin and it does not interfere with my makeup at all.  The Copper Co-Q10 Moisturizer is my favorite of all of the products I was sent.  The 1 oz bottle is regularly priced at $76.95.

Derma MD Peptide Eye Ceme

Derma MD Peptide Eye Creme

Peptide Eye Creme: “A formulation that provides results! Combined with special anti-aging peptides such as Hyloxyl and Eyeliss that target puffiness and dark circles, in addition with vitamin K, eyes look younger and have a more vibrant appearance. Acetyl hexapeptide-8 is found to relax facial contractions which helps to lessens appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additional ingredients in this one of a kind formulation will hydrate and leave a more younger smoother contour to eye area.”  The Peptide Eye Creme has a thick cream consistency.  It takes a minute to sink into the skin at initial application, and even longer to dry down enough to put makeup over it.  However, it is worth the wait.  Your undereye concealer will never look so good as when you have this eye cream as the base.  I can sometimes develop dry patches (eczema spots) on my eyelids if my eye cream isn’t up to snuff as was the case with Benefit’s It’s Potent! Eye Cream that I reviewed in April.  Derma MD Peptide Eye Creme keeps my eye area hydrated all day long and I’ve noticed a reduction in my (admittedly light) dark circles.  I know that Hyloxyl and Eyeliss are great for eye creams and I have had good luck with them in the Micheal Todd INTENSIVE Organic Cream Eye Treatment reviewed in September.  Though I can’t tell if my fine lines under my eyes have reduced, I can see that they’ve gotten better at the corners of my eyes.  The only downside is that I am not a fan of the jar packaging.  Not only is jar packaging unstable, but as the level of product goes down, it gets harder and harder to get the cream out without getting some under my finger nail.  The .5 oz jar is regularly priced at $62.95.

Derma MD Daytime Moisturizer Oil Free SPF 50

Derma MD Daytime Moisturizer Oil Free SPF 50

Daytime Moisturizer Oil Free SPF 50: “A silky daytime moisturizer that will provide 50 times your natural protection from the sun, blocking a very broad spectrum of UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays. Formulated in an oil free moisturizing base. Is non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and formulated for all skin types, including sensitive, oily and post treatment. Excellent for athletes, due to no stinging to eyes with perspiration.”  The Daytime Moisturizer Oil Free SPF 50 is good sun protection, but it is my least favorite of all the products that Derma MD sent me.  On the good side, the creamy formula is oil and fragrance free, so it is not greasy and it doesn’t have the same slip that many sunscreens give the skin.  The inclusion of ingredients like hyaluronic acid is always welcome.  SPF 50 is wonderful protection for a moisturizer, and it does not break me out.  Unfortunately, it also has that jar packaging with the same pitfalls of the Peptide Eye Creme.  And, because it’s fragrance free, it has that tell-tale sunscreen scent that I personally find off-putting.  It also isn’t in the same level of  quality or luxury as the other products.  Don’t get me wrong, it is not a bad product, it just doesn’t hold up to how wonderful the other products were.  At the end of the day, it’s simply a decent moisturizer with sunscreen, nothing more.  The 1.7 oz jar is regularly priced at $44.95.

Overall, I have been very impressed with Derma MD Skincare.  The products feel great and are visibly effective in making my skin look fabulous.  Like I said in my intro, these are definitely a splurge.  This is a budget beauty blog, and I do not believe that it is necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on beauty products to have beautiful skin and lovely makeup.  However, if you have the money and want to treat yourself by investing in luxurious, spa-like skincare, Derma MD has some truly wonderful products in their line up.  Derma MD has offered a 50% off promo code for my readers.  Enter code beautybudget at check out to receive the discount.

There are some other ways to save on your Drma MD orders.  I’ve been checking their Facebook page, and have noticed several promotional sale events and special offers ranging from free gifts with purchase, opportunities to win gift cards, and 20%-50% off discounts.  They offer an everyday 10% off discount just for signing up for their mailing list.  Derma MD is also available on sites like Hautelook, Groupon, and Zulily, which are all great ways to save up to almost 75%.  (To get the Daytime Moisturizer Oil Free SPF 50 from Groupon for only $15.99 click here.)  It can be tempting to automatically dismiss high-end brands, thinking that it’s just too much money to spend, but sometimes there are great savings to be had if you are willing to dig a little.  Derma MD has offered to alert me to future sales and to offer special discounts to pass onto you.  Ultimately, they believe in their products and want to reach out to a variety of demographics so that even more women can fall in love with them.  I think that these Derma MD products are fantastic and I am thrilled to have been able to review them.  I am even more thrilled to be able to share the experience with one of you.

Derma MD Skincare Giveaway

Derma MD Skincare Giveaway

My contact at Derma MD sent me these two items to do a giveaway for my readers.  One of you will be lucky enough to win the brand new Organic Illuminating Serum and a long time favorite, the Pink Silk Face Firming Serum.  The value of these two products is $288.90.  I am so excited to be able to give these away because I am confident that you will love them.  I am going to run the giveaway for ten days, ending at 11:59 pm on July 6th.  I will pick a winner as usually by using a random number generator.  This giveaway is open internationally.  Here are the rules for entry:

  • You must be a subscriber to this blog (I check).  If you are not yet a subscriber, just enter your email address in the box on the right hand side of the page and hit the “Sign me up!” button.  A confirmation email will be mailed to you to verify that your address is a real one.  Once verified, you will receive email updates (you set the frequency) of any new posts so that you won’t miss a thing here on BiBB.  Or, if you have your own WordPress blog, “follow” me here and sub that way.
  • You must provide a valid email address so that when you win I can get your shipping details.
  • You must be willing to provide me with your mailing address so that I can ship your prize.  If you are under 18, you must have explicit permission from your parents to give out your address.  I don’t want any angry parents, so be honest kids.
  • You must leave a comment on this entry telling me what your favorite skincare products are and why you like them.

That’s it.  I will post the winner on Monday July 7th.  Good luck!

FTC Disclosure: The products reviewed in this post as well as the items for the giveaway were provided to me for free by Derma MD for consideration.  This does not guarantee a positive review, and my thoughts on these products are 100% honest.  No other compensation was accepted.



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  1. Thanks for doing a fun giveaway! I try so many skincare products it’s hard to say my favorites in every category, but I do have a long-term love affair with Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser. Great stuff!

  2. That is great! I’ve been using Burt’s Bees skin care because they are domestically produced and not tested on animals in China (or anywhere else).

  3. Great roundup of products! I’ve been on a skincare kick lately too – fell in love with SK-II products (which is unfortunate, for my wallet) and have also been using the Clarisonic Mia2 with some great results.,

  4. I have been using garnier and it’s really helping me look great, but if I had a chance to win this set I would defiantly use it because I heard it was great to use after cancer treatments on delicate skin that has been burned by radiation and I have bad burns around my neck and face from radiation terapy. Thank you BIB for the giveaway, I always look at your blog first thing every morning. Thank you for the great advice.

  5. These look like amazing products! I’ve been trying new products lately in my skincare regimen and have so far been very happy with Olay’s Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream, the Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream with SPF, and the Pur-lisse Pur Moist Hydra-Balance Moisturizer. (I had a sample of that last in my May Ipsy bag, and I absolutely loved it. It’s pricey, but I’ll probably pick some up fairly soon, because it worked amazingly well for my skin.)

    This is such an amazing giveaway! Many thanks to you and Derma MD. 🙂

  6. Awesome giveaway! I can never find a particular skin care product that will do what I want with a lot of result but if I were to pick the best of all I have tried I would say Olay Age Defying line and ROC retinol correxion eye cream.

  7. These products interest me because I tend to focus on what the active ingredients are. So many skincare products out there are just amped up moisturizers with a dash of some plant extract that may smell nice but doesn’t have any LONG TERM effects for skin. If I’m going to splurge I want to know that I’m paying for something real, you know? Right now my product choices are eclectic and pretty budgety…I use Alba Papaya Enzyme Mask, CeraVe AM Sunscreen and PM Moisturizer, OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum, and the Olay Regenerist line. Anyway, that’s me, thanks for doing a giveaway! I just subscribed to the email thing but I have been following the RSS feeds on Feedly previously 🙂

  8. this sounds like a great brand! right now i’m in between brands looking for the “next best thing” – in the meanwhile i’m using mandarin orchid, a spa brand recommended by my facialist.

  9. Great giveaway!! I am an email subscriber. My favorite skin care product now is Peter Thomas Roth’s Unwrinkle Serum. It has done wonders for the lines on my forehead!

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  11. My favorite skincare items at the moment are One Fine Day Flawless Face Polish by Farmhouse Fresh, Rose Hips Black Soap and Eau de Rose du Maroc Hydrating Facial Spritz by Shea Terra Organics, and “C” Perfect Skin by Nieves. Good skincare is so important, and I do love serums!

  12. I love Derma MD products–especially Pink Silk–although I have to wait until they’re on sale somewhere to get them! Also, my daughter turned me onto Korean skincare products recently, and I am totally loving Nature Republic’s Color Change CC Cream. It’s very light textured, yet covers nicely and feels great. I’ll be 52 this year, and although I’ve never had to worry too much about my skin, all of a sudden I’m starting to see tiny, not so great changes and I’m doing all I can to stop them in their tracks!

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